It’s dark but bright

I’m getting used to our new covid home for Wednesdays- the FUNicular stairs.

In case you don’t know, we chose this spot with you in mind.

We want to do stairs. We want to do them safely (with covid and all). We want you all to feel as comfy as possible (yeah again… the covid thing).

As the mornings are getting dark though, I’m seeing an added benefit that I didn’t realize before. read more

Cotton Candy Clouds + Updates (Yeg)

There is something about the morning light that I just can’t get over. It just hits different. The wild oranges, the pink clouds from the rising sun etc etc. I know I said it before but damn it’s just so good. We got treated this morning for sure. Great work to everyone for putting in the work and crushing this morning’s workout. read more

The future is lit

The sunrise 6k AND 2021 yearbook photos!

What. A. Morning.

I don’t know about you but I felt the joy, love, and sweat at 6am on this beautiful holiday Monday.

The future sure is lit. We love that you brought it in full force this morning. NP is what it is because of ALL of us- and I mean it. Like each and every one of us. Whether you’ve come once, 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times or more, we all make NP so incredible special. read more

Rain is my kryptonite

Since becoming a co-leader, it hasn’t been cold and rainy during an NP morning (yeah, I wasn’t there a couple weeks ago when y’all got rained on…. in Toronto that morning!).

I have been dreading this.

As I looked at the weather last night, I was a bit nervous.

Rain is my kryptonite of being #weatherproof. As a participant, I just stayed home those mornings. As a co-leader, I’d never do that. read more

Here for it

Stairs. They never get easy. No matter how many times we’ve done them, they just don’t get easier. From what I can tell (and heard from Rob), today was no different.

Yeah, they feel never ending (but really, it’s a solid 30 mins is all)…. especially those last few at the top. But, it’s totally worth it when you walk away from the crew and start going about your day. You got er done. You accomplished something epic while most people were still sleeping. read more

Single Digits (YEG)

#Weatherproof may be a thing but I don’t know if I am ready for the single digits yet. We saw the thermostat read 8 degrees at 6am this morning. I put on layers today! I know I’ll be kicking myself when it dips into the negatives but for now it’s still a shock. Speaking of layering it reminds me of this awesome gem of a video from the OGs: read more

The good in people

This morning, our NP crew gathered to acknowledge and enjoy the new Anne Frank statue that was recently installed by the Dutch Canadian Centre of Edmonton- at Light Horse Park in Old Strathcona.

Besides honouring the sacrifice that so many Canadians made in Netherlands’ liberation, this statue also being held up as a sign of the good in people. read more

Sunrise (YEG)

Did anyone else catch that sunrise this morning? Of course you did you were there when I saw it too lol. Did you notice that it only lasted until just after the workout? 10mins tops and then poof, no scarlet reds or crimson oranges. The majority of the city probably didn’t get to see that sunrise and they definitely didn’t get to experience it while going up and down stairs. I am not going to say that you are better for it, there will be a sunrise tomorrow morning, but what I will say is that you made a choice that led you to experiencing something beautiful. read more

We came together

It’s taken me a bit to process and feel everything that unfolded on Friday morning’s celebration for one of our own, Dick Au.

It felt very weighty. An important morning.

You were there. And if you weren’t able to make it, you WERE there with us, in heart and spirit.

Rob and I felt pretty honoured to collaborate with the Au Family to honour, acknowledge, and celebrate our friend and yours, Dick. read more

Celebrating Dick Au

It’s time. Time to honour and remember our friend and NP community member, Dick Au. Here’s a piece written by his daughter, Raeann Au.

Despite not being a morning person, my dad, Dick Au, would regularly wake up at 5am, picking up family and friends, to participate in November Project workouts. He started in April 2015 and was a fairly regular participant until in-person workouts were stopped due to COVID-19. Sadly, as a result of his death on June 19, 2021, his last NP workout was in March 2020. read more