NP Doggo Etiquette

It is the greatest joy of our lives to welcome your doggos at NP and we are so excited to meet your four legged family members that have been a part of your family for awhile or came to live with you during the pandemic.

Since we have so many new tails around here, we wanted to share some best practices/tips/general etiquette reminders to ensure that NP stays a safe place for all two and four legged animals in attendance: read more


It’s been a great few months of seeing your faces in person so first, we want to THANK this community: for being safe and patient as we navigated timing for starting up workouts again; for continuing to be safe and patient as we opened up Wednesday workouts in a socially distanced/masked/small group capacity; for showing up for each other time and time again throughout the last year of unknowns. THANK YOU.  read more


First, big ol’ hat tip to NPDEN for the name inspiration. We wracked our brains to find something as catchy and all encompassing as this, but alas, you all hit the nail on the head.

Below are the ins, outs, and in-betweens of our revamped and revitalized NPMSP group to grow, learn, and be open together so that we as a community can meaningful engage in our broader communities. We hope you decide to join us! read more

This One is for the Kids Who Got Picked Last – MSP

Here, we go on a run with Sarah Stuhr (they/them), newly announced addition to the November Project, Minneapolis co-leader crew, as they reflect on early life as “the fat kid” and how that kid never could have dreamed of leading a group like this.

It was balls cold on Christmas Day 2020, one of our first subzero temp days when the windchill was factored in. Woulda been a great day without the wind (I’m from Minnesota so I’m morally obligated to mention that). Windchill is occasionally something you can avoid in the concrete jungle of downtown Minneapolis where I reside, but you can not escape the wind in the small farm town of Walters, Minnesota. My home town, you can probably Google where that is but they took us off the paper maps when our post office closed. Home is a little more than two miles from Walters and surrounded by fields. read more

MSP Medallion Hunt!

Welcome to the first annual (ever? only?) November Project MSP Medallion Hunt!  

For the folks that never read the whole thing here’s the tl;dr – 
Get a clue on Sunday night, decipher the clue, go do a quick fly, walk, or run by workout on Monday morning, get a clue to the next location, and move along. read more

Summit Gear Challenge – #DecemBurnMSP

Welcome to DecemBurnMSP, your chance to earn #Summit8 gear from your friends at November Project, Brooks running, and Knockaround.

November Project Summit 8 Brooks Run Past Dark Cap

Complete 15 or more November Project workouts and activities from our list of 30) while supplies last and you win November Project Summit 8 gear and/or Knockaround sunglasses. read more

NPMSP – When Can We Come Back?

Are you all good?  Decent?  Doing kinda okay?  Wherever you are at, we are here for you!

Here we are, in the middle of Minnesota’s 4-week Dial Back (MN Emergency Executive Order 20-99), but we want to keep you updated on our plans for November Project MSP moving forward.  There’s a lot here, so give yourself some time to read this through, click the links (they links matter, don’t just skim), and digest the content fully.   read more

Thank you, MSP

I’ve tried tying up all my feelings and memories into this blog post a few dozen times. I’ve decided it’s impossible. November Project has given me enough good times for several decades’ worth of recollecting and memory swapping. And I know that those decades will be filled with friends who have come into my life because November Project brought them here. My world has collided with the most brilliant, beautiful humans, and I am forever grateful.  read more

They’re just like us….

Okay friends, bear with me because I’m about to get a little Brene Brown up in here with some vulnerability. Just like the most beloved section of Us Weekly magazine says, NP Co-Leaders: They’re Just Like Us! That’s right. Sometimes our shirt is on inside out, or we miss our pre race poop, or even half ass a burpee or two (sorry BG and Bojan, but it’s true). But right now I want to talk about something a little more personal that unites many of us in the fitness community, which is, sometimes we struggle with eating disorders. I have had a disordered relationship with food and my body for over three years now and while I have made progress in my recovery, this is a journey I, and many others in this community, will be on for a long time.  read more