Exciting Updates (CHI)

**UPDATED AUGUST 11, 2020**

The time has come. Starting this Friday August 7th we are going to host our first in-person official workout as one group. Same time as usual, 6am, at Seward Park!  We hope you’re excited to join us! Wednesday workouts will remain on Zoom, 6:18am. Let me say that again: Wednesday workouts are being held on Zoom at 6:18am, Friday workouts are being held in person at Seward Park at 6am. Got it? Great!

Why now? We’re ready. We believe that now is a good time to try. We hosted a pop-up in early July to help Kaitlyn and I brainstorm and plan what social distant workouts would look like. It is different than what we’re used to. We’re committed to doing everything we can to keep social distant workouts fun and maintaining that NP energy and social interaction you’ve come to expect.  Also, Zoom workouts outdoors won’t work in the colder months when all it takes is 30 seconds for your phone to fall asleep/ freeze, so let’s start getting in the habit now. If you’ve been to the grocery store recently, you’ll notice that pumpkin spice season is already upon us… well, f*ck!  

Several of you have asked if the Friday workout will be broadcasted on Zoom? The answer is no.  But why? To be honest, designing and delivering an in-person workout is a lot different than a Zoom workout.  We also want to bring back the community feel of us being together as one.

At the same time, we recognize that working out in a space with more than a dozen other people might be outside of your comfort zone, and that is perfectly okay. If you wish to continue to workout on Zoom Friday mornings, consider doing so by joining a different NP City that is offering online workouts early in the day (link to: https://november-project.com/np_continues/ ).

We also know that Covid-19 cases have recently been on the rise. While we cannot predict what will unfold in the coming weeks, we do hope to keep Friday morning in person workouts a regular thing, for the foreseeable future. If we need to scale it back to Zoom, then we will. For now though, full steam ahead.

A few reminders for in person November Project workouts (full details see blog: https://november-project.com/when-were-all-together-again/ )

  • Avoid personal contact and maintain social distancing
  • Regarding face masks: For those choosing to wear masks or a face covering while working out, please do so at the level that is comfortable for you though recognize that the mask can increase the workload and cause unnecessary strain on your body. If you are feeling light-headed, dizzy, or short of breath, please find a safe place to take a seated rest, slow your breathing, and hydrate. As always, locate Kaitlyn or I and call your local emergency number if you are in need of medical attention
  • Sign the waiver if you haven’t. Thanks. 

A couple other announcements:

NO SLEEP 2020 – Did the title scare some people away? We fully expect you to sleep at some point, unless you’re someone like me who prefers running between 1-4 am. Even still, naps are the best. Anyways, we want to see some HYPE for this!! Great opportunity to create a team of twelve, whether these are friends from within NP, NP from another city, or someone who has never been to a workout to take part in this 48 hour relay the weekend of August 21st – 23rd. Some folks are talking about camping and making this their trail “Ragnar” race of 2020.  Whatever you do, have fun with it. If you have the means, consider making a donation in lieu of a registration fee to a local cause of your choice, but this is not required. Any questions, please email us at novemberprojectchi@gmail.com 

Your Feedback – Over the past couple of months many of you participated in discussions on how November Project can be more inclusive and more equitable. We’ve received your feedback and are discussing not only amongst ourselves, but as part of a broader NP discussion. In short, your feedback matters and we’re working on it. 

Virtual Summit! We don’t know much about it, other than the dates are scheduled for Friday October 30th – Sunday November 1st

Lastly, I want to personally thank you for continuing to show up, not just for yourselves but for everyone in this community. This sh*t is hard.  Staying motivated is hard. Staying engaged and active is hard. Waking up at 5:30am is hard when you either don’t have to commute to work anymore or you’re unemployed. Yet, you continue to do so, all the while educating and acting to help November Project be a more welcome space for all. It’s inspiring. Keep on being the leaders that you all are! 

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