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“A class at the gym is to November Project what riding in the back of taxi is to space travel. There is nothing in the world of fitness, motivation, and sheer energy that compares to showing up at 6:27 a.m. with hundreds of screaming people ready to train in the cold, rain, snow, ice, sun, heat, and beauty of a city that is still asleep.”Casey Neistat, filmmaker, tech entrepreneur, and 3:02 marathoner

We’re more than happy to tell you the 9,748 ways NP will change your life. We’ll talk your ears off if you let us. But we always say you gotta experience November Project for yourself. Just show up and you’ll understand. We promise: you’ll get it. In fact, we’d rather you join us for a workout than buy this book.

But if you’re NP-curious, don’t live in one of the NP cities around the world, or are tribe member looking to dive deeper into NP culture, November Project: The Book, put out by our good friends at Rodale Books, comes pretty dang close to capturing the vibe, the community, the inclusiveness, the love, the weird, and definitely the sweat (you can almost smell BG’s stinky arm sleeves coming off the pages). With tons of pictures, workouts, backstage shenanigans, creation myths, and stories from tribe members all over the North America and Europe, you’ll see how this wild ride began. Spoiler: it was a dare between two out-of-shape former collegiate rowers in a Boston bar. Read how that fateful moment grew into a city- and world-changing fitness movement that doesn’t cost a freaking thing to be a part of. Except for a desire to be fit and to be a good person. We hope to see you soon!

“You could go through life alone, unfit, and numb to your prowess and potential. Or you could read this book. It’s entirely up to you.”
David Willey, editor-in-chief of Runner’s World

“NP is exactly like fight club… but with hugging.”
Andrew Ference, 2011 Stanley Cup champion

You can pick up a copy of November Project: The Book at your local bookstore or at this bad boy or that bad boy.

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4 Replies to “November Project THE BOOK – Cover Hype”

  1. Hi! I live in Rockford Illinois. And am very interested in your work! I own a personal training studio (18 years) and think this could be a nice addition to my people. I understand you are a franchise of a sort. And gave guidelines. But I love your mission and philosophy! It encompasses what fitness should be! Fun, challenging, rewarding and social!

  2. Live in Tucson and part time in Reno. Anything going on in either place. I’m a 77 yo still moving.

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