When We’re All Together Again

Hi November Project, it’s been a while since we’ve all been together. As the world is figuring out how to come back from the pandemic and more places are going back to in-person workouts we’d like to share some things that every NP member will have to follow in order to maintain health and safety of our communities. There will be things that are very specific to your location and your co-leaders will be sharing those when the time comes, but these are directions that will apply to all November Project cities: read more

2019 At A Glance

As we’re approaching the last minutes of 2019, it’s worth looking back at all the amazing things that we experienced at NP during the past 365 days. To capture EVERY moment would be impossible as this post would never end, so if there’s a story or an experience you’d like to share, please add it in the comments. We’d like to thank all NP members for another year filled with positivity, support, and fitness. This community is stronger with you as a part of it so please keep inspiring with your actions and kindness. And to our leaders, thank you for your selflessness, energy, and dedication. You are the bloodline of November Project and we’re eternally grateful for your devotion to this movement. read more

Reflect and Set (SF)

As we approach 2020, I like to reflect on this past year, what we accomplished, what we missed, and what’s next. 2019 was a great year for NPSF. Let’s take a look back at all the awesome things that happened.

We gave back! We started off 2019 with a clothes drive for St Anthony’s and ended the year with a food drive for SF Marin Food Bank. And in-between there were lots of Alta Plaza park cleanups as well as helping out at their Harvest Festival. read more

ECSCA Weekend Breakdown 2019 (SF)

Welcome to “sunny” California! I hope we have good weather for you to enjoy during your stay. I know the decision between ECSCA and Summit was a hard one but we’ll have a fun weekend here too! Here is everything going on so you can plan your time in SF.

During the week, if you get in early, come join us for our Wednesday workout at Alta Plaza (5:30 and 6:30am). Then we have our impromptu Thursday trail runs starting from North Tower Golden Gate Parking Lot at 5:30am (roughly 8.5 mile loop), and our Friday workout (see more below)! There will be an InsideTracker event Wednesday night and there are also a few events being put on by The North Face Thursday and Friday. read more

We missed you: Dearest Robin (SF)

It’s a sad day when a verbal gets broken. Our friend, Robin Lilley, offered up a verbal over instagram message late Thursday night, but for some reason she failed to show up. Where was she? We may never know, but we’ve got some theories.

Maybe she was up late doing her makeup? We know she always looks fly, but perhaps she was trying to make an extra-bold statement at work this Friday. read more

We Need Your Help With Science!

November Project Members embrace at Pre-Boston-Marathon workout

If you scroll through the blog, it’s filled with nearly eight years of stories that illustrate how November Project transforms lives for the better. Thousands have joined workouts around the globe and discovered a community that is growth-minded, yet it meets you where you are at. Newbies, originals, and regulars inspire one another to show up, work hard, and challenge their limits. Whether your experience with November Project motivated you to get moving on frigid mornings, take on your first triathlon, or dive deeply into the world of stair running, we’re elated by your journey, and we’d like to hear from you. We know that it works, but the policy makers, bean counters, and exercise nerds of the world need data if we want to see our movement grow!

November Project is teaming up with Dr. Evan Johnson at the University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health to understand, investigate, and quantify how this free fitness movement translates to physical activity habits outside of our early morning workouts. Specifically, we’d like to measure NP participants’ feelings of fitness independence both within NP workouts and within your own workouts. We are looking for people who have attended at least one November Project workout within the past three months. This study will be conducted through online questionnaires and an optional phone interview, requiring a total of 25 to 60 minutes of your time. You can take the first step by clicking on this link. We (including the researchers) appreciate your time and can’t wait to share what you tell us!

If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the University of Wyoming Institutional Review Board Administrator at 307-766-5320.

NPSF MoM aka Leader Summit Recap

Sup NPSF! We wanted to give you a little bit of a recap of what we did in Seattle and some thoughts on it. The basics: We had 3 days of meetings, some workouts, and some hangout time. 

Day 1 started with a run with Des Linden (If you don’t know her, check her out @des_linden on IG – she won the Boston Marathon in 2018, the first time an American woman has won in 33 years, and is overall a badass runner), and then a day of meetings at Brooks HQ talking about Brooks as a company, what their values are, and why they’re amped to partner with NP. In summary, a partnership with NP doesn’t change much for us in SF, but it was cool to hear that their goal is to get more people out and running, regardless of speed, experience level, background, etc, and with the goal of enjoying it (that’s why their motto is #runhappy) – which we think lines up pretty well with NP’s goal.  read more

A Call To Action (SF)

Today, we have a guest post by Nadia Ouhib who has been a strong, consistent member for over two years now. She pushes hard during the workouts and cheers hard every other second. She also is the human to our unofficial NPSF husky mascot, Apache. She was recently awarded the O’Meara helmet and is now here to tell her story. Take it away Nadia! read more

The Making of a 3rd NPSF Co-Leader

Happy Friday NPSF! As we mentioned this morning, we’re stoked to be bringing on a new leader next week. We think having a 3rd will allow us to get re-energized and have more bandwidth to plan cool workouts, events, and collabs. While we’ll wait until Wednesday to share more about who it is, we want to take this opportunity to share some of our thought process behind picking a leader – some of you have asked in the past about leadership selection, what goes into it, who we consider, and pointed out ways we can improve the process.  read more

NPSUMMIT 2019 – Las Vegas – Rock N Roll

November Project Members working out at NPSummit

Below you’ll find the information about our annual gathering of all members and Co-Leaders from all over the world – #NPSUMMIT in Las Vegas, November 15-18. Being less than one month away please keep visiting this link as we will update more and more until we see you. Also, follow the main Instagram & Twitter accounts throughout the weekend for reminders and updates.


Friday – Travel day.
Saturday Workout 6:29AM – Las Vegas City Hall – Please arrive between 6-6:20AM. Workout will begin at 6:29AM sharp – No shirts will be painted during the workout (see “Post Workout” right below). We understand you’re most likely racing at Rock N Roll, but please move your body with us. Standing around is NOT the way to kick off this weekend. There is a coffee shop with a bathroom within a block of the meeting place.

THE BUS Saturday Post Workout / 8AM Depart City Hall read more