2019 At A Glance

As we’re approaching the last minutes of 2019, it’s worth looking back at all the amazing things that we experienced at NP during the past 365 days. To capture EVERY moment would be impossible as this post would never end, so if there’s a story or an experience you’d like to share, please add it in the comments. We’d like to thank all NP members for another year filled with positivity, support, and fitness. This community is stronger with you as a part of it so please keep inspiring with your actions and kindness. And to our leaders, thank you for your selflessness, energy, and dedication. You are the bloodline of November Project and we’re eternally grateful for your devotion to this movement. read more

PASSING OF THE TORCH: By Jimmy Webb Jr. and Manuel Gonzales


by Manuel Gonzales and Jimmy Webb Jr.


Great things come and go, but legacies last eternity. Dallas in its own unique way is an amazing place with people from all over the world. I’m not going to lie when I moved here on the 29th Day of April 2014 I was sad. I was sad to leave Boston. I was sad leaving everything I had to a city I knew nothing about (Dallas). Like any other place I’ve lived in, I fully emerged myself in the New England culture. I ate lobster rolls, steak tips, Fenway brats, and even bought Patriot’s, Redsox, Bruins, and Celtics gear (Big Deal for this sports fan). Moving to Dallas was a big step for me and I didn’t even know it. I tried my luck at finding a community all over town and it didn’t happen. I had a realization that what I was looking for didn’t exist in Dallas. When I started WERUNBIG there was only a handful of people in my Dallas contact list and with that, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. On week two of WERUNBIGD I met a dude, this dude’s name was Jimmy Webb Jr, this is his story…



This was one of those “moments.” You know, the good stuff. The stuff you remember. First time driving a car, first kiss, first class in college (or maybe you don’t remember that one… lol)This was the first time I think my boy Manny really realized he was handing over his baby to someone else. No, not the lady killer everyone knows as “Jett.” I’m talking about November Project: Dallas Chapter. You see, I met Manny the 2nd time he ever did a WeRunBigD workout – what would eventually become the NPDAL we know and love today. I saw a pic of week 1 on The Gram so I messaged him and said “what’s this?” In what I soon realized to be typical Manny fashion, he replied “#JustShowUp” Initial reaction… “who the fuck is this guy?” Second reaction… typing “ok I’m there.” To which I was immediately schooled on what a “verbal” was. So I meet Manny, shirtless Manny, and about 30 others on Ford Stadium at SMU with a couple friendgirls I brought who were marveling at the massive wings tattooed on his back. I must say it’s pretty impressive. I proceed to beast the stairs with some time to kill and get to know Manny while everyone finished up. This marked the beginning of one of the coolest friendships I’ve ever had. I mean this guy had people carry me 100 yards on my birthday 3 months in to knowing me… I’ll NEVER forget that. I’ve sweat with Manny countless times, I’ve crushed too many stairs to count with Manny, I’ve even bled my own blood in front of Manny… that’s a crazy story and got the scar to prove it!


WeRunBigD (pre-NP title) fluctuates in numbers over the next 3 years and somewhere in the middle, this rambunctious little speedster named Tywon comes out! Tywon… has spunk. The smiles are never ending, the encouragement is constant, and the Tywon-Selfie thrives!

The Tywon Selfie


We grow, we fall, we grow some more, we fall some more, on and on… and on. I remember a post workout picture where there was… well it was only Manny in the pic, with the caption “The Tribe is Strong.” Then… 30 people… then 50… then 74 when the goal was 75 lol… then 105 people!!! Then Brogan comes out to officially officialize us… aaaand I was in SF lol. Got a crazy story with Josh out in SF though… so that kind of makes up for it I guess? Not really though lol. read more

Exciting New Direction

Over the last six and a half years, the co-founders of November Project, Bojan & Brogan, have been expanding the movement while it continues to grow organically through passionate and dedicated volunteer leadership, weatherproof workouts, and supportive communities, all at the cost of zero dollars. But with expansion comes evolution and November Project is proud to announce the next chapter of the movement, as a nonprofit organization. This year, with the support of everyone in our community, the structure of November Project (NP) will be one that involves more than simply two co-founders.

The goal of NP as a free fitness movement will remain the same. At our future and existing
locations around the world, we will continue to work hard at cultivating a culture of inclusivity, and will never stop proving that fun, fierce, free, and efficient morning workouts have the power to positively change the places we live in. The new arm of the NP nonprofit is one which we are incredibly excited about. We aim to use the spirit of NP to host our first community outreach plan that aims specifically at youth. After all, the NP rulebook for accountability, human connection, intense fitness, and support for all fitness levels could make an even larger impact if we use these tools to train a younger generation, creating healthy habits from an early age.

