A skate anyone?

Sooo, I understand that most of you went skating this morning…

Safety third as always right?

Way to stay upright! And a huge shout out to Rob. We had a plan for this morning and well, he pivoted quickly to avoid having you all run up a slippery hill! #burpees

While you were/are dealing with ice, over here in Toronto, we’re dealing with a good ol’ snow storm. Good thing I’m #weatherproof!!! Is it weird that I first thought about making snow angels when I saw all this fluffy snow this am… with whipping wind and snow? I think that was perfectly normal. read more

A little RPC anyone?

Who doesn’t love a great RPC battle at 6am? I can’t think of anyone.

What a start to not -30C temps this month huh? Nice work out there today!

I’m sad I wasn’t there…. buuuut, I was doing something else epic in the wee hours of this morning.

I (thankfully) changed a ticket I had to fly home, to Toronto, one week earlier than planned. I did that to make sure I could be home – here – for the arrival of a new baby! read more

Hitting a high today (or low… )

I was a little nervous for us all when I saw “feels like -40” on my weather app this morning.

And honestly, I thought it would be Rob and I staring at each other through frosty lashes. But, like every other MWF, you #justshowedup. It’s been a long stretch of these extreme temperatures and each MWF, Rob and I do the “do you think they’ll show up?” chatter. read more

2022 (YEG)

No matter what, there is always good to remember and good to look forward to. As this blog goes out just before the start of a new year I don’t need to fill this space with over the top tidings, but I do want to say that this community is the good that I remember over the past many years and the good that I look forward to for many years to come. Waking up to the 5am alarm clock three times a week in any weather is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the individuals that choose to do so bring out the best in me and I know that I am not alone in that sentiment. read more

I will laugh in your face

…. I say to this cold.

I mean, when it’s this fresh outside, there’s not much we can say or do accept laugh in the face of this cold, say it’s f*cking cold and I don’t care, and keep doing what we do!

We’ve been here many times before, are here now, and will most definitely be here many times again in the future…. the center of a giant cold snap. read more

On the first day of Christmas…

Back by popular demand, the 12 Days of Christmas NP workout!!

Just kidding. Nobody demanded this. Maybe some silently hoped that we would bring it back to make us all feel like things are normal and fine (insert whatever feelings you have right now)? Maybe? Whatever the reason, it was so fun to host something super familiar + near and dear to NPers. read more

My co-leader: A real partner

In case you didn’t notice it this AM, it’s effing cold outside.

I’ve shared this before, I have a lot of trouble with my hands and feet in the cold; I live with rheumatoid arthritis and raynauld’s disease.

Thank goodness for my battery gloves (I know that’s how you’ve spotted me in the winter over the years… and my pink jacket!) which have been a lifesavers to get my hands through these epically cold mornings we’ve been having. read more

Fun + cold= A solid morning

Last night, I sent Rob a text… a bit of a hype for what would unfold this morning at the temperatures we experienced.

It would likely be my first -30 morning co-leading our incredible crew (yeah, we didn’t have a single -30 day last winter… nuts right?) and I was a bit nervous about the cold + my hands/feet, about whether or not people would show up, and about putting people at risk in these extreme temps! read more

New Bridge (YEG)

Come on, how pretty is the new Tawatina bridge! The added challenge, to the bridge war workout, of telling your partner one piece of art you saw along the bridge really made my morning. Someone would say “did you see the strawberry heart?” “I saw a beaver,” “I saw what I would call an amoeba,” and they all made me laugh and hunt for what everyone else was seeing! I doubt I’ve ever kept my head looking up so much in run haha. Thank you to everyone for christening the new bridge with a NP workout. In addition, as you may have saw on social media, special thanks to Ryan Brosda and the folks at EllisDon for having NP come run across the bridge while they did some vibration testing. Definitely not a normal request but it was super fun. read more