Soooo…. we planned today’s workout just a wee bit too close to today’s procession of two fallen Edmonton Police Service officers.

Not sure why we did that but we were certainly inventive in finding where to park. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My new role is busy… it’s the beginning which means there isn’t much chance to pop over to midday community gatherings to be part of today’s acknowledgement + showing gratitude. read more

That Feeling (YEG)

One way to think about love is in the giving of time and energy without a desire for a return. The intangible aspects of giving isn’t always something you can put a price on. You can put a price on a moving company to help a friend move (which is totally valid and highly recommended) but the interactions in helping with physically packing boxes is different all together. There are a lot more ways to define love and obviously it is not so simple as time+energy=love (let alone a romantic love). Of the things in my life that I care about, including the people I care about, a common thread is my willingness to give my time and energy to them. And right now choosing to do so is fun which makes me want to do it more. One of the things I love is NP. I find it fun to give my time and energy and for that and many more reasons the 5:17am alarm clock, the 5:25am alarm clock, and the 5:35am alarm clock three times a week are all worth it. read more

A traverbal down the road

Soooo…. how was it this AM? I missed ya.

I did, however, get an NP workout in this AM. I was just down the road. A #traverbal to Calgary!

Thank you NP Calgary for the warm welcome! What a workout. There was a warmup, lots of ice (“Springter” in Alberta right?), pushups galore, a burnout (I have a new song to add to our repetoire now), and always… a bounce! read more

Make it fun (YEG)

This is a quick blog because both Lazina and I had prior engagements sorry about this. What I wanted to touch on quickly was importance of having fun. I could probably write a few thousand words on the topic but the burn-out today reminded me of this feeling. One where you provide a space for people to interact beyond just the exercises and a spark can happen. This is a quality of NP that makes this community so special to me especially because it’s not something you can force. It’s a combination of personalities, timing, competitiveness etc. all working together. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to try and get that spark going but if you have any ideas to up the fun we want to hear them. We might not be able to do it but your support would be greatly appreciated. Got a new song for a burnout? A new location to take advantage of? A local business that wants to get involved? Opportunities to get word out about NP (Tv/radio, newspaper, newsletters etc.)? Anything and everything is welcome. This is year 10 of NPCan and I would love to make it as special as possible. read more

Saturday Edition- An acknowledgement

An abnormally busy day kept me from this yesterday… good thing today is a day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I want to first acknowledge the tragic and unnecessary death of two Edmonton Police Service members. It felt a bit heavy showing up on Friday morning. Rob and I wanted to somehow acknowledge this as I’m sure it was on some of your minds too. read more

Be like Cory

I think it’s time we say a big thank you to Cory for stepping up last week to guest co-lead with me. It’s not easy to take on this role…. obviously I felt this way as I stepped into this role from our amazing legacy co-leaders. But for a week?!

It takes a special person to say “fuck yeah, I’ll give that a try.” read more

Thanks Cory (YEG)

In taking a week away to ski Cory stepped up and supported Lazina while I was away. Huge thank you and props to him! Seeing him and his son getting involved in this community makes me so so happy. And Cory wrote a few words for you below ๐Ÿ˜Š

Also thank you for participating in todays NP Juno awards! It was hilarious to see what your preferences were. We should really make a list of all these haha.

Keep being awesome, read more


What a morning!

It was cold as could be. I’m not sure why but my butt was freezing the whole time… TMI Lazina. Not for these friends it isn’t.

Look at this epic group of women. Full of burning legs, snotcicles, frosty hair/lashes, giant smiles and gritty spirits!

We aren’t complete without the amazing women in our NP Canada crew. We also aren’t complete without our amazing men too…. you know me, I want to have everyone around. ๐Ÿ˜‰ read more

Safety third

I showed up on platform at the Stadium LRT Station and saw a few people bundled up waiting for the next train to arrive. Commuters.

It was pretty cold and dark.

I had Andrew’s awesome speaker (thanks for letting us borrow it!) and a handful of cards. In 15 mins, Monday’s workout would begin. read more

Goal Setting (YEG)

First things first you don’t need goals. Some people like them but you don’t need them. Secondly Rob needs goals. If the time in the pandemic taught me anything it was that I needed something to work towards when it comes to fitness otherwise it just doesn’t work for me. Sometimes we have goals that are dependent on factors we cannot control (anyone still hunting for cold enough weather to get that -30 badge?) but overall a goal can be easier to obtain with support. I think NP can help with your goal. read more