What is November Project

November Project™ is a FREE fitness movement that was born in Boston as a way to stay in shape during cold New England months. Now present in multiple cities around the world, the movement is using a simple sense of accountability (verbal) to motivate and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels to get out of their beds and get moving. Our members vary from Olympic medalists, professional athletes, marathoners, triathletes, current and former collegiate athletes all the way to complete fitness rookies and recent couch potatoes just looking to kickstart their healthy life choices. If you think that you’re not fit enough to join the group, stop thinking and come see what the fuss is all about.

How can you join? Simple… Just show up!

Bojan and Brogan

Bojan (left) and Brogan (right) – Co-Founders of November Project™

30 Replies to “What is November Project”

  1. Certified Exercise Physiologist who would love help and participate! This is by far the Coolest Baltimore social group I’ve come across! Can not wait to tag along.

  2. Any chance the documentary will see a wider release, beyond the borders of NP cities? You guys have fans on the outside, you know.

  3. I have been following this movement for a couple years now .. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had this in my city (Rochester, NY)

    1. Hi my husband and I just moved here from Dallas last week. I want to get active and meet new people as well. Is there a group here in Rochester, Ny yet?

  4. Hey Yall!
    A funny thing happened this fall, I was introduced to the November Project in Seattle and I fell in love!

    In love with the community driven vibes and people who make this go!

    So much so, that we my team and decided to make a video that capture our feelings. Here it is, hope you like it!


    Looking to getting one started in my local Miami soon!

    -Chris Adamo

  5. Hi! I recently moved to the Chautauqua area from Buffalo, NY and always see posts pop up about how awesome NP is! I would love to attend, however I live a few hours away. I am a fitness instructor and think this would be a great opportunity for the city of Jamestown or even Lakewood area! I see how our community members are itching for something new and different. We need something like this for our community, and know it would be a huge hit! How can I introduce this to Jamestown, NY?

  6. Can somebody please start a tribe in Stockholm? I travel for work, so I cannot be the only leader, but am very willing to help out in any way I can! This city is crazy fit and astoundingly gorgeous, and a tribe would be amazing here.

  7. A loud “shout out” to the NP members who worked at the Mile 18 hydration station during yesterday’s Boston Marathon.

    As you assigned medic, you all helped me greatly by pointing out distressed runners, and especially by escorting people down the hill to Medical Station 12 for me so I did not have to abandon my post. It is hard enough surveying 30,000 plus people on your own (my partner never showed up) even under reasonable weather conditions. I lost count of the people we sent on to the aid station, but estimate at least thirty. Many thanks to all of you from “CC’s Dad”

  8. Hi,

    I am contacting you on behalf of the YMCA of Greater Boston and would like to know if a runner from your organization would be interested in running the Boston Marathon 2019? The YMCA of Greater Boston is recruiting five runners to represent the organization in the Boston Marathon and fund raise a minimum of $7500. Please click on the link below if you or anyone form your club is interested.


    Thank you!
    Madiha Abbasi
    AmeriCorps- Volunteer Outreach Coordinator
    YMCA of Greater Boston
    316 Huntington Ave
    Boston, MA 02115
    Phone (617) 927- 8177

  9. Wish Charlotte, NC had this. How have these formed in other cities? I know there’d be interest in the area. How would someone get started if they’re interested in starting a location in their city?

  10. Wish Charlotte, NC had this. I know there’d be interest in the area. How would someone get started if they’re interested in starting a location in their city?

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