Canada Day (YEG)

The weather knew that on Canada Day November Project Canada gets wet at the legislature pool. While that wasn’t possible this year the weather helped out by letting us still get soaked from the rain. Thank you to everyone who decided to brave the conditions and explore your city with a Canadian themed version of #SeenOnMyRun. These scavenger hunt events have been so fun! I love seeing people’s creative ways of finding the items on the list. I did not think that goose poop would have been a hard one to find hahaha. read more

Much to look forward to (YEG)

While this isn’t a “We’re Back!” announcement, it is a post to share with you some upcoming events that we’re really excited about. I know it likely doesn’t need to be said but I am going to say it anyway…you are all missed. I miss the connection, I miss seeing your smiles, I miss the hugs, I miss your good mornings…I miss you! read more

Checking-in (YEG)

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile – lots has happened since we last talked. I am doing well…my basil plants are growing tall, thanks for asking…you’re right I do have some grey in my beard…I hope that [insert personal anecdote here] for you is going well still.

Haha ok but really I do hope that you and your families are doing well. While the real or virtual interactions may be brief, making even the smallest connection has truly brought a lot of joy to my day(s). read more

Be the Village (YEG)

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” – Anonymous

In the past few weeks I have engaged in a number of conversations with people across the world about racism. I’m going to delve into this a bit more, but this blog isn’t just about people of colour. It’s about every marginalized population. It’s about the black community. It’s about the LGBTQ2+ community. It’s about the Indigenous community. It’s about those who don’t feel seen and heard. I’m just going to share how this has played out to me. I’m not black and I don’t know what it’s like to walk in a black person’s shoes. I know anti-black racism is far worse than anything I’ve encountered in my life. I’m not trying to minimize their experiences or distract from the issue that’s facing us right now. But I can take my experiences and find ways of how I (and hopefully some of you) can show up for marginalized communities using the platform that I have and that we all share – November Project. read more

When We’re All Together Again

Hi November Project, it’s been a while since we’ve all been together. As the world is figuring out how to come back from the pandemic and more places are going back to in-person workouts we’d like to share some things that every NP member will have to follow in order to maintain health and safety of our communities. There will be things that are very specific to your location and your co-leaders will be sharing those when the time comes, but these are directions that will apply to all November Project cities:

Personal Contact
I’m sure that many of you are longing for the days where you’ll be able to embrace your friends with a tight hug, high-five, or a fist bump. Unfortunately, there are still many uncertainties that are surrounding COVID-19 so until further notice, please make sure to refrain from engaging in physical contact with your fellow members before, during, and after the workout. Consequently, all workouts will be designed to follow this directive (no partner exercises, close encounters, etc.)

The Bounce
This is another NP staple that will have to take a back seat for a foreseeable future as having people in a tight space chanting and engaging in call-and-response is something that we don’t deem safe under the circumstances. We know that for some of you, the bounce is a great way to get into the mindset of the workout and we’re encouraging Co-leaders to come up with different creative ways to engage in introductions that will get you fired up to get going.

Wearing Masks
For those choosing to wear masks or a face covering while working out, we encourage you to participate at the level that is comfortable for you but please be aware that the mask can increase the workload and cause unnecessary strain on your body. If you are feeling light-headed, dizzy, or short of breath, please find a safe place to take a seated rest, slow your breathing, and hydrate. As always, locate a Co-leader and call your local emergency number if you are in need of medical attention.

Before starting the workout, all members (new and old) will have to sign an online waiver that can be found by visiting this link or in the website top navigation as well as the footer, in the link named “Waiver”. Participation in November Project workout will not be allowed without a signed waiver.

Have Fun!
We understand that some of these things may not feel like the days of “old” November Project, but the beauty of this community is its willingness to adapt to the circumstances and make the best out of the situation in service of the greater good. We appreciate your help in making the re-opening of NP as seamless as possible.

Adapting (YEG)


It was so great to see so many of you last weekend at the button pickup. It was a good reminder of the energy that comes from being in the presence of others. For those that showed up thank you for showing up. I know I speak for Jen and Rob when I say that we truly appreciated seeing all of you. And we really can’t wait until we are able to do that more often. read more

#SeenOnMyRun (YEG)

Today’s blog post is courtesy of Maria. Each of us who have had the privilege to share space with Maria knows that she emanates joy. Her positive energy, kind heart, and grateful spirit are gifts she shares with our November Project community. During our video meet after Monday’s “Seen On My Run” NP Scavenger Hunt, Maria shared some of her learnings from the morning. What she shared resonated with me and I hope that her takeaways speak to you as well. Thank you, Maria, for gifting us with your reflections. read more

Laughs and things to do (YEG)

Testing, testing, 123…is this thing still on? Hello NP Can community I present to you a collection of bad jokes:

  • Why can’t fish sing on key? Because you can’t tuna fish
  • Whats made of leather and sounds like a sneeze? A shoe
  • You can’t plant flowers if you haven’t botany
  • I once tried to row across the Atlantic single handed…but I just kept going round in circles
  • Whats the longest word in the English language? Smiles. There is a mile between the first and last letter
  • If you are cold go stand in the corner. Its 90 degrees there
  • I’ve lost 20% of my sight…..sigh
  • Rob why don’t you stop telling terrible jokes and read a book instead…..that’s a novel idea
  • Its wrong to make a dad joke when you are not a dad. It’s a faux pa

Thank you thank you you can stop clapping and laughing at your screen I know I should quit my day job and go pro but this isn’t the time to discuss that haha.

I hope at least one of these made you laugh even just a little bit and I hope you are doing alright in your neck of the woods. Seeing your faces virtually and connecting with you has made a world of difference in my mental health and I looking forward to continuing to do so. I do not have much more to say other than that. Perhaps words of inspiration will come to me in the next few weeks but for now I just hope this helped bring a smile to your face and that you are doing well. read more

#SeenOnMyRun (YEG)

We miss all of you so much and wanted to do a special workout together on the holiday. We’ll all find a way to connect virtually, and do the same workout, at the same time, in separate locations.

Date: Monday May 18th
Time: 7:00am -8:10am
Location: Anywhere outdoors

7:00am – On our Instagram Story, we’ll post a list of 10 things you’ll need to find on your run/ride/walk. Your starting point is wherever you are.   read more

New Routines (YEG)

Y’all Good?

The last time I wrote about this I couldn’t say that I was feeling all that good. And while I still miss many things and have hard days, I can more confidently say, F-Ya! to that question.

I thought I would share some of the steps I have been taken that have helped me transition from mourning the loss of “normal” to creating a new normal. Just as I used to wake up excited for November Project and my non-NP day strength classes or look forward to connecting with my school and run communities, I have now found myself looking forward to my new routines. read more