Financial resources to support the efforts of the NP nonprofit, the ongoing movement, and to keep great humans in the NP family at an organizational level, will come from personal
donations, grants, in-kind donations, and strategic partnerships. One of those partners, The North Face, has been powering November Project movement for the last three years and will continue to support NP at a global level through access to outdoor training gear, storytelling via various media outlets, leadership gatherings, and the annual November Project Summit. NP will pursue other partnership that will broaden the opportunities to bring free fitness to more people, but The North Face will remain the exclusive apparel, footwear, and equipment partner, and just like the last three years in this partnership, will be the reason November Project is able to continue the growth. Details on how you can directly support (aside from just showing up) will be revealed in the weeks to come.

The November Project team and the Board of Directors are ecstatic to progress this movement into the nonprofit space and set even bigger goals to achieve in the years to come. Hold onto your hats, folks, it’s about to get even crazier!

FRIDAY PARKING & Transportation Info for Summit 5.0

Q: WHERE DO I PARK? A: OPEN this Google Map


If you find yourself asking these questions, let’s thank our local transportation guru Ari Ofsevit for compiling the following info.  Read as much or as little as you want (it gets really fucking detailed down at the bottom, and in the middle, and pretty much everywhere) but definitely read the part about parking for the Friday morning workout at Harvard.  And give yourself LOTS of extra time to get to the stadium.  

Welcome to Boston! Have you been to Boston? If yes, then you know what an easy city we have to navigate. If not, well, get ready.

So you need to get places, right? Right.

Let’s start with =&0=& on Friday morning. It’s pretty centrally located: Boston is small and compact, and at 6 a.m. there shouldn’t be much traffic getting there.   You have options: drive, bike, public transit, by foot.

Really…OPEN this Google Map

* DRIVING / Uber-Lyft-whatever: Put directions in your magic smart phone and it will tell you where to go. (If you’re driving an oversized camper van or something and see a sign that says “CARS ONLY” they are serious. We have a verb for what you will do to your vehicle.) EXPECT THAT THERE IS NO PARKING AT THE STADIUM, so it’s easier to use one of the free options nearby:

  • BEST PARKING OPTION: Soldiers Field Road has four lots, three small lots accessible from the westbound side only, and a huge lot accessible from both directions. Put in directions for “Christian Herter Park” to get there. It’s about a 10 minute (max) run from there to the Stadium. There’s a route shown from some of the smaller lots but note that this requires crossing Soldiers Field Road, which is a “parkway” with a “35 mph speed limit” where people regularly hit 60. So if you take that route, legal requires me to tell you to be careful crossing! #SafetyThird
  • Meters don’t come on until 8 a.m., but there are very few spots near the stadium. Your best bet is to park over in Harvard Square, where there is meter parking on most main streets. So as long as you get back to your car by 8:00, you should be fine parking there. It’s about a 10 minute walk to the stadium from Harvard Square.
  • There are garages in Harvard Square but those cost real money.
  • read more

    Changing Gears

    Hey Everyone!!!

    Kyle here and I figured I would update everyone on why I’m not going to be at summit this next weekend.

    Right now I’m in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. I am a week into my cross Canada cycling trip across the country and there wasn’t an opportunity to stop this without throwing off my whole course.

    I’m cycling from St. John’s all the way to Victoria and I am hoping to get as many tags as I can along the way. If there are any Canadian tribes that can show me what they’ve got I’d love to try and make a workout, or at least meet the leaders along the way!

    To all the leaders and Np’ers heading to Boston, have enough fun out there for me, race everything, don’t let Tammara’s injured ass race anything and give lots of hugs for me.

    Catch up with me on Facebook through November Project YYC, through Changing Gears, and on my Website www.changing-gears.ca.


    With Gratitude,



    The Sounds of #NPSUMMIT Weekend

    This email serves as a pre-thanks to the two DJ’s who are going to be holding it down for the NPSUMMIT. Number one is local legend Laura Ingles of Boston. Number two is new-kid-on-the-block and Co-Leader of November Project Virginia Beach Barry Clark. Laura will host the rise & shine beatdown inside the Harvard Stadium that will open the weekend early Friday morning and Barry will bring down the house at The Lawn On D Street on Saturday night, which will close the weekend. If you’re thinking, “I don’t know much about all of this that you speak of, this “N..P.. Summit” and I really wish I could click here and find out more details.” I hope that you go back and click there. If you already know what’s up, continue onward/below.

