NPSUMMIT10 Travel Grant

UPDATE – August 10, 2022.
A few months ago, we launched a campaign to offer financial assistance to November Project members from around the world to attend NPSUMMIT. We received a dozen applications and fundraised a few hundred dollars towards our $4500 goal to bring up to 3 members to Philadelphia. After the tragic passing of NP Malaysia Co-leader, Robert Ling, we pivoted fundraising efforts in order to support his family and to cover the cost of his repatriation. With 6 weeks to go before the event, the Committee in charge of the financial assistance program composed of Co-leaders and members has decided to halt the outreach until the end of the year and focus their efforts on the 2023 Summit. read more

NP x NYC Marathon Weekend 2021

We can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since the streets of New York were filled with tens of thousands of runners. But this November, the biggest block party in NYC is back! We can’t wait to welcome everyone to the 50th running of the New York City Marathon!

There is truly nothing else like it and IT. WILL. MOVE. YOU! Running through the five boroughs on Marathon Sunday is like taking part in the world’s longest NP cheer tunnel. And in that awesome collaborative spirit, this year’s NYC Marathon Weekend is brought to you by the  combined efforts of November Project NYC and November Project Brooklyn!  read more

The Things We’d Keep (Bklyn)

When Maggie asked if I would take a stab at writing a blog post to wrap up November Project Brooklyn’s 2020, I felt hesitant. We especially know the power that published words hold, and I can only imagine how some people might feel reading another blog post from our city. I am even more aware of how others in our wider November Project community think of me now, and so, putting pen to paper (or well, fingertips to keyboard) appears first as a daunting task and one I do not take lightly.  read more

Listening to you (Ottawa)

Our goal and objective at November Project Ottawa has always been to use fitness as a vehicle to bring and connect people together.  Whether that be through showing up in the cold months of February along the canal, early mornings at the stadium or post workout bagels.  The intention has always been the same show up early, show up to move, show up to meet new people, show up to add more value into your day and to that of others. We believe that it is fair to say that we, along with 51 other cities believe in this. read more

In-Person Trial Workout (Bklyn)

This is the email we’ve sent out to the members that have signed up for tomorrow’s in-person trial workout. We are no longer accepting sign-ups for tomorrow, but here’s a peak at the social-distancing precautions we are taking for now–

Hi November Project Brooklyn, 
First, thank you so much for signing up for our in-person test trial tomorrow, Wednesday, 10/14! We’re VERY excited to be together in-person, but want to ensure we’re creating the safest environment for everyone, our NP Bklyn family and the greater Brooklyn community. We kindly ask that you read this, in full, prior to attending tomorrow’s workout. IMPORTANT DETAILS FOR TOMORROW read more

Our Survey Gathering [Bklyn]

Last Thursday evening, we gathered virtually to discuss recent survey results. Here is a recap, in case you couldn’t make it or want to review–


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou read more

What is your top ten? (Ottawa)

The History of You

Jessica, co-leader of November Project Brooklyn and author of the post, posing with her mother on her graduation day from The College of William and Mary.

It might seem silly to write another blog post about the word *tribe*. Bryson from NP Baltimore wrote an eloquent piece on it already (read it here). Or perhaps, you saw it unfold in the Facebook discussion with the global social group name change to NP World Social. To be clear, November Project, as an international movement, no longer uses this word to define our 52 communities. And now, we’re living in a moment in history, where again white and white-passing individuals, like myself, must confront their… well, our white privilege, our white fragility, and all of the ways in which our white-centered society have inherently created an unequal, unjust world. read more

When We’re All Together Again

Hi November Project, it’s been a while since we’ve all been together. As the world is figuring out how to come back from the pandemic and more places are going back to in-person workouts we’d like to share some things that every NP member will have to follow in order to maintain health and safety of our communities. There will be things that are very specific to your location and your co-leaders will be sharing those when the time comes, but these are directions that will apply to all November Project cities:

Personal Contact
I’m sure that many of you are longing for the days where you’ll be able to embrace your friends with a tight hug, high-five, or a fist bump. Unfortunately, there are still many uncertainties that are surrounding COVID-19 so until further notice, please make sure to refrain from engaging in physical contact with your fellow members before, during, and after the workout. Consequently, all workouts will be designed to follow this directive (no partner exercises, close encounters, etc.)

The Bounce
This is another NP staple that will have to take a back seat for a foreseeable future as having people in a tight space chanting and engaging in call-and-response is something that we don’t deem safe under the circumstances. We know that for some of you, the bounce is a great way to get into the mindset of the workout and we’re encouraging Co-leaders to come up with different creative ways to engage in introductions that will get you fired up to get going.

Wearing Masks
For those choosing to wear masks or a face covering while working out, we encourage you to participate at the level that is comfortable for you but please be aware that the mask can increase the workload and cause unnecessary strain on your body. If you are feeling light-headed, dizzy, or short of breath, please find a safe place to take a seated rest, slow your breathing, and hydrate. As always, locate a Co-leader and call your local emergency number if you are in need of medical attention.

Before starting the workout, all members (new and old) will have to sign an online waiver that can be found by visiting this link or in the website top navigation as well as the footer, in the link named “Waiver”. Participation in November Project workout will not be allowed without a signed waiver.

Have Fun!
We understand that some of these things may not feel like the days of “old” November Project, but the beauty of this community is its willingness to adapt to the circumstances and make the best out of the situation in service of the greater good. We appreciate your help in making the re-opening of NP as seamless as possible.

Building Something I Need [Bklyn]

For this birthday blog, I couldn’t decide between two themes–
1) If you build it, they will come
2) Something I Need
So instead, here is a mashup of both. 

“If you build it, they will come.”

This is a bounce we use in Brooklyn. It was most recently used by my coleader Jessica to kick off the Brooklyn Buster. For five mornings in the middle of winter, we met at 5:58AM. People came, no matter where we met or what the weather was like. We built it, and they came. Jessica crafted certificates for those that showed up all five days. We both signed them like we were official somebodies. Someone lamented that he would’ve shown up that one day if he knew there would be certificates. In reality, it was a piece of paper with ink. We built it, and they wanted to come.  read more