PR Day!! – Fall in Love with Fitness!!

It’s that time of the month!!

Alright folks!! Do you know what time it is? It’s PR O’clock!!!! The last week of every month, we test ourselves to push further, move faster, and have the best workout ever with PR Day! The idea is simple. . . starting at 20 reps per move, dropping a rep each time through, how low can you get your reps?? We change up the moves every season, so that means (pause for trumpets) We have ALL NEW moves starting this month. read more

Twilight – No not the vampires (YEG)

It is certainly the season of the dark now. The twilight from the sunrise was barely in view even after the workout! But that just acts as a reminder of how badass you all are for being present and supporting your community no matter the conditions!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for Bill last week. We have pulled them all together and we’ll be sure to have it in front of him soon. Here is a small update from his daughter and avid member of this community: read more

September Smiles (Ottawa)

Greetings dear friends, we meet again
In the space where co-leaders bring paper to pen
To offer a news source so objective and true
That SO many readers look forward to

We begin with our highlights of the weeks gone by
The sweat and the tears (though we didn’t actually cry)
Bear with us as we step back in time
And attempt to explain each workout in rhyme read more

Interested in becoming a Co-Leader of NPDC?

Happy Fall folks!

Have you ever thought about becoming a Co-Leader of our beloved community?!

We’re looking for someone who can serve as a Co-Leader starting in January 2023.

We are also seeking nominations to fill TWO Co-Leader positions starting sometime in 2023!

If you are interested or know someone that would be a good fit to serve as a Co-Leader for NPDC, could you take a moment to fill out this survey? read more

Effervescence: Will

Today looked so fun! I’m sorry I wasn’t there to be part of this epic morning. Buuuut, I’ll see ya bright and early Wednesday morning.

In the meantime…

Here’s part 4 of who put their hand up to help NP Canada. If you don’t know what I mean, check out this post–> here. read more

Sweating through the Seasons – Wednesday Workout

It’s the last official day of Summer and what better way to say goodbye to a real scorcher than with one final sweat fest celebrating all the wonderful seasons of the year! Welcome friends to our final summer workout!

The Workout

So, for this workout we’re going to have 4 rounds…one for each season. The rounds last 7 minutes and each contain 3 moves. You’ll do 7 reps of the first move, 14 reps of the second move and 21 reps of the third move. Keep working your way through each set for the full 7 minutes. Make sure to take a break between rounds. Grab a drink of water. Check in with your body. High five your dog. Make sure you get that recovery! read more

What a weekend!!

It must have been good if I’m saying this on a Wednesday!

The NP Canada crew is baaaack in town (mostly) after a fun-filled weekend in Philly for #NPSummit10!

We ran, had stairs for breakfast, hugged, high fived, walked/toured the city, raced, ate scones, had a few philly cheesesteaks, chatted with NPers from across the globe, cheered our asses off, danced the night away, and just had… fun! read more

Peace out!

See ya soon friends. Rob, Lazina, and a solid crew of the NPCan crew are heading down to Philly for an extra long weekend of adult recess… otherwise known as NP Summit!

Yes, you’ll have babysitters on Friday AND on Monday. #Justshowup to find out who’s going to be leading you each of those days! It’s always a fun surprise huh? read more

Bill (YEG)

Hi everyone!

One of our long standing members isn’t doing well. Bill is currently back from the hospital recovering so we thought it would be a nice idea if we sent him some get well wishes. We miss seeing him crush stairs with us and wish him a speedy and full recovery! If you want to share a short video message to Bill we’ll be stitching them all together into one epic video for him. Send us your video by Sept 18 to read more

Does it ever get easier?

Does that damn hill ever get easier?

No. No it doesn’t.

And do I still find myself asking that question for the 9th consecutive year in a row?

Yes. Yes I do.

Being comfortable being uncomfortable is where we grow and stretch.

As I recover and now rebuild my fitness, after a nasty disc herniation in my low back this past winter, I’ve been thinking (and saying aloud) how hard it is to regain fitness. read more