Exciting Updates (CHI)

**UPDATED AUGUST 11, 2020**

The time has come. Starting this Friday August 7th we are going to host our first in-person official workout as one group. Same time as usual, 6am, at Seward Park!  We hope you’re excited to join us! Wednesday workouts will remain on Zoom, 6:18am. Let me say that again: Wednesday workouts are being held on Zoom at 6:18am, Friday workouts are being held in person at Seward Park at 6am. Got it? Great! read more

Next Steps (CHI)

Day 20684576091. We’re going to get through this! Meanwhile, you still have time to perfect that sourdough recipe.

Several of you have started to ask individually when and how our workouts will take place in the weeks and months ahead. Expect gradual changes, and we are going to adhere to local government and safety guidelines. We know the weather is getting warmer, and you may have noticed recently that our workouts are designed to be completed at home or outdoors, whichever you choose. In either case, social distancing is a requirement—you must respect the safety and space of those around you. read more

Six Candles (CHI) by Emily Thompson

On a cold, damp Wednesday morning six years and two months ago, six co-workers met on the north stairs of the Field Museum in Chicago. They ran up and down the Soldier Field entrance ramps, splashed through slushy puddles, and posed, straight-faced, for an Instagram post they tagged #weatherproof and #NP_pledge. read more

2020, Let's Go!!! (CHI)

By Nez & Kaitlyn

They say hindsight is 2020, but right now we’re looking forward to it. We hope you are too!

In getting to know you better, we hear countless times how joining November Project has inspired you to set goals beyond what you ever thought possible. Some of you have completed your first ever race thanks to some encouragement from an accountabilibuddy.  Some of you are currently training for a new distance. Most of you have achieved your 2019 goals. Others are still chipping away. At the end of the day, progress is progress. read more

Keep Showing Up, Please

Written by Sam Schafer:

Ten weeks ago, I went from a recently accomplished half iron(wo)man in debatably the best shape of my life to being confined to a boot. Turns out, I fractured my tibia with a prescription of no running for 8 weeks. At first, all I thought was “ten weeks of not going to November Project.” What I soon learned was this setback was the reason why I needed to show up. read more

Defining Community Through A Grassroots 100 Miler (CHI)

A redemption run that started as a solo, grassroots idea and quickly became a city-wide effort powered by friends old and new, and who are the epitome of what it means to #justshowup . This is Callie’s story.


It was about 2:30 am. I was shivering, curled up in someone’s tent, waiting for a friend to drive me and my tucked tail home from what was supposed to be a 100-mile finish at a 24-hour race around a 1-mile loop in Lisle, IL. Right from the start, I knew something was wrong. My body rejected all water and food (minus one mint and a sketchy fig newton) and I was stopping for the bathroom every mile on the dot. After 18 miles, that’s when I thought, “this isn’t safe anymore, something is seriously wrong.” read more

Another PR Day, Another Coleader, and British Royalty (CHI)

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

Another Friday, another no-longer-new PR day, another positivity award, and another new chapter.

Yet again, our re-located to Fridays PR Day has been full of all the sweat, all the fun, and the most gigantic stairs of all. The tribe left it all on the line, and despite the timecap getting truncated for announcements (we promise, it won’t happen again), inched their way towards a “full tour” of 15 laps. We’re most proud that, despite serious humidity, everyone drank water and no one fainted. Nice job, friends.

In case you missed announcements… NP CHI is officially bringing on a third co-leader! Dani Kruger is joining Chris and Stew to bring you loads of sweat, hugs, and fun as we continue to build and grow this weird and wonderful movement. We couldn’t be more excited, but at least as exciting (maybe more) is that we finally got to recognize our very own British Royalty. More to come on the new Trifecta of Leadership, but for now, we give you our positivity award winner… Sarah Beck:

What a way to start the day. Firstly with all of you and secondly, well, I still can’t quite believe it but I received the Oar of Positivity and I am in awe (no pun intended) of this and all that it represents.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, outdoor and nature

Amongst those who know me well (and perhaps not so well) it’s an accepted thing that when I love or feel passionately about something I bang on, and on and on about it. Ad infinitum. I’m bursting with my latest discovery and want to share it with literally everyone. That is exactly how I am with NP. I get my leg pulled a lot: ‘Hey, Sarah, remind me again, what’s that running thing you do, the one you barely mention?’; ‘What’s that, you can’t stay out late Thursday night because you have to be up at 5am to do that thing you hardly discuss ever.’ ‘You exercised in the snow?! Are you mad? Oh, right, NP. Say no more.’ #mytinyhandsarefrozen (La Bohème)

I joined NP nearly two years ago not long after moving to Chicago. On a run along the Lake one Wednesday morning I got a random high-five from an NP’er. It was brilliant. I couldn’t stop smiling. He made my day. As I ran back through the group I spotted the tagged t-shirts and went home to Google who these people were. A company fitness group or maybe a local gym? The next week I stepped right out of my comfort zone and into a world of hugs and ‘fu*k yeah’s’. I’m more used to a firm handshake and a ‘how do you do’. I was out of my comfort zone for quite a few months but I kept going back. I found others too had stepped out of their comfort zones. We all had stories to share. If needed we put on our brave face to #justshowup. Suddenly I was part of the cool gang – we do Glow Runs and everything! The best unkept secret group that hardly anyone seemed to have heard of … until I started sharing – ref above! I relished the kind smiles and energy, the friendliness, the warm welcomes and the never ending encouragement. Our leaders (old, current and recently inducted) are inspiring. They ROCK. They are NUTTY AS FRUITCAKE (that’s a good thing). They are inventive AND they remember everyone’s name. How do they do that? I apologise if I’ve asked your name more than once or told you my name more than once when you had already remembered it. It doesn’t mean I’ve not noticed you, it just means I’m rubbish at remembering names. Also, I made a friend as a result of NP who doesn’t go to NP (gasp, I know, hard to believe). I met her as I walked home after a workout. She has an Australian cattle dog and we got chatting. #friendsmadebecauseofNP

