Getting ready for February

Sooo…. it’s about THIS cold today.

We’re in the deep freeze and well, we probably will be in and out of this for a while yet… it IS winter…in #yeg.

So, why not throw ourselves into another challenge to keep us connected, moving, and sunny?!? AmIright?

January’s challenge was all about our legs (who’s feeling more muscle in their legs these days?). read more

We’re in the thick of it

Hey Friends,

Hope you’re doing well this week.

It’s dark. It’s cold…. but not that cold. We’re in the thick of winter now.

We’re also in the thick of the January #legchallenge!

There’s been a lot of reps accumulated over the past 2.5 weeks and still a week and a half to go. It’s very much anyone’s game here. read more

Buffs and Tallies (YEG)

We are mid way through the month already!!! Time flies when you are putting your muscles to the test right?….right?

Thank you to everyone who tuned into Lazina and I’s hosting of an IG live session on the NP global page this morning. We’ve been getting messages from across the globe about how sore people’s legs are and they’ve only done one day of the challenge! You have all been doing an amazing job this month. Don’t let up on the gas just yet though. Remember: always have proper form (quality over quantity) and reps are not the only thing in this challenge. As everyone’s total tallies start to get high remember that you are improving and challenging yourself while keeping your teammates accountable. There is a magic in working through something together. Stay safe, stay humble, and try your best!! read more

How are your legs doing?


Soooo? How are we doing? AKA how are your LEEEGGGS y’all?

I’ll keep this one short and sweet friends. I bet you’re curious as to how we’re all doing on this challenge. Here’s where we’re at (not including final tallies for today… you still have until 11:59pm): read more

January Challenge

**It’s not too late to sign up – we’ll make up a new team or add you to an existing team even if you are reading this mid way through January**

This month is a Team Leg Challenge with prizes for total volume and for “impressing” the judges (funny team names, community engagement, random outfits etc. – interpret this however you’d like). read more

Challenge upon challenge

Hey Friends,

We’re just about to wrap up the December challenge and hot on the heels of that, we’re diving into NPCan’s January challenge! Let’s get going.

If you like videos, watch this.

If you like reading, read below.

Wrapping up the December challenge

Well first, the December challenge is almost over buuuut, you’ve got a few hours left (aka the rest of today) to get the workout done and let Rob or I know you completed it! You got this. read more

Sign-up Today! (YEG)

We’re doing a #TogetherButApart team challenge for the month of January. If you want to be part of the team challenge, sign up here. We’ll randomly pair you with other NP peeps and you will separately work together throughout the month! If you are looking to stay active into the new year why not work as team to do it! Full details for how the month of Jan will work will be in next weeks blog. read more

Fun stuff is happening: there’s still joy in 2020!

Hey NP!

Yes, the past week of provincial news has been tough. We’re a bit more restricted than we were just a week ago…. and with the holiday season upon us.

I for one plan on doubling down on #togetherbutapart… in all parts of my life. I’ve been feeling a bit more disconnected being at home all the time but that doesn’t mean I can’t chat with my family, see a few friends virtually, get outside for fresh air and a mental health check in, and see you! read more

The Challenge (YEG)

Day 4 of the December challenge is in the books! Great work to everyone who took the time to complete the workout and for embodying the #togetherbutapart motto (it’s been great seeing you using the hashtag). Your chances of winning one of the swag bags is looking good so be sure to tag our social media accounts or direct message us to get your entries counted. 9 more NP days are left for this month – can you get all 9 in? Not sure what I am talking about…details here. read more