    Going back to the very first summit, there was a moment, a time that I can see as clear as if it were this morning, that sticks with me, and I’m brought back into that exact place every single time I hear a certain song. I’ll roll out the moment from Summit 1.0, then give you the song. You can get it on your playlist and listen to it on your way to Boston. Shit, we may even hear a DJ or two mix it into the sets that bookend the gathering. Sound good? Great.

    The first NP Summit was held in Edmonton Alberta. What started as Bojan and I trying to take Andrew Ference up on his offer to go to one of his indoor hockey games in Edmonton, became “how many tickets can we get?,” which became, “We have to get all of the Co-Leaders from these 7 tribes to Edmonton for a leadership-summit-thing!” The ball was rolling, plans were in motion. It was December 2013.

    Now, December in Edmonton for those of you who have never been, is very dark. The workout starts in the dark, your group photo at the end of the workout takes place in the dark, and you run home in the dark. Even after you’ve had breakfast, it, is, still, dark. December in Edmonton takes a special kind of human to stay positive. Luckily they were all at NP.

    The workout that particular Friday morning seemed pretty simple, silly even. We stood at the bottom of a giant sledding hill and we were told to run up it with sleds in our hands, with the idea that once we got to the top all we needed to do was jump on and race down to the bottom to start all over again. Essentially hill repeats made better with no downhill running. In those days of the NP movement it felt like each week we had a new high, a new way of creating, a new buzz, a new breakthrough, and that morning on the hill, in the dark, was no different. You couldn’t see faces, just silhouettes (BM big ups), with eyelashes collecting snow. On our run home, Co-Leaders (Bojan, Laura, DG, Nadim, Jenn, Steve, Danny, Lauren, Jessie, Turbo, Teddy-T, Clayton, and I) fell into a little Indiana Jones chain that snaked its way up and out of the river-valley, a signature geographic feature of the Downtown Edmonton layout.

    Now, maybe it was the travel from the day before, the beers the night before, the slim ours of sleep at the hotel, the early wakeup, the run to the hill, the hill repeats, the screaming laughs & shouts of joy, the hugs, the high5’s, or the current run home that created a fatigue wave that was beginning to peak. Laura, holding NPSF strong was sick as a dog, and had this trip been just a hockey game with Bojan and I, she might not even have made it. Though we gave her her own giant room at the Westin like gentlemen, this immediately gave us the brotherly rights to give her tons of shit as “NP royalty” as the unending jokes began flying her way (and still do to this day). But she was fucking sick. And as our respective waves were crashing, it was clear, she had been on low battery since we’d left the hotel 90 minutes before. But her loud stereo fanny-pack was blaring jams to the group as we trotted uphill and without speaking, this was her lifeline to the posse. Maybe she wasn’t able to give a solid FUCK YEAH but the jams couldn’t have been more in the moment.

    As I remember it, nobody said a word on that run as we wound our way back up and out of the hills that would eventually leave us at the foot of Downtown. Crunching snow under our feet as our legs took stride landing in time. You could see deep breaths in that sent clouds rolling past each hooded Co-Leader like a steam powered locomotive in the dark. The one with the least chance of speaking was ironically the DJ. As we climbed away from the fresh sledding memory that would stay with us for years to come, a specific song came on. A clap. A strong piano. Almost a gospel hum that fit the mood and the slow trudge of our pace. They say music is the soundtrack to life, but I say music is the garnish for life-cocktails, memory bullets’ gunpowder, (I just made that up and don’t think it makes any sense either, but let’s see if Jon Levitt quotes it on Twitter). The moment was still and dark and quiet as the tune came in, but a few seconds later it had switched into feeling upbeat. Was it getting warmer? Just as the rapper in the song (Slug) busts out the famous line, “I think its great how you USED TO be great!…” I felt more alive than I had all morning.

    We were in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, North America, WORLD in the dark. We were at a gathering that was completely made up, with new friends who were on fire and in love with this beautiful community that we all took pride in. We were representing as a tribe of co-leaders. A true posse of NP. We were writing our history and didn’t even know it.

    Soon enough we were back to the hotel and began the thawing process in the way-too-nice-of-a-hotel-lobby. We piled our jackets on the ground like we owned the place. The people at the desk smiled and refilled the coffee.

    It was -30 degrees that morning at the very first NP Summit. Nadim, Jenn, Andrew and the local tribe have been back to that hill many times since. The song that sticks with me was called “Puppets,” and the group is called Atmosphere. This two-man rap group is from a cold place where people are nice. Kinda like Canada.

