Hello, June! Where have you gone?

Winnipeg Notes

  • Pride Workout
  • Scott runs a marathon
  • Desiree hosts another epic cheer station
  • Restrictions changing
  • Screening Tool
  • Taking Stigma to the Trash
  • Friday guest co-leaders
Gaston, we are glad you’re here!

Massive shoutout and thank you to Gaston for leading us through yet another phenomenal Pride Workout this past Friday. We are so glad you are here, that you for taking the time to explain the significance of the workout, walking us through LGBTQIA2S and keeping us all smiling through 50 reps of inchworm pushups. Whew. All the be followed up by a Born This Way, ab blasting burnout. T

Brian, always known to crush every last second of a burnout.

A few memorable workout moments for me were, Bishop (Carter? someone help me) sitting on Bruce to add an extra layer of difficulty for the Leg Lifts as well as Kristjana realizing her runners were indeed not in her car and doing half of the workout in sandals until Brian remembered he had an extra pair of runners to lend.

A good workout buddy is priceless.

This year Scott, being consistent as he is, decided to run the Father’s Day Manitoba Marathon, same course, same day, same start time! Then our wonderful Desiree, being as encouraging as she is decided to host her annual cheer station to support Scott. I managed to catch Scott as he ran past the leg and followed him on my bike until he got to Wolseley, could not have asked for a better morning for it! This is the type of stuff that makes my heart happy and eyes watery. Ya’ll are so great. I’ll leave you with a little recap from each of them about their Sunday morning.

Scott still looking fresh running down East Gate.

I was asked why I decided to run the Manitoba Marathon even though it is postponed, my answer is pretty simple “because I can”. With all the races being postponed/canceled this year, I realized that running wasn’t canceled or postponed so why not just run anyway. Also if you know me I like steaks and this makes it 5 years in a row of running a marathon on Father’s Day :).
I want to thank everyone that came out and cheered, biked/ran or sent me a message of encouragement during my run. I can’t convey the difference having that kind of support makes.

The NP Manitoba Marathon Cheer Station has been one of my favourite events for three years now. I always feel like a proud mama watching the runners crush their goals. I love this community and it was no surprise that regardless of the current circumstances runners were gonna run and we as a community would be there to support! Tammy, Tom, Darren, Sara and Jasmine were there with bells on ready to cheer on Scott. On our way into the park Leilani and her crew were doing their marathon and we were able to cheer them on as a bonus. When Scott arrived, he had Darrell running with him and Evan was supporting on his bike. Danielle and Brad timed their run to meet up with Scott and the cheer station. I was a fantastic morning with fantastic people. NP really knows how to show up!

Yay Danielle, Yay Brad!

This week, Manitoba is changing it’s restrictions once again, groups of up to 100 people will be allowed to meet outdoors. We will continue to meet in the same manner as we have, check in with a co-leader at the Skate park and they will send you to the CN Field or on Friday’s meeting in the field around the big statue in the front. We ask that you continue to self-monitor, if you have any new symptoms or have recently traveled we ask that you complete the MB Shared Health Screening tool https://sharedhealthmb.ca/covid19/screeningtool/ and wait until any symptoms have subsided before returning to join the group for weekly workouts. We’ve been crushing it so far, let’s make sure we continue to keep everyone safe!

Junel consistently inspires us by every run and fundraiser he completes!

This Friday, June 26th, Junel is hosting the 6th annual Taking Stigma to the Trash run. Where he has set a goal to run 100 kms. to raise funds and awareness about mental health and the stigma that can be associated with mental illness. Please click on this link for more information or if you would like to make a donation. https://mbwpg.cmha.ca/events/taking-stigma-to-the-trash-2020/

As far as November Project goes for this Friday, we have a few options for you!
Meet at the Ledge for our 6:14am workout, running circuit with some flair. Have your cheering voice ready for when Junel runs by around 6:30am.
Or meet Junel at Garbage Hill at 6am, run 5km to the Ledge, stop for some cheering and run 5km back to Garbage Hill.

Sound good Toby?

Over the next few weeks we will slowly be getting in contact with anyone who was set to Guest Co-lead for a Friday workout before we had to pause the in person workouts. We are still figuring out our plan and might not do a guest leader every Friday but we are excited to start that back up again!

I’ll be away from the in-person workouts for approximately a month but I will still be able to be reached via social media, etc. I am confident that Megan and Willie will crush it, they always do!


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