Reflect and Set (SF)

As we approach 2020, I like to reflect on this past year, what we accomplished, what we missed, and what’s next. 2019 was a great year for NPSF. Let’s take a look back at all the awesome things that happened.

We gave back! We started off 2019 with a clothes drive for St Anthony’s and ended the year with a food drive for SF Marin Food Bank. And in-between there were lots of Alta Plaza park cleanups as well as helping out at their Harvest Festival.

We had fun workouts! Remember when we blindfolded you and whispered into your ear? That was in January when we did Bird Box for movie/show Mondays. We also did workouts themed for superhero movies, Bandersnatch, and more. Also on Monday’s, we finally made use of the tennis courts with tennis themed workouts and animal workouts from our guest leaders Robin, Kevin, and Zoey. Speaking of guest leaders, we had so many this year! Mark, Nikhil, Rebecca, Chris, Cesar, Cat, JMB, Nadia, Tim, Tomi, Diana, Hasse, Jacob, and Aaron lead some fun workouts as well. And who could forget Rebecca and Chris’ & Sprayed workout?! I was also quite fond of our 4th of July BBQ workout when we sat in lawn chairs and had you make us sandwiches. We also ventured out to new locations! Salesforce park opened and we had a successful workout there. Didn’t even get kicked out, but Grady did have to wear a shirt, unfortunately. There were new hill locations too: Fort Funston, 22nd St, China Beach, etc.

We raced! Started off the new year with trails and gathered a bunch of you for Run for Amma. The weather ended up being crazy and everyone who did the 50k got lost and almost froze, but we had fun … yes, right … fun. Then there was Kaiser Half where they sponsored an NP Cheer Station with a dancing Dinosaur while many of our friends ran it! Bay 2 Breakers brought out a good number of y’all as it usually does. We ran a water station for the SF Marathon and finally many of you went after trails again for ECSCA. And there were many more races y’all did this year.

We partied! 2019 saw a lot of fun events. The return of Alleyway Races (thanks Collin), the new but hopefully annual Track Meet (thanks Nadia), and some dope, old school looking yearbook photos (thanks Rebecca)! We pulled a fast one on ya for April Fools. I tried my best to look like Alex but the bald cap just made it look like something was wrong with my neck. Sunrise 6k on Treasure Island was LIT! Brooks even sent out professional videographers/photographers to capture the amazing day. Then who can forget the Taco Mile where I flexed my stomach and showed y’all why they call me the Burger King! (they don’t). Then for Halloween, we dressed in costumes, sprint raced up one of SF steepest streets, and watched the Nationals win it all.  Finally, we had Summit where we didn’t have huge attendance with ECSCA being the same weekend but those who went, had a blast!

We became three! Probably the most exciting news of 2019 was that we brought Collin on as the newest Co-leader of NPSF. He’s brought a ton of energy, silliness, and great ideas that has stoked this NP city as well as both Ali and I.

With so many awesome things in 2019 we want to keep 2020 on that same trajectory. Keep up with the fun and hard workouts, events that bring us all together and make this community stronger, guest leaders to mix things up and let y’all shine, etc. What we wished we did more of and will focus on in 2020 is giving back to the city we love and workout in, collaborate with more fitness groups in the city because we’re all one family, more cheer stations at races since we have enough energy to give to others, and get more NPSF butts to Summit in Minneapolis!

The last thing I want to talk about is racing. One of the most powerful things about this community is connecting with awesome people that do awesome things. It changes your perspective of what’s possible. So many NPSF members have gone on to run races faster and further than they ever thought they could before. I want 2020 to be no different, to focus more on this, and to celebrate those of you that are pushing your mental and physical limits to accomplish something awesome. With that, I’d like to introduce the updated race schedule for 2020. My hope is that each of you finds a race at a distance that pushes your boundaries or scares you a little and go for it. This is how growth happens. If you’ve never raced before, grab a 5k. Maybe your longest distance is a half marathon, pick out a 30k or even a marathon! Whatever you choose to do, make sure to put your name in that document so we can all celebrate your accomplishments!

We will push certain races that we’ve done in the past and enjoyed so look out for those. The first is the Kaiser Half! This race is coming up soon but is always a fun one. We’ll have a cheer station again this year too. I’ve also snagged 5 free bibs and 15% discount for everyone (NPSF2020). If you’re interested in running Kaiser Half contact me (Tony). I would love to see these free bibs go to people who want to run their first half marathon.

Let’s Fucking Goooo 2020!!!!

And for fun, here’s our top Instagram post for each month in 2019!

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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