What’s nice? Pumpkin Spice!

Back to school Backpack workout!

We are two days into September and it already feels like fall! Crisp mornings at NP are always my favourite, watching the sunrise slowly and hearing the world waking up around us as we are halfway through our workout always makes Wednesday mornings feel extra remarkable to me.

Yearbook Photos/ Winnipeg Harvest Haul

As mentioned at the workout today, we want to communicate with members of November Project Winnipeg that we three are consistently observing the current Covid-19 situation here in Manitoba. We have decided that we will follow provincial and health region guidelines. read more

Hello, June! Where have you gone?

Winnipeg Notes

  • Pride Workout
  • Scott runs a marathon
  • Desiree hosts another epic cheer station
  • Restrictions changing
  • Screening Tool
  • Taking Stigma to the Trash
  • Friday guest co-leaders
Gaston, we are glad you’re here!

Massive shoutout and thank you to Gaston for leading us through yet another phenomenal Pride Workout this past Friday. We are so glad you are here, that you for taking the time to explain the significance of the workout, walking us through LGBTQIA2S and keeping us all smiling through 50 reps of inchworm pushups. Whew. All the be followed up by a Born This Way, ab blasting burnout. T read more

With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility

Winnipeg Notes:
– In person workouts resume Wednesday, May 27th
– Safety is our #1 priority
– We will be following and respecting Manitoba Government guidelines
– All workouts will be completely no contact
– Mandatory new waivers
-The group will be broken up into smaller groups
– The workouts will be posted the day before for more fluidity
– If you have any symptoms, stay home
– We will adjust and adapt as necessary read more


On Wednesdays we: Just Show Up, On Fridays we: Just Show up, For our community: Just Show Up.

Winnipeg Notes:
– Great Skate Weekend Schedule
– Positivity Award to Dan
– Just Show Up

The start of The Great Skate 2019

The Great Skate is officially upon us!
Here is the list of events for the weekend:
– Friday 6:14 am, Pop Up workout with Guest Co-leader at The Forks, bring $5 for this years November Project Buff. Reach out to someone you would like to see at the workout Friday morning!
– Friday 5:00pm there will be a crew heading to The Snowmaze, feel free to meet us there!
– Friday 7:30pm Bon Fire at the Page Residence, 529 Chrypko Drive. Park on the street so you don’t get stuck in the driveway! Feel free to bring someone you would like to introduce to the NP world.
– Saturday 8:45am Coffee Shakeout Fun Run “secret scramble” at Fête Ice Cream and Coffee, located at 300 Assiniboine Ave, Parking is limited. I would suggest parking at The Forks and jogging over.
– Sunday 7:00am Bib Pick opens for The Great Skate. Make sure to give yourself enough time to pick up your bib, put your skates on and skate over to the start area.
– Sunday 7:50am Race Meeting in front of the CN Stage and Winnipeg Sign.
– Sunday 8:00am Race Start; there will be games happening on the rink at the same time, DO NOT LEAVE THE RINK UNTIL YOU HAVE RACED!
– Sunday 9:00am Special Practice on the rink with The Dream Factory
– Sunday 9:30am medal and prize ceremony starts in the South Hall inside The Commons area.
– Sunday 9:45am Brunch! read more

Balmy on the Bridge

Bridge Challenge Warriors

Winnipeg Note’s
– The Great Skate registration closes this Friday
– Full weekend of events for The Great Skate
– Friday Guest co-leaders
– Shabooyah to Toby

The Great Skate 2019

Copied from an e-mail from the Race Director himself;
**Registration for the race closes this Friday, January 24th at noon** read more

Holiday Cheer!

Sleigh all day!

