Wilton was covered in frost even before the workout today!

Winnipeg Notes:
– First COLD workout of winter
– Great Skate HYPE
– Next week; Sneaky PR Day
– Holiday Party tomorrow night
– Koats for Kids
– Shabooyah from Kiera to Wilton


Today was our first COLD workout of the winter and unsurprisingly you all crushed it! Winnipeg doesn’t just attempt #weatherproof, Winnipeg defines it. From the Woodbridge Gauntlet, to getting in the spirit with holiday tunes under the canopy, running levels in the cement castle wonderland this morning was a blast. Absolutely love how the whole crew humoured the hilarious burnout of pushing a truck all the way up the parkade. I personally like to believe we are just preparing you to be good citizens when a snowstorm hits and you’ll be pushing neighbours out of snowbanks!

Teamwork makes the Dream work

The Great Skate 5.0 was announced this week. There is a facebook event already and registration will be opening soon! We will post the official website info ASAP! We already have some traverbalers coming in from out of town so let’s all come together to showcase Winnipeg in it’s winter glory. The race will be on Sunday but there will be a full weekend of social activities, join as many as you would like!

Sneak peek:
– Friday morning “Pop Up” workout
– Friday evening winter bonfire
– Saturday morning shakeout run
– Sunday morning Great Skate
Open your calendars now, block off that weekend. Are you excited? I’M SO EXCITED.

The Great Skate 2019

A few quick announcements and reminders. Next week we will be doing our Cement Castle Wonderland PR Day as we will be doing a special workout on the 25th as it happens to be Christmas!

We are still collecting for Koats for Kids for the next two Wednesdays, if you have hats or mitts or scarves or warm wool socks or coats or snow pants that you are no longer using please bring them to a workout so that someone in need may be a little warmer!

Tomorrow night is our Holiday Party. Meeting at The Kings Head Pub, Second Floor at 7:30pm till approx 10pm. Feel free to wear Grassgroots Gear or a holiday outfit, the world is your oyster! We will have a few minute to win it games, and some board games, if you have a game you would love to play we invite you to bring it along! There will be a little backdrop set up for some photos!

We heavily encourage holiday sweaters like the one Gen is sporting!

Today the SHABOOYAH was passed from Kiera to Wilton. Both super amazing humans and great additions to our NP family. Wilton has only recently started coming to November Project but has been super consistent since his first workout! He crushes the workout but crushes encouraging others even more. He is such a positive guy to be around I’m not surprised that he’s well-known in many of the fitness communities in Winnipeg. Wilton, we are glad you’re here!

Wilton. Winnipeg. Winter. W.

That’s it, That’s all.


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