What is your top ten? (Ottawa)

It’s a top ten kind of morning. Well currently it’s a top nine.  We wanted to share what we believe are some of the top nine things we have learnt over the past four months and a bit.  Normally, lists like these involve items like high fives being dished out while the sunrise rises in front of us or bagels and coffee  at Kettlemans.  With some of that on pause for the time being here are some other highly regarded top nines.  

  1. Sunrises. Oops. There we said it. A-lot of us can still see the sunrise from our backyards, windows, balconies so maybe in one way,  we learnt the sunrise from our own dwelling is one to ring home about. 
  2. Reflecting, recognizing and evolving. Shifting the language we use and ways in which we will continue to recognize the land in which we meet, gather, move and workout on. Today, wherever you choose to workout, we want to do a better job of acknowledging the unsurrendered Algonquin Territory.  
  3. Understanding the importance of being open to conversations. This includes listening, educating ourselves and being able to share our knowledge and personal experiences with each other in small group chats, throughout coffee chats or having one off conversations with one another.  
  4. Virtual high fives and shout outs.  Connecting never looked so different. Not sure if you’ve been privy to as many individual shoutouts in person as you have over zoom, while you press a can of black beans above your head.  
  5. The power of the blog.  At a time when we are apart we continue to do our part  to stay consistent and be as transparent as possible with all of you.  The blog has been important before to share messaging, keeping everyone in the loop, tell stories and allow others to share their voice but now more than ever the power of the blog is real.  It allows us all to stay in touch and connect with what are our next steps and how we are doing our best to make the right choices. Along with sharing learning, mistakes, experiences, the good the bad all of it. Please feel free to share the blog with people when questions come up, and we continue to be open to conversations. 
  6. Zoom and technology in general have an amazing power to bring us all together, minus when the links don’t seem to work.  Somehow everyone seems to manage to find their way on and begin moving as soon as possible. This community is so great for that. 
  7. Bounces. Definitely, odd. Hilarious, yes. Flops? Probably. In unison? No. Laughs? Always.  
  8. #globalworkouts. We have learnt about a variety of movements, movements that have unique names, movements that seem odd, slightly different, unknown to us.  Cities that love firing up that core, cities that use pots and cities that love burnouts. If this global pandemic never happened would we get to know what Edmonton, Boston, Hong Kong,  Minneapolis or Brooklyn workouts were like without visiting them?
  9. We learnt that our best is enough. We show up. We show up for one another, for ourselves, for our community, no matter what. That doesn’t mean we don’t keep working to get better, and we can help each other keep moving forward.

We have left ten blank as we want YOU to add to this list.  Share with us one thing that you have learnt about yourself, November Project, Ottawa, our history, Black lives matter, your coffee making skills by taking a screenshot of the photo below or from our instagram page and filling in your number ten, include it in your story, or write a comment.  You can write your answer in, sing it, act it out.  Tag us in your photos, videos and we will re share and post what we get back to let others know the learning and what some of our top ten are.  

Here’s to bringing soles together, 

Lauren and Liz


  1. What is your number ten? We want to know we have shared a photo on our instagram page, screenshot it, fill it in, video yourself singing or sharing what is one thing you have learnt.  We will re-share and post your answers! 
  2.  Did you happen to sign the waiver yet? If not sign it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSefxNbuilBozdtF-tqTF6D_LixdxVRVrLsOs8zQ3-Gr_RWiVQ/viewform?pli=1
  3.  Read a blog from another city and give out some virtual hugs, high fives, dabs.
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