We missed you: Dearest Robin (SF)

It’s a sad day when a verbal gets broken. Our friend, Robin Lilley, offered up a verbal over instagram message late Thursday night, but for some reason she failed to show up. Where was she? We may never know, but we’ve got some theories.

Maybe she was up late doing her makeup? We know she always looks fly, but perhaps she was trying to make an extra-bold statement at work this Friday. read more

How NP Amsterdam Is Helping Me Build My Confidence Back – by Dani Holmes-Kirk

Dani Holmes-Kirk

Today is Dani’s ONE year November Project Anniversary!! Gefeliciteerd!!
It took her a while to join us, but we are so glad she did! Dani shows up with high spirits, smiling from ear to ear, colourful & sparkly, and ready to give it her all. You can wake her up for NP cheertunnels and is a pro at #runselfies.

This is Dani’s story of expat life in Amsterdam, finding community & confidence. read more

‘Going Dutch’ – Guestblog by Edoardo Valvo

You can hear his voice from miles away, his laughter is contagious, he know how to hold the attention of the crowd.. he if fit as f*ck, fast as f*ck and funny as f*ck.
He knows the words to Britneys’ hit me baby on more time’ ( thank you NP karaoke night for teaching us this gem )
He never steps away from a challenge and is always ready to #raceeverything !
In less than 40 days he will be at the starting lines of the Lavaredo Ultra Trail, barely recovered from injury but hey, who would pass up on a day froliking in the Italian mountains for 87 – EIGHTY SEVEN – kilometers!

Here’s a guestblog by our favorite Italian on ‘going Dutch’ 😉
read more

We missed you Sara (YWG)

Wisconsin notes

  • New PR loop
  • Tagging is back
  • Jett won Positivity Award (second times the charm)
  • Dom dropped a bomb
  • Plogging this Sunday
  • Friday’s at the Ledge have started back up
  • We missed you Sara

Let’s get down to business, I don’t got no time to play around what is this… We tried out a new PR loop today; it was a one mile loop that took us around the time trail loop, around the CMHR and across the bridge and back. Give us some feedback, let us know what you thought of it.

We also tagged some shirts while everyone was running. The wind was challenging, so we had to figure it out as we went. Sorry to those that got a little extra paint on their shits, no extra charge for that though so don’t worry. read more

My First Ultra-Marathon on the Playground of the Gods – Heather Bray

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by powerful athlete, amazing woman, loving mom, beautiful human & talented writer – Heather Bray ( @hulahooprunner )
Sit back, relax, enjoy the read and let the words below take you on a journey, a 53 kilometer jou
rney – an ultra- marathon!

Six months ago, I booked a flight to Cyprus. It was not because of a promise of charming villages, expansive coastlines, ancient history, mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, or an island encapsulated by the sun three hundred-plus days of the year, though these facts were persuasive. The reason to go to Cyprus, also known as the playground of the gods, was because a fellow November Project Tribe Member, Antoinette, had offered me a chance to run my first ultramarathon and I, as most avid runners would do, greedily accepted. read more

Julia Dol(Out)sky — We MISSED you

Disclaimer: A #verbal is serious stuff at November Project. It’s a pact with another person(s) to #justshowup at a workout. Learn more about the verbal HERE. If you break a verbal, you get this — a we missed you thanks to your responsible friends.

Sunday, Julia didn’t just give a commitment to attend Monday’s April 1 workout — she messaged the ENTIRE CoHi running pool with an affirmative. FYI, Monday’s workouts are, like, in the heart of CoHi. So there was that, too; not the longest run-to commute! Our dude Welles missed the hell out of Julia, as did the rest of us. Thank you, Welles, for informing us of the broken verbal. Her message even got a THUMBS UP! Pity the poor person whose thumbs up led to this! read more

Emily, Emily, Emily. (We Missed You)

This blog was inspired by your absence at today’s workout, not just one letter but all the letters that make up your name, and the title sung just like Frank Sinatra does here: https://youtu.be/kvLTsJdX0V4

Dear Emily,

Tomorrow is my birthday, and Maggie & I thought it would be FUN to give everyone shinny new PR’s (personal record for a route or course attempted / completed) to celebrate a day early. read more

How Dare You, Nick? (Brooklyn, NY)

This blog was brought to you by two guest bloggers, David and Tara, who felt personally victimized by the missed #verbal of Nick Collins…


You were so excited about the new PR course. What happened? PR Day is YOUR DAY.

And yet, when we checked on your welfare, we thought we’d get a better excuse… read more

Jeff, ya Ott(a) know better — We Missed You Monday!

We weren’t planning on a TWO-BLOG WEEK, but then Steve approached us after Monday’s glorious shovel workout with some news — good friend, super fast guy, and just nice dude Jeff Ott had broken a verbal. What?? Life intervened the last two days and it was nice to see Jeff back at Lincoln this morning, but lest we forget to post this because a verbal is sacred. And because we REALLY missed you, Jeff. read more