Time to Give Back to Chicago (Chi)

Sneak peak: Ducky Derby team! Lakeview Pantry donation drive! New committee! Surveys!

Given the social movements currently surging through the United States, a question many of us have considered is where NPChi as a group fits amidst all of this. Community defines November Project; we are a community of fitness folks that meet in 52 communities around the world. If we strive to be a truly inclusive community group, it follows that we must engage with our neighbors in ways more profound than simply inviting everyone to #justshowup. We show up for November Project, but how do we show up for others?

Many of us give our time already: we’ve paced a new friend in an overnight solo 100 miler, passed out water during a grassroots half Ironman, prepped crew badges for the Chicago Marathon, or helped organize a pizza mile. And we should keep doing these things! But these are examples of how we give internally to the November Project community–what about the communities we live in? How are we giving back to the places where we take up space?

So we formed a committee!

The Volunteer Squad currently consists of Karen Shea, Melissa Paraf, Nicole Hovey, and Cait Hakala. While we recognize the importance of giving back to the Chicago community, we want to hear from you about how we should best support this mission in general but especially given COVID-19. Here’s a link to a quick 6-question survey where you can share your thoughts.

In the meantime, we have planned two events for you to get involved with: the first is a November Project Ducky Derby team to support Special Olympics athletes. You can read more about the Ducky Derby here and purchase NPChi ducks here. More information can be found on the Facebook event as well.

For the second effort, in honor of our beloved Sarah Beck moving across the ocean, November Project Chicago will be sponsoring a donation drive for the Lakeview Pantry–an organization extremely close to Sarah’s heart and the recipient of countless NP egg boxes. More information including drop off locations and times and high-demand items can be found on the Facebook event.

Giving your time in the service of others is the purest form of recognizing another person, of seeing them, and of doing them honor. We are looking forward to serving with you, and hearing how you want to get involved in our community!!

Written by the committee: Cait Hakala, Nicole Hovey, Karen Shea, and Melissa Paraf

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