Newbie Day – June 5 (YEG)

Just like the McRib, Newbie Day is BACK!

You may remember this initiative from the past. I’m not sure the last time we did it, or how many times it’s happened, but I know it’s been done. The idea is simple, and it involves your participation: on June 5 bring a friend (or 2, or 3, or 10)! read more

Tagging Day (YEG)

Howdy! This brief blog comes to you during the intermission of the Oilers’ game. I’ve got about 17 mins until the third period starts to write it and get it posted, so here we go!

Today, I’m going to focus on our announcements (see bottom of the blog). There’s lots of good stuff coming up this week! read more

Washing Machine (YEG)

I think most people would know what I mean if I told you to meet at the blue sculpture/water-feature on the Victoria Promenade. As long as I can remember, this artwork has existed at the top of Victoria Hill, on the east end of the Victoria Promenade. It’s a pretty significant landmark, but I’ve never known much about it. Turns out, there’s not a lot out there online about it either. I did a quick Google search, and didn’t find come up with much, except that it’s called “The Oliver Convergence” by Tony Bloom. read more

So fun (YEG)

Friends! What a morning! It’s so good to be back at Commonwealth. Be sure to stretch those legs before bed and throughout tomorrow – oh and lots of water! Even after all these years the first day back is always a hard one.

Tell your friends, bring out the crew, and let’s enjoy all that summer has to offer! See you Friday at Walterdale hill read more

Can You Feel The Energy? (YEG)

Howdy! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so here’s a little update about me. It’s been a busy time – I started a new job as an articling student at a law firm last week. I have four months of articling (articling is like a practicum to become a lawyer) and then I get “called to the bar” (i.e. become a lawyer). After the four months, I’ll be back to my regular job at Stantec. I’m excited about this fun new adventure for the summer! read more

Rain Mud and Snow (YEG)

Oh so this is why I had ZERO TRACTION on the stairs…

Here’s a reminder folks check your shoes, you might have zero tread left on your heels and nearly slide down an entire muddy hill in the rain haha

As we come out of winter I’m sure I’m not alone in having milked through the season on a single pair of shoes. I know I generally don’t use winter specific shoes, and just change out what socks I wear with last years summer pair, but now that spring is here I think it’s time to put the above pair to rest – RIP you took me through more than a few wicked cold days, thank you. read more

Keep Shining 🎨 (YEG)

Well, this was the last Monday in April, which means the inaugural Mural Month has come to a close. I don’t know about you, but I think Mural Month was really fun. We learned some things and visited some brand new locations, including a couple back alleys that I could never have imagined we’d ever host a workout. Today, we even had a special guest – the artist herself! (Thanks for coming out Ashley!) read more

Check-in (YEG)

Was today the last Royal Glenora race day of the year? Who knows! You’ll just have to wait and see. But don’t worry you’ll find out soon enough. I can say with certainty that we are as excited as you are for the months ahead.

As the summer picks up and the FOMO becomes real around all types of events and activities I highly encourage starting the practice of checking in. I know as my calendar starts filling up I can see the where the stress may come. Manageable stress sure but I want to try and do better with this. To not focus on the perception of my life but how I am actually living it. read more

The Most Awkward Workout Location Ever (YEG)

When Rob and I made our schedule of Monday workouts, way back last fall, we added in a few locations that NP has never been to before. We figured Mural Month would be a great way to explore new and interesting places in our city. One of these locations was the Joey Moss mural.

This mural isn’t new – it was created in 2008 as part of a “Giants of Edmonton” campaign by 630 CHED, where people could suggest Edmonton icons to be painted as murals. (Thanks Maria for sending me this link. Oddly enough, I used to listen to 630 CHED a lot growing up and I remember them doing this initiative so this link brought back an old memory.) However, despite Joey Moss being a huge icon in our city, there’s a pretty good reason we’ve never done a workout here before: it’s in the middle of a steel plant along a major arterial road. Not really the first place you’d think to hold a workout. When we arrived today, Rob and I agreed that this was the most awkward workout location ever. read more

Gratitude (YEG)

In lots of the blogs I’ve written I’ve talked about how this collective community of individually amazing humans are the bedrock of why NPCan is around “it wouldn’t be possible without all of you.” That certainly hasn’t changed but what’s a bit more rare are actual call outs. Highlighting some individual actions that made me smile. To be super duper clear – your presence is enough. Being present is what makes people’s day and it is what allows people to form connections. If I didn’t include your name below that is not because I don’t see the hard work you put in. I see you. The complements I’m giving today are purely an effort to just give more compliments read more