Td;lr – We’re bringing the #Verbal back.

Td;lr – We’re bringing the #Verbal back. We want you to #JustShowUp to #GrowCommunity (but please still stay home if you’re sick)

Your MSP Co-leaders having absolutely NO FUN in Boulder, CO at MoM last summer. Photo by Jonny Wong.

Welcome to November 2022. This month we celebrate November Project’s origins and 11th birthday.
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Team NP @ Grandma’s Marathon!

November Project (MSP) is officially part of the 2023 Grandma’s Marathon Running Club Experience! This means YOU (and not just all you MSPers, any NP member looking to come run this epic race can join) will receive the RC benefits below if you follow the registration instructions, even farther below for either the full or half marathon. And remember, all of this is just the cherry on top of getting to run a great race with best people along the most beautiful lake in the world. read more

NPSUMMIT10 Travel Grant

UPDATE – August 10, 2022.
A few months ago, we launched a campaign to offer financial assistance to November Project members from around the world to attend NPSUMMIT. We received a dozen applications and fundraised a few hundred dollars towards our $4500 goal to bring up to 3 members to Philadelphia. After the tragic passing of NP Malaysia Co-leader, Robert Ling, we pivoted fundraising efforts in order to support his family and to cover the cost of his repatriation. With 6 weeks to go before the event, the Committee in charge of the financial assistance program composed of Co-leaders and members has decided to halt the outreach until the end of the year and focus their efforts on the 2023 Summit.

While this is an unfortunate decision, we believe that under the existing circumstances and the tight timeline we’re working with, it is the right decision. The applicants have been informed of the details and understand the reasoning.

Going forward, the committee will review the tactics and the learnings and will outline the fundraising plan for 2023. The tax-deductible donations received this year will be rolled into the following year’s budget.

On behalf of the NP Summit Travel Assistance Committee, thank you for your understanding and support.


A first stab at making NPSUMMIT more accessible. Looking for that sign to attend Summit? This is it.

You’ve seen the posts. You’ve heard about the hype. What IS November Project Summit?

Each year, NPers around the world gather for a short but intense weekend of racing, cheering, and connecting with one another. (Racing optional)

As fun as it is, as lively as it is, as FOMO-inducing as it is, we know that for some, it’s just not a feasible expense. So, this year we are trying something out. And if it goes well, we’d like to do it again next year. Maybe even bigger?

This year, we are fundraising an NPSUMMIT Travel Grant for up to 3 people from across the globe to attend NPSUMMIT 10 in Philadelphia, September 16-18, 2022 (up to a $1500 value). *We will be making travel and hotel arrangements for recipients.

Here are the deets:

  • Applications will be accepted through June 30
  • Review process will be in July, and grant recipients will be notified by end of July
  • Travel arrangements will be made for recipients shortly after being notified
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    16 months later.

    First, let’s talk about periods. Because they are important. Period. I had amenorrhea (the absence of a period) for 16 months, but I didn’t see a doctor until almost a year had passed. Why? Well the answer to that question is complicated (which I will elaborate on more in a bit), but part of the reason is because not getting your period is normalized and glorified in the fitness world. I remember one of my high school coaches telling me that she often wouldn’t get her period in the most casual way because that’s just “what happens sometimes” when you exercise a lot. Well I want to say that that’s bullshit. Yes, it happens, but there are many ways to prevent it and when it does happen (because it might), it’s something to take very seriously. These aren’t words I would have said before. I wouldn’t have said them because I was steeped in this culture and thought that my lack of a period meant I was working hard enough, I was pushing myself hard enough, I was successful. I also wouldn’t have said that because let’s be real, periods are not fun. But damn, did I celebrate when mine came back. I celebrated because of all that I learned about the importance of menstruation. If I want to live a long and healthy life and use my body in the ways I want to (fitness related and otherwise), I need strong bones and a strong heart, both of which are seriously weakened by amenorrhea. You can click here to learn more about the effects of amenorrhea from an expert because my knowledge on this topic is still quite limited, but I did want to take a moment to call this out and create space for conversation. Because it’s important.  read more

    NP Doggo Etiquette

    It is the greatest joy of our lives to welcome your doggos at NP and we are so excited to meet your four legged family members that have been a part of your family for awhile or came to live with you during the pandemic.

    Since we have so many new tails around here, we wanted to share some best practices/tips/general etiquette reminders to ensure that NP stays a safe place for all two and four legged animals in attendance: read more


    It’s been a great few months of seeing your faces in person so first, we want to THANK this community: for being safe and patient as we navigated timing for starting up workouts again; for continuing to be safe and patient as we opened up Wednesday workouts in a socially distanced/masked/small group capacity; for showing up for each other time and time again throughout the last year of unknowns. THANK YOU.  read more


    First, big ol’ hat tip to NPDEN for the name inspiration. We wracked our brains to find something as catchy and all encompassing as this, but alas, you all hit the nail on the head.

    Below are the ins, outs, and in-betweens of our revamped and revitalized NPMSP group to grow, learn, and be open together so that we as a community can meaningful engage in our broader communities. We hope you decide to join us! read more

    This One is for the Kids Who Got Picked Last – MSP

    Here, we go on a run with Sarah Stuhr (they/them), newly announced addition to the November Project, Minneapolis co-leader crew, as they reflect on early life as “the fat kid” and how that kid never could have dreamed of leading a group like this.

    It was balls cold on Christmas Day 2020, one of our first subzero temp days when the windchill was factored in. Woulda been a great day without the wind (I’m from Minnesota so I’m morally obligated to mention that). Windchill is occasionally something you can avoid in the concrete jungle of downtown Minneapolis where I reside, but you can not escape the wind in the small farm town of Walters, Minnesota. My home town, you can probably Google where that is but they took us off the paper maps when our post office closed. Home is a little more than two miles from Walters and surrounded by fields. read more

    MSP Medallion Hunt!

    Welcome to the first annual (ever? only?) November Project MSP Medallion Hunt!  

    For the folks that never read the whole thing here’s the tl;dr – 
    Get a clue on Sunday night, decipher the clue, go do a quick fly, walk, or run by workout on Monday morning, get a clue to the next location, and move along. read more

    Summit Gear Challenge – #DecemBurnMSP

    Welcome to DecemBurnMSP, your chance to earn #Summit8 gear from your friends at November Project, Brooks running, and Knockaround.

    November Project Summit 8 Brooks Run Past Dark Cap

    Complete 15 or more November Project workouts and activities from our list of 30) while supplies last and you win November Project Summit 8 gear and/or Knockaround sunglasses. read more