Getting Outside (BOS)

Hey Boston–and everyone else who reads our blogs or attends our virtual workouts! We’re glad you’re here!

We officially been in quarantined, non-in-person, virtual workouts for more than 4 months (a third of the year) and I have to say, it feels good to know that NP_Continues…and we keep showing up with and for each other. I’ve also been noticing that it feels different now than it did a few months ago. Virtual feels almost normal, and as weird as that is to say, it’s true. We’re creatures of habit and we all seek out that feeling of normalcy, even when it means adapting to the ways we all now engage in our workouts together (which seems to be hunched over into a tiny screen, seeing parts or none of each other as they attempt to do movements that are only sometimes visible to their camera, and listening through wireless earbuds because the audio is more fruitful than the video). It’s weird and it’s also pretty usual now. Just like we don’t really bat an eye at the fact that Alban, one of our amazing Boston members, has been leveraging the space available for indoor workouts by setting out the yoga mat in the little space next to the shower and tucked in front of the sink and butt-ing up to the toilet. Yup, it’s bathroom fitness and it’s a real thing.

And because “normal” turns to “boring” pretty quickly for us as creatures of habit who also crave novelty, we’re going to take our current norm and add some spice. Get ready for it, because starting on MONDAY, July 27th,

We want you to go outside for the workout. Make Mondays the old Run-Deck-Run again.

  • We will still be connecting by Zoom–just like normal.
  • We will still do the workout separately, but together virtually, you’ll just hopefully be in any park or some outdoor space that allows you to do the normal Monday-type things. Expect that you’ll get down on the ground so if it’s a dirt covered ground, you’ll probably make mud with your sweat.
  • You decide where you go, but in this time of continued social distance, we can still take advantage of the outdoor spaces that allow us to move our bodies, enjoy our fitness, and also be safe. Have a favorite park/place for fitness/Monday Deck location in Boston you haven’t been to in a while
  • Most spaces aren’t crowded with people at 6:32am, but please choose wisely and be prepared to maintain physical distance from others while you workout (14 feet is recommended for fitness movements). You’ll also want to be prepared with a mask to cover up if you’re running around the park/outdoor space and cannot maintain social distance as you run by.
  • We encourage you to plan to run/walk to the location, arrive by 6:30 for the bounce together, then run/walk back home. You know…the old #RunDeckRun.
  • You will always be welcome to join NP_BOS for workouts at your comfort level, so you don’t HAVE TO go outside, but we’re giving you the ol’ request. If you choose to stay inside, by all means, DO THAT. You’ll still join us virtually for the workout!
  • if you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us (email: or message us on social media November Project Boston on FB and @novemberprojectbos on IG)

The Weekly Challenge

We’ve also got our Very Hungry Caterpillar Challenge happening this week and it’s a fun way to keep active and keep adding to the fun all week. Check out our IG posts this week for all the exercises–you do a new exercise each day with a rep count for the day of the month. And if you want to add up all the fitness like the very hungry caterpillar ate up all the food all week (read the book or watch this!) then you ALSO do all the exercises from the previous days in the week too. By Sunday you’ll have a great little workout and you just might be ready to become a BUTTERFLY! Stay tuned for that.

Stay tuned for…

We’re also giving you a heads up that some additional outdoor fun/challenge is coming. Think “hills” and “PR day” and see what you can come up with. Then stay tuned for details coming soon.

We’re looking forward to what’s next, we hope you are too! Also–this is a good time to be sure that those NP friends you haven’t seen in a while know we’re making this new little change–see if they want to join us from their own park.

See you on the Zoom on Monday!

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