The Greatest Skate

Winnipeg Notes:
-Sneaky PR
Great Skate, Sunday February 2, 2020
-Christmas day and New Years Day, workouts, 6:59am at the Forks
-the Great Skate is coming
-winter is here

This morning was a cold one, we pulled out a sneaky PR, y’all ran up, and then back down and repeated it. I love a PR week, and this was the last one of 2019, and we made it count! read more

Cement Castle Wonderland Homecoming

Be a Cement Castle

Winnipeg Notes
– Cement Castle PR Day
– Summit 7
– Summit 8 HYPE
– Christmas Party December 12th
– Koats for Kids 3 Wednesdays in December
– Carmen receives Positivity Award

What a morning! You all crushed the very first PR Day back in our winter home, The Cement Castle Wonderland. As Megan mentioned this morning, it’s absolutely heart-warming to see such big numbers on PR Days. We are so glad you are all here. Keep on keeping each other accountable. Winnipeg Is GOOD.

Also can we just take a quick moment to be thankful for our new BoomBox? I could hear that thing no matter where I was on the levels this morning, what a difference it makes! read more

We Need YOU….

Winnipeg Notes:
-get your name in to be one of our 23 guest co-leads
-Baltimore 15×15
-Tammy handed the Shabooya off to Daniel
-Run the Night Away Half Marathon- November 23rd

This morning wasn’t nearly as cold as we all thought it was, we leveled up and layered down (TM Derek Page), we took it into the cement castle wonderland for the Baltimore 15×15 and it was a gooder. Tammy passed the Shabooya off to Daniel; who can rock a matching shirt and short combo, like no other. Daniel and Tammy we are glad that you are here. read more

We Need Your Help With Science!

November Project Members embrace at Pre-Boston-Marathon workout

If you scroll through the blog, it’s filled with nearly eight years of stories that illustrate how November Project transforms lives for the better. Thousands have joined workouts around the globe and discovered a community that is growth-minded, yet it meets you where you are at. Newbies, originals, and regulars inspire one another to show up, work hard, and challenge their limits. Whether your experience with November Project motivated you to get moving on frigid mornings, take on your first triathlon, or dive deeply into the world of stair running, we’re elated by your journey, and we’d like to hear from you. We know that it works, but the policy makers, bean counters, and exercise nerds of the world need data if we want to see our movement grow!

November Project is teaming up with Dr. Evan Johnson at the University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health to understand, investigate, and quantify how this free fitness movement translates to physical activity habits outside of our early morning workouts. Specifically, we’d like to measure NP participants’ feelings of fitness independence both within NP workouts and within your own workouts. We are looking for people who have attended at least one November Project workout within the past three months. This study will be conducted through online questionnaires and an optional phone interview, requiring a total of 25 to 60 minutes of your time. You can take the first step by clicking on this link. We (including the researchers) appreciate your time and can’t wait to share what you tell us!

If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the University of Wyoming Institutional Review Board Administrator at 307-766-5320.

Goodbye Summer.

NP Winnipeg checking out The Forks newest art installation.

Winnipeg Notes
– Winter is Coming (also it’s here)
– Thanksgiving Pop Up
– October Tags
– Halloween Karaoke

I’m sure you all woke up this morning and peeked out your windows giddy to see the surprise of a winter wonderland outside. Okay, yes maybe giddy is the wrong word. Maybe there were some groans or sighs but winter is coming *weather* we like it or not. See what I did there?! read more


Winnipeg Notes:

  • We wore Brooks shoes
  • October tags start Friday
  • Stairs
  • Boombox

This morning was misty fresh. Our lovely Brooks rep attended the workout and she brought a whole fleet of shoes for us to try out! What fun! If you LOVED your Brooks shoes and ya wanna buy a pair, head on down to City Park Runners, and we’d love to get you fitted up in some fresh kicks!

WE GOT A NEW BOOMBOX! It’s so loud, we’re so pumped up! You can actually hear the music now! The whole group was so hyped and there were so many dance moves. The hills were alive with the sound of music.

This morning we ran hella stairs, Erin brought belated birthday muffins for Will. And we had Steph one of co-leaders from NP Toronto join us!

It was an awesome morning and I want to thank all of you who came out! Shoes, boomboxes, friendships, hard work, cute dogs, photographers. We are all building this community together every week. And this morning in particular, I felt so supported by, connected to and grateful for all of the parts and people who make this crazy beautiful thing what it is, every damn week.

-Sappy M

Birthday Blog

Wisconsin Notes

– Peg City Scramble V tomorrow

– October Friday Tags

– Brooks runners demo next Wednesday!!

– Willie’s Birthday Boom

Jet in the sky

So we started the day off with a wicked awesome guest bounce from Milana hailing from Montreal. I don’t speak any French but I’m sure whatever I said was PG and hype! We then moved to a warm up. Well I guess it was a warm up. Maybe more of a “I bet I can guess who thought of this” while squatting around the skatepark…. read more

We are Hot Hot Hot

Wisconsin Notes

  • Peg City Scramble September 26
  • Cass got that Shayboooooya
  • October Friday Tags
  • Siloam Mission towels

First off big thank you to everyone who brought a towel to donate to Siloam Mission. These acts of kindness are what make NP stronger from within.

Whomever ordered the second sumer in September maybe leave out the side of humidity next time. We were all very sweaty but also very smiley and this made for a great morning. Best friend circle was the start of the smile, well and I guess the smile just kept up with the sweat for the rest of the workout! Especially when we ended with not one but two burnout time trials… This was tough and everyone crushed it! read more

Take it to the Bridge

Sunrise on another – less cloudy- Wednesday of the summer.

Winnipeg Notes
– Bridge Challenge
– Winnipeg is Weatherproof on Friday
– Scramble V Thursday, September 26th
– October Friday Tags #rakeuptheleaves
– NP Community Page
– Fall races galore

Wednesday was a solid throw down of a classic, intense, favourite workout; The Bridge Challenge. Starting with Bridge Wars and ending with Bridge Sprints. All in all a fantastic morning on the bridge. Smiles were had, high fives given, boxes jumped, hoisties hoisted and pushups pushed. Good Job team!
This morning we had a solid crew show up despite the sparkles falling from the sky, reminding us what #weatherproof means. read more

Fill your Pack

-6:14am at the Leg on Friday’s

-We wore some backpacks for several reasons

-We are going to drop some fresh news for the month on October

Double gun salute is a great start to the day

Good morning backpackers!! Today was fun and a tiny bit weird. We learned how to do the backpack dance while warming up our muscles because apparently fall has set in quickly. read more