Community Agreements

COME as you are.
There are no prerequisites for showing up to November Project. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what fitness level you are at, we want you to show up wholly as you are. We are continuously working towards being a more inclusive environment by welcoming all, regardless of their fitness level, age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or political beliefs, and expect all our members to appreciate that diversity.

We are proud of our individual results but we cherish collective accomplishments. We inspire one another with hard work, we lead through our actions, and we support with our words. Nothing less will be tolerated, both at workouts and on online communities/social media.


  • Individual Boundaries
      • We prohibit and do not tolerate sexual harassment, misconduct or assault at the workplace, during the workout, or at any other NP-related activity (M.O.M., NPSUMMIT, social events, etc). The definition of Sexual Harassment can be found at RAINN website.
      • Physical contact is a part of November Project culture, via hugs, high fives, and partner exercises. We expect leaders and members to always respect one another’s personal space, especially those who are not comfortable and choose not to partake.
  • Our Identities
      • Our emotional experiences and social attributes define our identities. We respect and celebrate those unique traits that make our communities more vibrant and diverse.
  • Our Neighbors
      • Building communities through free fitness can not happen without respecting the residents of the neighborhoods where our workouts take place.
  • Our Environment
      • Outdoor spaces should be left better than how they were found. Let’s do everything in our collective power to make environmentally conscious choices.
  • Agenda Free Motives
      • November Project will always be about building community through free morning workouts. Any topic that distracts from that mission will not be entertained during the workout.

GROW Community
Connecting with the members of the community, both at the workout and not, engaging in local events, and supporting your neighbors, all while inviting them to participate in November Project workouts is how the grassroots word-of-mouth growth happens organically. So, keep connecting face-to-face out there in the world and let’s see how big we can get this movement to grow.

LEAD Together
We ask members to be active participants at November Project workouts and events, while also representing this community seven days a week. We all have a role and a responsibility to represent this global movement. From wearing #GrassrootsGear around the world, being November Project member does not stop at 7:30AM. Kindness, accountability, and hard work, are contagious, so feel free to spread them around.

At November Project, we choose to call others in, as opposed to out. We ask members to engage in thoughtful conversation, with active listening, when presented with a disagreement or potentially offensive action. Learning from one another in these diverse environments will only further grow our communities and move us forward with love and respect. If you ever feel unsafe or do not feel comfortable engaging in these types of conversations, please tell a co-leader or email November Project HQ at with the details.