    In closing: To the DJ’s getting ready to play/spin/jam/flex/work, to the people ready to bounce/train/race/party, and to the Co-Leaders ready to share/exchange/play/dream/influence for a full weekend that we’ll never forget… I can’t fucking wait to see you all on Friday morning at the Harvard Stadium at 6AM.

    In my OG sign off, I’ll date myself by saying: The tribe is strong.

    2017 NP5UMMIT Party

    Lawn on D
    Photo by Architect Magazine

    This is the blog post you’ve been looking forward to since the announcement was made that the 5th annual November Project Summit #NP5UMMIT is going down in Boston, MA. The weekend will start off with the stair workout at the iconic Harvard Stadium, followed by some serious trail racing at the North Face Endurance Challengeat Wachusett Mountain, and will commence with the most epic social of the year! I know, the word “epic” is overused in describing anything from fun to exciting, but if you’ve been NPSUMMIT4.0 you know what I’m talking about (even if you haven’t been you know what I’m talking about.)

    Last year, to close off the Summit in Blue Mountain, Ontario, the good folks from Westin Hotels & Resorts put together the inaugural NP Olympics. Westin’s National #RunConcierge and NP_BOS member, Chris Heuisler, lead the best bounce of 2016, where each nation (team) proudly showcased their folklore, and the national anthems were danced to loudly and proudly. After some fierce competition, the winners were crowned while everyone else had a fantastic time socializing and enjoying some cold brews.

    This year, again thanks to Chris and the amazing Westin Brand, we will not only celebrate the conclusion of our annual gathering of November Project members, but also connect with one another over our passion: to rise and be our best self.

    The theme of this year’s party is in honor of Westin’s new brand campaign, “Let’s rise,” which encapsulates everything we do as the members of this free fitness movement, but also as the citizens of the world represent, love and appreciate. Come dressed as an interpretation of what “Let’s Rise” means to you. Is it an energy channeled into seizing your morning, is it a quest for your own improvement, or is it something that motivates you to do and be good?

    The best interpretation of “Let’s Rise” is going home with Westin’s famous Heavenly Bed! In a king size! Not to shabby…

    So how do you participate in this gathering?

    #JustShowUp to Lawn on D, on Saturday, June 10, at 7 pm in your best “Let’s Rise” outfit. There will be music brought to you by DJ AETGY, lawn games, and food and drinks for purchase. This is an 18+ event, but only 21-year-olds will get to drink the adult beverages so bring your IDs and cash money pieces.

    If you’re scanner and not a reader, here is the gist in a form of Wisconsin Notes:

    What? “Let’s Rise” theme social by our friends from Westin
    When? Saturday, June 10 at 7 pm
    Where? Lawn on D
    Who? You and thousands of your closest friends from November Project
    Why? Because Westin gets the passion and power of our community and wants to partner with us in empowering well-being

    The Great Canadian Burpee Chump (YYZ)

    As we explained at the workout this morning, we wanted to give Montreal the warmest welcome possible to the November Project family. So naturally, we asked them if they wanted to do a Sebastian with us. Seven minutes, as many reps as possible of burpees. What could be warmer than that?

    From there, things escalated quickly. If we were doing it, it would be cool to get other tribes involved. Let’s get the other Canadian tribes to do a Sebastian too. Wait, let’s make it a competition. And from there, ‘The Great Canadian Burpee Chump’ was born. Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Kelowna, Victoria and Vancouver all going tete-a-tete, to see who could score the highest average number of burpees (Winnipeg also did a Sebastian this morning in support).  We also decided to recognise the highest single number of burpees, and thus crown the Burpee Chump.

    We had a little conversation amongst the leaders. Ideas flew thick and fast. So did the trash talking. It was really hard to keep track of what was constructive input and what was Tammara complaining about me writing too much. Without further ado, the results:

    5. Toronto


    Average: 62 / Highest: 105

    4. Montreal


    Average: 65 / Highest: 115

    3. Vancouver


    Average: 69 / Highest: 110

    2. Kelowna


    Average: 74 / Highest: 97

    1. Calgary


    Average: 81 / Highest: 134

    The Great Canadian Burpee Chump (a.k.a. Burpee Chump 1.0)


    Kylie Stone – 134 burpees, 7 minutes. Badass AF.


    Victoria had a high score of 118, but I don’t yet know what their average was so can’t add them to the standing.



  • People enjoy Sebastians a whole lot more when they know other cities are suffering as well.
  • This was quite fun. It will probably happen again.
  • We did over 10,000 burpees between us all this morning.
  • Having an Olympic gymnast in your tribe is a huge advantage when it comes to burpee competitions.
  • Toronto needs to do more burpees.
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