Co-Leader Description

The purpose of this document is to outline the roles of November Project Co-leaders as well as to lay out clear expectations that the members can rely on. The document is meant to be dynamic and will be updated every year to account for any changes while always supporting November Project’s mission and upholding our Community Agreements. Please note that the resources provided to the Co-leaders are always evolving so that each Co-leader can be the most effective, engaged, and energized in their roles. As always, if you want to provide feedback please reach out anonymously or otherwise via this form.

NP Co-leaders create and hold empowering group workouts through:

  • Thoughtful Workout Design
    Creating workouts that everyone can be challenged by, offering multiple options that accommodate different fitness levels and physical ability/disability.
  • Showing Up
    Attending the majority of workouts, and being punctual – showing up before a workout begins and ensuring a co-leader can stay after it ends. Being engaged with the group during workouts, bringing excitement, encouragement, and being welcoming to all.
  • Co-leader Collaboration
    Engaging in respectful collaboration among co-leaders is key to effective workout planning and design while setting clear expectations of the responsibilities and rules of engagement with one another.
  • NP Co-leader terms
    Every 2 years each co-leader must reevaluate with NPHQ to determine if their co-leader position is still appropriate.
  • Communication
    Leading inclusive communication, managing social media platforms, and online presence to build excitement and provide clear messaging and updates to engage the community.
  • Physical Safety
    Taking proper precautions for the physical safety of workout attendees through responsible workout design that takes into consideration the location accessibility, weather, lighting, noise, etc. Ensuring that any planned events comply with local and state public health guidelines for COVID-19 and any other/future ordinances/extraordinary circumstances impacting the community.

NP Leaders build an inclusive and respectful community & spaces through:

  • Recruitment
    Actively seeking out/recruiting individuals from different communities in your city and providing the infrastructure to welcome new people into the community (e.g. establishing a welcoming committee).
  • Engagement
    Participating in and attending meetings to learn how to create a more inclusive space and engaging in conversation with other co-leaders and members. Engaging with local communities to advance their learning and perspective.
  • Accountability
    Providing an opportunity for members to give feedback, via an online survey, “office hours”, or other methods that will allow the members to provide candid feedback in a safe environment. Being transparent about the feedback-led next steps and outcomes of these efforts.
  • Facilitation
    Including members in decisions and allowing them to take ownership of the community through guest leadership, being on committees – social, community service, etc – providing mentorship and support as appropriate (e.g. sharing guidance to a guest leader designing their first workout)
  • Community Agreements
    Upholding the Community Agreements by example, reviewing them (both with other Co-leaders and the members) on a regular basis, and addressing instances of the members who do not adhere to these agreements as appropriate.

NP Leaders represent their cities in our global community and liaise between NP Globally and NP locally through:

  • Presence
    Leaders are encouraged to attend global gatherings such as the NP Summit, online training & relevant leader-wide meetings to stay engaged with the organization and develop skills as a leader. The annual co-leader meeting (all costs covered by NP) is required unless there is a previous agreement with NP HQ.
  • Represent NP locally
    Bringing November Project-wide events (e.g. Sunrise 6K) and shared cultural elements (e.g. Positivity Award, buffs) to your city to create a shared global culture. Note that this culture is ever-evolving as we learn and grow together.
  • Alignment
    Ensuring alignment with branding guidelines, relationships with our partners, sponsors, and other organizational responsibilities.
  • Learning Together
    Sharing best practices and ideas with one another, and engaging in the community of co-leaders both in events and virtually.