ECSCA Weekend Breakdown 2019 (SF)

Welcome to “sunny” California! I hope we have good weather for you to enjoy during your stay. I know the decision between ECSCA and Summit was a hard one but we’ll have a fun weekend here too! Here is everything going on so you can plan your time in SF.

During the week, if you get in early, come join us for our Wednesday workout at Alta Plaza (5:30 and 6:30am). Then we have our impromptu Thursday trail runs starting from North Tower Golden Gate Parking Lot at 5:30am (roughly 8.5 mile loop), and our Friday workout (see more below)! There will be an InsideTracker event Wednesday night and there are also a few events being put on by The North Face Thursday and Friday.

Friday’s workout will be at Twin Peaks. Meet at Christmas Tree Point. You can run, bike, or catch a ride up there. We’ll have a fun hill workout and for those running long Saturday, just a fun social time. We’ll bring the bridge tag for visitors too! After the workout and you’re done lingering, we’ll head down to Cafe Reverie. They have plenty of space in their garden back patio. If it’s overrun with us, there is also Crepes on Cole and La Boulangerie nearby.

The rest of your Friday is up to you. There are tons of touristy things you could do. Check out this document for tips.

Saturday is race day! Make your way to the shuttle pickup area if you’re running a longer race. Otherwise, we’ll see you on Crissy Field around 9am. Then we race, we cheer, we have a grand time!

Do whatever you need to do after you’rer done racing. The social gathering will happen at Westwood in the Marina. It should have plenty of space for us but get very packed at night so plan to get there early! 8pm if you get dinner somewhere first. You can also have dinner there but they stop serving at 8pm so get there by 6:30-7pm if you want to eat there. They have upscale southern comfort food which might be perfect post-race nutrition. There are also tons of great food options in that area. Just Yelp or walk down the main street. Fun part of this place is their mechanical bull! Can’t wait to see what 50 miler legs on a mechanical bull looks like.

Sunday: rest, recover, explore. Check the document above for things to do in SF.

Finally, if you’re still here Monday morning. We have our 6:30am workout at Dolores Park. Join us for that and breakfast after at Dolores Park Cafe.

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