Winnipeg Notes
– Crazy Carpets FTW
– Sign up for The Great Skate
– Running Day tomorrow, December 26th
– Friday business as normal 6:14am at The Leg, stay tuned for the guest co-leader
– New Years Day workout 6:59am at The Forks
– Shabooyah to Tricky Marina

This morning was so fun. It was wonderful seeing so many people still show up for each other on a Wednesday morning when we could all have stayed snuggled in bed for a sleep in. Thanks for making my day! Everyone worked hard on the bridge, I will forever admire how Andrew and Jessica can lunge across, in perfect synchrony, 50 feet ahead of everyone else. Geeze. Next up, the Reindeer Run and North Pole/South Pole made us all work hard but like all good things in life, work hard, play hard. Shout out to Willie Mac for the wild idea of showing up with ten crazy carpets to make this morning unforgettable. I just wonder if we will ever see the day where Scott doesn’t cheat and false start a race. Watching everyone try and fit 4 people on one crazy carpet was peak entertainment. Thank you. read more


Wilton was covered in frost even before the workout today!

Winnipeg Notes:
– First COLD workout of winter
– Great Skate HYPE
– Next week; Sneaky PR Day
– Holiday Party tomorrow night
– Koats for Kids
– Shabooyah from Kiera to Wilton


Today was our first COLD workout of the winter and unsurprisingly you all crushed it! Winnipeg doesn’t just attempt #weatherproof, Winnipeg defines it. From the Woodbridge Gauntlet, to getting in the spirit with holiday tunes under the canopy, running levels in the cement castle wonderland this morning was a blast. Absolutely love how the whole crew humoured the hilarious burnout of pushing a truck all the way up the parkade. I personally like to believe we are just preparing you to be good citizens when a snowstorm hits and you’ll be pushing neighbours out of snowbanks! read more

Halloworkout 2019


Winnipeg Notes
– Halloworkout
– Halloween Karaoke tonight
– November Project’s Project of November
– Tags are finished for the year
– Shabooyah to Desiree

Pumpkin Wall Sits

What a Spooktacular morning! Despite hitting our first – double digit numbers you still showed up in big numbers, costumed, carrying pumpkins! Monster Mash seems to be on the list of songs to listen to before we bounce at the next Halloworkout. We had our first taste of the Cement Castle Wonderland and boy did it feel good to be back, enjoying her beautiful structure, glistening mural walls and sneaky stairs. The pumpkin Pass race was hilarious and there was great team work carrying pumpkins for the circuit. Did anyone manage to eat more brownies than Scott? Was he really rolling sixes or doing any of the burpees? We will never know. read more

NP is GOOD, Winnipeg is GOOD.

Winnipeg Notes
– Sunrise 6k – Friday, August 30 at the Legislature
– Backpack workout next Wednesday, Sept 4th
– Come to Summit Nov 15th-18th, 2019
– Positivity Award to Kyle

Big smiles on the start line of PR Loop.

Good Job everyone on crushing some beautiful PR’s yesterday! The feet were fast, the burpees were sharp and the tags were fresh! read more

Bite-Sized Blog

  • Winnipeg Notes:
  • Friday, Sunrise 6K
  • July 17th, NP @ IG Stadium
  • July 19, Bombers Game
  • Shelby wins PA

Today was PR, and y’all crushed it. We had a bunch of PR’s, a bunch of you finished the 3 laps for the first time, and no one got lost, so we’ll call that a win. We tagged a bunch of shirts and kept the tags fresh.

Shelby won the PA, Shelby is awesome, she’s shows up all the time, she works hard, she’s always got a smile on her face. She is an amazing sailor and sailing coach, she brings her athletes to the workouts and she even changed their training schedule so that they are free on Wednesday mornings. Plus, Shelby has witnessed Willie Mac’s shenanigans for years, and does her darnedest to keep him in line. Shelby, we are glad that you are here.

Friday is the first in our Sunrise 6K series, we’re doing 3, on the last Friday of June, July and August. We’ve got 5 free race entries for MEC Race #2 on July 21st, so come out on Friday, run hard, and win a race.

That’s it, that’s all.

Concise M