I’ve always exercised representing my school in hockey and netball; taking part in athletic events throwing the discus, shot put and javelin (surprising everyone including me as underarm is my preferred way to throw) and joined in really, really enthusiastically when pop-mobility hit our town and much latterly Zumba. Oh how I loved Zumba. I banged on about that for ages. When I can’t exercise I feel out of sorts, grumpy and just flat. And so an early morning workout, one of which is literally at the top of my road, is a shot of joy. My friends not based in Chicago think I’m akin to Wonder Woman and on a never ending workout! I’m not either. I may be in a fair few photos on FB surrounded by many happy, smiley, fit people and I may like to repost those photos, but I am just one of the many and together we make (in my eyes) the whole. The best fitness family ever.

I thank you all for welcoming me and noticing me. It means a lot it really does. I thank you all for encouraging me and inviting me to take part in a variety of events; for running way below your capabilities to keep me company and for making my time (actually my husband and my time – happy wife, happy life) here in Chicago, well, just perfectly lovely. I return your positivity with my smiles. I have good teeth apparently. My granddad said I would have made a fine horse! I think that was a compliment. He didn’t like me colouring my hair pink so I stopped that but I keep on smiling.


Like Any Birth (IND)

This morning, on NP’s sixth birthday and following WS game 6, we recreated November Project’s birth. Like any birth, it was wet, nasty, and sloppy, heart-warming, beautiful, and unifying. Aside from our hearts, there was nothing warm about it; Shaw’s lips were so frozen that he couldn’t even complete a sentence. Unlike most births, this reenactment featured pumpkins, costumes, and dignitaries (looking at you, Judge Rob, played here by Stew W., and Barrack Obama(?))

Great work showing what being #weatherproof is all about. For those of you that had no intention of being weatherproof this morning and were caught off-guard by Indiana’s three seasons in three hours BS, here’s a handy guide to layering brought to us by our friends up in NP Edmonton; that will hopefully encourage you that, when properly outfitted, suffering through a little nasty weather is well worth the full, energetic day (and badass mentality) that follows…once you’ve warmed back up anyway.


It went a little something like this: pumpkin push-ups, medicine ball style; lunges with pumpkin shoulder presses; pumpkin tricep dips; pass-the-pumpkin-between-partners sit-ups. Get rinsed by the ever-changing precipitation and repeat. Those that dressed up and brought pumpkins, great job! Those that dressed down and didn’t bring pumpkins or smashed them while doing the pu[nt]pkin pass […and kick contest], not as great a job; still, you #justshowup’ed and proved a little (lot of) wind, rain, sleet, snow, and freezing weather won’t stop you!


  • For this Friday’s workout, we will be graced with the presence of local leader and yoga extraordinaire Jillian McAfee of Invoke Yoga! Jillian is donating her time and skills to us, so show up and give her the respect and thanks she deserves; thanks, Jillian!!! ps: It’ll be warmer and much drier than today; still, dress warm (layers!). pss: Maybe there will be a lulu prize or two.
  • Big thanks to Tom Hale (Dracula) for weathering the weather and taking pictures this morning!
  • Aside from yoga this Friday, our BIG NOVEMBER will see us working out in Banker’s Life Fieldhouse ON THE COURT next Friday the 10th, Victory Field on Friday the 17th, and (hopefully) a Lucas Oil Stadium Peyton Manning Plaza (not quite inside the place, but hey) workout the last Friday of this month. We’ve also been invited to hold a November Project Open Mic Night at Kurt and Julia’s Square Cat Vinyl shop/coffee house/drankin’ bar where we’ll invite NP’ers to share their vocal, instrumental, dance, etc talents on a stage reserved just for us!!! This is happening Thursday Nov 16th, and we are PUMPED! We know of some singers and instrumentalists, but give us a heads up if you or any friend are interested in taking the stage. Please, please, please get the word out about all these November happenings so we can make this month as great as it’s set up to be!
  • For those that can’t or are choosing not to make this Friday’s workout, consider this alternative, the Cooper’s Fun Run meeting at Monument Circle. Look for some of our Back On My Feet friends to be in attendance!
    • Our very own Andrew Peterson is making HUGE waves in this marathon. Andrew is attempting (and undoubtedly succeeding) in not only qualifying for the Boston Marathon, but qualifying as only the second ever Special Olympian EVER to do so. Let, me type that again. Second EVER. Wow. Hence the news camera this morning and the baller story that’s hitting the newsstands this week. Let’s go Andrew!!! And MAJOR THANKS to Andrew’s volunteer pacer, Justin Dyszelski of NP Madison!!!!!
    • Others coming in from other tribes like Chicago, please join us for the pre-race and post race festivities listed here.
    • Sun King Brewery is hosting us @3p for a post-race chill out, …post-race (11/04); Please join + invite all!
    • Finally, Marathon morning logistics:
      • ALL: Race starts with an opening ceremony at 7:30am at the corner of Washington and Capitol streets. All runners take off in waves starting at 8am. Good luck! We’ll get you hyped up with a BOUNCE @7:20 sharp on the south steps of the Statehouse (same place we bounced for the Mini): In this map link, btwn “George Washington Statue” and “Indiana House of Representatives.”
      • CHEERERS: We’ll go from the bounce up to our spot at the Broadway United Methodist Church, which is (fortunately for us) right where the full and half split). I’ll bring coffee, Anne and the lulu cru-lu are bringing donuts.
      • Race routes: half and full.
      • read more