November Project Experience

This document outlines what people can expect when getting involved with the November Project (NP) community.


Each member of the NP community must uphold NP’s Community Agreements.


  • To learn more about the time, location, COVID-19 restrictions, or any other details of a specific NP city, please visit their page or social media channels.
  • Before attending NP workout, each attendee is obligated to sign a waiver.
  • Embracing fellow NP members is a big part of our culture so expect to engage in greetings through physical contact (hug, high-five, etc) or non-contact options (air-five, a friendly wave, etc). To prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, during the in-person workouts, this part of NP folklore is canceled until further notice.
  • “The Bounce” is a call-and-response piece of NP that creates a sense of pre-workout togetherness. We understand that not everyone is comfortable participating in the bounce so some locations choose not to do it while others give options to opt-out of the bounce.
  • Before starting the workout, the Co-leaders will explain the flow, exercises, and expectations for each participant.


  • Workouts are designed to take into account the physical location where they’re taking place, various fitness levels and abilities of participants, and weather conditions.
  • Exercises may include but are not limited to running, stair climbing, jumping, bodyweight exercises, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuits, just to name a few.
  • Each member should feel comfortable seeking clarification about the exercise that may seem unclear or confusing.
  • To prevent injury, members are expected to participate in the workout to the best of their ability. If you are unsure if you should engage in certain exercises, please consult your physician.
  • Purposeful distractions from a prescribed workout can create confusion and cause injury and as such will not be tolerated. If you’re not able to participate in the workout but still want to be involved, please reach out to the Co-leaders to come up with an equitable solution.
  • Some cities may have Co-leaders or photographers taking photos during the workouts. These photos are used for the website or social media promotion of NP. If you do not wish your photo to be taken, please reach out to the Co-leaders/photographer.


  • Co-leaders may be providing a few short post-workout announcements on various topics such as the positivity award, upcoming local races/events, volunteering opportunities, or global NP events, to name a few. This time is limited and always used with the intention to further the mission of NP. Please do not approach the Co-leaders with requests to promote your business or agenda.
  • Any additional announcements can be relayed via post-workout social media channels or the blog post recaps.
  • In some cities, the members may come together for a post-workout breakfast or coffee at a local business. Please inquire with your Co-leaders if such plans exist.
  • Each workout is concluded with a group photo if weather and lighting conditions allow. If you do not wish to participate please reach out to the Co-leaders/photographer.


In our process of building communities through free workouts, we’re always seeking feedback from our members. The way you can share feedback may include social media channels, emails, surveys, town halls, and anonymous feedback.