In good times and in bad

Well that was fun today! A quick pivot to dodge the piles of “leftovers” from the big concert this past weekend made for a fun + kinda backwards morning.

Though the stairs never get easier – in either direction.

I’m not sure what made me think this…

I blurted out to those around me on the upper deck that in good times and in bad, we’re there for each other. The good and bad are likely different things to each of us. Like, sucking wind going up the stairs may be good or bad, depending on you. read more

Did you ask for it last night?

I did.

I’m not a praying kind of person but I did wish and ask Mother Nature to not rain on us this morning.

I can’t ever remember rain falling on a tagging day (I’m sure that happened) but the past few weeks have been wild with the amount of rain we’ve gotten in dry, sunny Edmonton. I mean, y’all wanted fresh #grassrootsgear for many upcoming events in and around the city. I’m glad we squeaked it in this AM. read more

The Sun (YEG)

The sun was definitely at the workout this morning and Lazina was definitely evoking the safety third mantra with that bounce and group photo 😛 haha. Wild how contrasting our first worked out at Tawatina Bridge was in comparison to today. From the dead of winter to sunny summer mornings it definitely makes me appreciate the warm weather while we have it. To help drive that point home the current sunrise data/predictions has the last workout with the sun visible being only 2 months away (Aug 24)! The last workout with actual light during the workout is only 3 months away (Sept 14)! Obviously it’s not all doom and gloom but it is a great reminder to cherish the summer we have and make sure to get out and experience while we can. The workout this morning while brightly illuminated did not detract from my muscles screaming at me. Star jumps into sprints, shaky planks while waiting for someone to tag me off haha it all was….amazing. Plus being able to have the time to connect with a new person each round really was the cherry on top of the morning. I hope you had fun too! Be sure to check the announcements and the end of this blog – there are some key things to know. read more

The atmosphere inside others

I spend all of my work life in the mentorship and leadership space. I am regularly exposed to this concept:

The way I choose to conduct myself creates an atmosphere inside others. They make this atmosphere mean something about themselves.

In simple language, my conduct has an impact on others.

I didn’t make this up. If you want to learn more about this, I’d check out Roy Group if I were you. I’m even linking an article that highlights this concept. read more


Holy shit batman.

Today was epic.

On this rainy and very windy morning, many of you showed up for 5:28am to test and show yourself your badassery.

It was awe inspiring.

It as humbling.

The old 96er + Gristle are the hardest of all NP challenges (globally BTW) and so very many of you showed up to take this on. In the rain and wind no less (have we had a nuttier weather morning for the old 96er?). read more

NPSUMMIT10 Travel Grant

A first stab at making NPSUMMIT more accessible. Looking for that sign to attend Summit? This is it.

You’ve seen the posts. You’ve heard about the hype. What IS November Project Summit?

Each year, NPers around the world gather for a short but intense weekend of racing, cheering, and connecting with one another. (Racing optional)

As fun as it is, as lively as it is, as FOMO-inducing as it is, we know that for some, it’s just not a feasible expense. So, this year we are trying something out. And if it goes well, we’d like to do it again next year. Maybe even bigger?

This year, we are fundraising an NPSUMMIT Travel Grant for up to 3 people from across the globe to attend NPSUMMIT 10 in Philadelphia, September 16-18, 2022 (up to a $1500 value). *We will be making travel and hotel arrangements for recipients.

Here are the deets:

  • Applications will be accepted through June 30
  • Review process will be in July, and grant recipients will be notified by end of July
  • Travel arrangements will be made for recipients shortly after being notified
  • read more

    It’s coming up!

    Nice work this morning y’all.

    There were a number of whispers this morning along the lines of “are you going to make an attempt?”

    Yes- it’s that time of year.

    Time for the Old 96er to re-emerge AND the Gristle.

    It’s going to be gritty. It’s going to be time for #beastmode. read more

    The Old 96er/The Gristle

    What is this? The hardest challenge in all of November Project.

    The Old 96er:

    59mins to complete the entire lower and upper deck of Commonwealth Stadium

    If you finish it all in 59mins you get a special 96er tag on your shirt and GLORY!!

    The Gristle:

    To challenge our community even further a second option is available. 59mins to complete two tours of the entire upper deck of Commonwealth Stadium. read more

    In two days….

    Well that rain held off for us this morning. I think it’s because we asked nicely.

    Well friends, it’s that time of the month (well, not THAT time of the month…. I’m allowed to make period jokes… on the internet).

    It’s time to bring a friend to NP. Perhaps it’s someone you’ve wanted to get out there for a while now. Wednesday is THE day! read more

    Just three hours down the road

    So? How was this morning?

    I missed an epic stair workout didn’t I? There looked to be a lot of sweat, hard work, and smiles. On Global Running Day no less!

    I too was at NP this morning…. in Calgary.

    Yes friends. I had the good fortune and honour of welcoming back Calgary into the global November Project famjam. Yesterday, our good friend/NP Canada legacy leader, Nadim, reminded me that not many people have had the honour of welcoming in a new NP city into the fold. He reminded me to soak it in. What a friend huh? read more