Halloworkout 2019


Winnipeg Notes
– Halloworkout
– Halloween Karaoke tonight
– November Project’s Project of November
– Tags are finished for the year
– Shabooyah to Desiree

Pumpkin Wall Sits

What a Spooktacular morning! Despite hitting our first – double digit numbers you still showed up in big numbers, costumed, carrying pumpkins! Monster Mash seems to be on the list of songs to listen to before we bounce at the next Halloworkout. We had our first taste of the Cement Castle Wonderland and boy did it feel good to be back, enjoying her beautiful structure, glistening mural walls and sneaky stairs. The pumpkin Pass race was hilarious and there was great team work carrying pumpkins for the circuit. Did anyone manage to eat more brownies than Scott? Was he really rolling sixes or doing any of the burpees? We will never know.

They did the Pass, The Pumpkin Pass

Tonight we are having a NP Social Event – Halloween Karaoke at The Riverside Inn starting at 7:30pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/394331757906959/
Bring a pal, wear a costume, just show up! Willie may of convinced me to sing a song with him. Folks, I apologize in advance! I’m excited to see some of the incredible talent we have in our November Project Community, see you tonight!

No Hands Pumpkin Race

I am going to Copy Paste from last weeks blog about the Project of November:

Speaking of goals I am initiating The November Project -Project (of November). This movement was founded in the month of November; two friends decided to show up every morning for the month, and workout together and hold each other accountable. In Winnipeg, the month of November can be tough, it’s dark, it’s already cold, but there isn’t usually snow yet, so you can’t do those activities, it’s not holiday season…….you get the picture. So we are doing a goal setting Project; if you participate, you need to set a goal for yourself. I am giving you all more than a weeks notice so you can think about your goal, and set a goal that will challenge you. We will have a calendar made for the month, and I challenge you to write in your goal, and follow through. The goal can be fitness based: 
-run for 20 minutes everyday
-do 100 pushup everyday
-go to every November Project for the month
-go to two fitness classes a week
But it can also be a goal of any other type:
-no-drink November
-meditate for 10 minutes everyday
– do something nice for a friend once a week
If you are stuck on thinking of a goal, message me (Megan) or talk to me at a workout, and I’d love to help you brainstorm to think of a goal. Because this is November Project, we are going to help each other! If you want an accountability buddy, you can reach out and find one in the group, or if you want you can message us on any of the November Project channels and we will set you up with an accountability buddy who you will check in with. Also, during all of our workouts in November, when you partner up, we will prompt you to ask your partner what their goal is, and if they’re sticking to it!

Unbe-leafable quality on our October Tags

We had a great month of October, the leaf tags on Fridays were fire. We made a guess amongst the leaders on how many shirts would get all four leaves and the tree, we all thought there would be approximately eight to ten people who would get all tags. You all blew us away and there were over twenty shirts that got all four tags! Good job crew! Huge thank you to Willie Mac and anyone and everyone who helped with the tagging, even in a snow storm.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

This week’s Shabooyah was handed from Dave to Desiree. Desiree blows me away every year with her costumes, whether it be picture day, a social event or halloween. This woman doesn’t just show up, she SHOWS UP. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who loves halloween quite as much as Desiree. We are so glad you are here Desiree. Personally I am already looking forward to next years costume!


Have a safe and happy halloween everyone! See you tonight for Karaoke or Friday 6:14 am at the legislative building!


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  1. I’d like an accountability buddy for November and wasn’t positive on how to make that happen, so thought I’d leave a comment here!

    My cell is 204-290-5998

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