2020, Let's Go!!! (CHI)

By Nez & Kaitlyn

They say hindsight is 2020, but right now we’re looking forward to it. We hope you are too!

In getting to know you better, we hear countless times how joining November Project has inspired you to set goals beyond what you ever thought possible. Some of you have completed your first ever race thanks to some encouragement from an accountabilibuddy.  Some of you are currently training for a new distance. Most of you have achieved your 2019 goals. Others are still chipping away. At the end of the day, progress is progress.

Whether you have a set time goal, or a first-time distance goal, or maybe it’s a “just show up to workouts and move for an hour a week” goal–no matter what you’re working toward, having friends to help makes all the difference. It’s one of the founding principles of November Project.  Both of us share a similar experience: We joined NP, fell in love with a community of selfless athletes, and became inspired to improve, to expand, to just show up for others. That community of selfless athletes became our friends & training partners for these new goals. The planning of long runs, bike rides, and trail runs on our social page has grown organically by athletes like you, and it’s awesome! To go a step further, we’re bringing back something Stew and Chris did for 2018.   We want to hear what you are inspired to do and are reaching for in the next year.

New Year’s Day workout, 2018

We recognize that goals and resolutions are different, but in the fitness world both are equally important.. What do you want to tackle in 2020? What will you be proud of achieving when you look back? Let us know by filling out the form here!

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  1. Looking for a running group and community!! Training for Chicago Marathon 2020 and lots of fun races before then! I run around a 10:30 pace on long runs, that ok?

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