Message from Mom (NOLA)

For those of you who were not at the workout this morning, I wanted to share some news with all of you that I shared with the tribe… I will be leaving New Orleans by the end of March and inevitably stepping down as a co-leader of this tribe.

While this may come as a surprise to some and not so much for others, my time here in New Orleans has finally come to an end. When I moved here a little less than three years ago, I planned on a one-year stint. I would make some friends, grow in my career, and then move on – NOLA was not meant to become a home… read more


As many of you probably do not know, I work as a business analyst in a 8:30-5/6/10pm job as a way to make a living. Livelihood? November Project. Bill paying method? Business Analyst.

That all being said, I use numbers day in and day out to provide reasons for decisions. I use numbers to provide proof of progress. I create pretty charts that get thrown into presentations that I will never personally present on, but someone, somewhere appreciates because it helps them understand that we are indeed doing our job. Ok. You’re bored. Me too. Onto why this matters for NP. read more

December 7 (NOLA)

December 7, 2016: I sat anxiously on the steps of Champions Square, surrounded by a bunch of sweaty friends as we had just completed another hard morning workout. While they sat nonchalantly as Lou and Booher began announcements, I was freaking out. Today was the day they brought me on as their third co-leader. read more

Thankful (NOLA)

“Give Thanks”… we hear it over and over again, year in and year out as Thanksgiving comes around. It’s an important concept – one that we all need to be reminded of. We spend time writing letters to loved ones, near and far. We spend time on the phone and in person with family members who have shaped our lives. We may even carefully script text messages to a few friends that we haven’t reminded recently that we are grateful for their friendship. However we give it, I hope that this Thanksgiving, you have the opportunity to give thanks… read more

Just Show Up… Then Crush Everything (NOLA)

This week, we got to bring on a third co-leader. He needed no introduction. People guessed it before we even announced it. It was meant to be. And it’s my pleasure to stand up there next to him now. So without further ado, here is your insight into some newest co-leader, Joseph Morin.

No fun being had.

I am a person who is interested in many things but tends to stay in my own lane. It’s much safer that way. I step out of my comfort zone ONE FUCKING TIME and then all of sudden I’m being introduced as a Co-Leader of November Project New Orleans. read more

Give Thanks NOLA

I’ll keep this one short because it is quite simple – today I challenge you to give thanks.

As I told you all at the end of the workout, we sometimes forget how important a meaningful “thank you” can be. Whether it’s genuinely thanking your waiter or waitress for their service or it’s calling your mom or dad to thank them for their unconditional love, giving thanks is something that – when done right – can go a long way. So today, think about who you’ve been meaning to thank recently, and actually tell them how thankful you are. You have no idea how much such genuine gratitude can affect someone’s day.

Thank you to the few people who texted me this morning for brightening my day with their gratitude.

Thank you Doug for your service.

Thank you to Tommy for reminding me about how great Jamba Juice’s Wednesday deals are.

Thank you to Tonia and Jim (but really just Tonia) for leading stretching after workouts.

Thank you to Tori for giving me her Powerade this morning after I mentioned being dizzy.

Thank you to Ms. Aline, our receptionist, for never failing to tell me good morning and asking me how I am doing.

Thank you to Dr. Dave for putting up with all of my nonsense while also saving my running career.

Thank you to my long-distance NP friends; there are too many of you to name, but you know who you are, you know how much you matter, and you probably know I am thankful for you since I likely texted you about it today.

Thank you to my mom and my dad for not being too upset that I’m slowly falling in love with NOLA and am not sticking to the original 2-year game plan.

Thank you to my brother for teaching me patience…

Thank you to Louis for believing in me.

Thank you to Glenn for putting up with my nonsense and still letting me shine.

And lastly, thank YOU for being here. I am so glad you are here.


  • THIS FRIDAY – BYOWG (Bring your own water gun) for the back-to-school water gun/balloon workout.
  • AUGUST 22 – Baby Cakes Game – Tickets HERE
  • SUMMIT Info
  • NovemBERN Contest!!
  • BABYSITTER APPLICATIONS COMING NEXT MONDAY. Have your thoughts prepared because you will only have about a week to complete.
  • read more

    NovemBern Contest

    Dear November Project Universe, the time has come for another NP Homework, and this one is going to be stellar. It involves bicyles, the great outdoors, painted #GrassrootsGear shirts, and of course, awards for the best submissions. This year, our friends from Bern Unlimited will reward 10 of the funniest, silliest, most creative, or as we call it “The X-factor’est”, submissions from around the world with Bern Helmet of the winner’s choosing. To be selected in the exclusive group of 10, you have to follow the rules below:

    Post a photo on Instagram between Monday, August 6th, and Monday, August 13th. Photos posted after midnight EST on August 13, will not be considered eligible.

    You must:

    1. Be wearing #GrassrootsGear
    2. Have a bicycle somewhere in the picture
    3. Be Outside (spin bikes will not work, sorry Casey Winkler)
    4. Tag @novemberproject @bernunlimited #NovemBern #StayOutThere

    Phone filters that alter photo color, brightness, etc are allowed. Tools that can add or remove items that are not in the original photo (photoshop or bunny nose/ear filters) are not.

    The winners will be selected by the panel of esteemed judges, whose identity shall remain anonymous to prevent any attempts at meddling. Our 10 winning photos will be posted on @novemberproject Instagram on August 16 and the winners will post photos with their Bern Helmets after they arrive.

    So folks, get out, get on your bikes, and get creative. As of right now, the NovemBern week is officially open.

    #justshowup – Echo of the Past AND Guidance for the Future

    If you’ve been coming to workouts, social events or even just silently following the social media presence of any one of the 49 worldwide November Project tribes for any length of time, then you have undoubtedly heard these three little words: Just Show Up. It is one of our most ubiquitous tag lines, a hashtag slung across all media outlets and the defacto prayer for this thing that we keep insisting is NOT a cult.  It’s simple and catchy and maybe bordering on corny, but I’m here to contend that there’s a depth to that simplicity more powerful than you might realize.  “Power in simplicity?” you might say – ever heard of “Just Do It”?

    Monica Winkel – coming soon to an NP AMS near you

    For me, #justshowup is the bedrock behind this movement.  The strength that can be derived from this simple phrase never ceases to amaze, and it’s been documented time and again what different strengths it can bring to so many.  November Project was founded by two broke, recent college grads on the idea that there should be no barriers to fitness.  It’s still the only thing that we ask of anyone who wants to join the workouts. No sign-ups, no money down, no long-term commitments and you don’t even have to tell a soul that you are coming: you just have to show up.

    Leave your problems, your fears and whatever your backstory at the door and just show up, but what do you say we move the needle forward yet again? I believe that this whole thing, whether intended or coincidence, has moved well beyond just physical fitness and yet the tag line still fits.  I believe that 6 years in, these three words still have a guiding light that we can follow. If this whole movement really means what it says, then we want to spread the message of acceptance, support and inclusion to everyone that’s willing to hear it. We want to help break down barriers and climb walls, but the hardest part of doing any of that is the simple problem of where to start. Recent reflections and conversations have led me to believe that we already have that starting point: just show up.

    In our world today, there exists a small, but growing, and undeniable wave of acceptance; acceptance of individuality, of freedoms and choices.  What I’ve come to believe about this movement of acceptance is that its truth doesn’t choose sides but is also certainly not for the weak and the indecisive.  This truth isn’t left or right, dark or light and doesn’t land on either side of any of the other walls which we so often use to divide.  It’s about accepting everyone and every difference as having its own, rightful place and purpose and realizing that as far from your normal as it might seem, each experience has something to teach and to offer.  Everyone has a story.

    If you think too long about the plethora of differences that surround you and what acceptance and change might really entail, no one can be blamed for being overwhelmed, even for being defensive at times. What I’m doing here is telling you not to spend too much time thinking: just show up.  Don’t bring your prejudgments, unfounded fears or unerring beliefs in your own correctness.  Instead, do something much more freeing.  Bring nothing at all but an open mind and just show up.

    Yes, the words still compel those of us who have already bought in to show up physically for every workout.  They still hold us accountable to our goals, drive us to be stronger for each other, to show up for something larger than ourselves and to change each other’s lives for the better.  The strength found in their simplicity, though, can also guide us in today’s most challenging situations.  What do you say to the elderly man who has spent his life scrapping for every dime or to your city’s first female mayor, or to the wealthiest man in town?  How do you preparefor that conversation? With what strategy are we supposed to approach it?  I’m hoping to get myself and everyone still reading to step back and realize that maybe we don’t.  Maybe everyone’s story doesn’t have to and can’t be understood right away.  Maybe the absolute best thing to bring is a smile, an open heart and an accepting mind.  Maybe all you have to do to connect is to show up.

    So, for all those out there that have read this far, continue to just show up and to bring your best self to every aspect of your life and continue to spread this most complex of simple phrases wherever you go.  #justshowup


    Baby Cakes info here

    NP Summit 6.0 info here

    See y’all Monday morning, 6am sharp at the City Park Practice Track


    Goodbye Red-Headed Stepchild (NOLA)

    When I first stepped on as a co-leader of November Project New Orleans, I was basically given free reign. Lou essentially told me, “You’ve got the energy and the time. Make this tribe into something bigger than it already is.” But I had no idea what that really meant at the time… More socials? More verbals? More days of the week? More Taylor Swift?

    As I reflect on the past year and a half of leading though, I’ve come up with my reasons why I am so unbelievably confident that our tribe is not only crushing it, but we’ve also become a true force to be reckoned with.

  • Check out the comments on the past few weeks of social posts. Check out our Facebook group. Send a few texts the day before the workout and people in NOLA finally know what it truly means to verbal. This tribe is here to hold each and every one of its members accountable. By giving your verbal, you’re vowing to be there for not only your friends, but also yourself.
  • I cannot think of a workout in the past few weeks where we haven’t had a newbie. THAT IS THE BEST. It means that y’all are sharing your stories outside of the workouts. It means you want this movement to impact more people every chance we can. It means we are going to continue growing and becoming more and more known in our town.
  • Find me another free group in this city that is impacting over 100+ people on a weekly basis. We are HUGE. We are GROWING. We are making an IMPACT.
  • When I first joined, our socials extended to tagging at the fly and drinking. Now, we’ve got impromptu drinks, rock wall climbing days and outings at the Baby Cakes game. For me, this is the best part. When I moved to NOLA and didn’t know anyone, I relied on NP to provide me with friends and a community. And now we’re just proving to ourselves that we can show up for each other beyond that 6-7am time slot on MWF.
  • When we show up to races or events in our #grassrootsgear, people know our name… but even better, they recognize the power of this movement and the compassion that guides us. We’re not a group of fast runners or cocky athletes; we’re known as a community of athletes of all shapes and sizes that is welcoming to everyone. The only rule is to just show up… And people are starting to realize it.
  • read more