They’re just like us….

Okay friends, bear with me because I’m about to get a little Brene Brown up in here with some vulnerability. Just like the most beloved section of Us Weekly magazine says, NP Co-Leaders: They’re Just Like Us! That’s right. Sometimes our shirt is on inside out, or we miss our pre race poop, or even half ass a burpee or two (sorry BG and Bojan, but it’s true). But right now I want to talk about something a little more personal that unites many of us in the fitness community, which is, sometimes we struggle with eating disorders. I have had a disordered relationship with food and my body for over three years now and while I have made progress in my recovery, this is a journey I, and many others in this community, will be on for a long time.  read more

What’s nice? Pumpkin Spice!

Back to school Backpack workout!

We are two days into September and it already feels like fall! Crisp mornings at NP are always my favourite, watching the sunrise slowly and hearing the world waking up around us as we are halfway through our workout always makes Wednesday mornings feel extra remarkable to me.

Yearbook Photos/ Winnipeg Harvest Haul

As mentioned at the workout today, we want to communicate with members of November Project Winnipeg that we three are consistently observing the current Covid-19 situation here in Manitoba. We have decided that we will follow provincial and health region guidelines. read more

Hello, June! Where have you gone?

Winnipeg Notes

  • Pride Workout
  • Scott runs a marathon
  • Desiree hosts another epic cheer station
  • Restrictions changing
  • Screening Tool
  • Taking Stigma to the Trash
  • Friday guest co-leaders
Gaston, we are glad you’re here!

Massive shoutout and thank you to Gaston for leading us through yet another phenomenal Pride Workout this past Friday. We are so glad you are here, that you for taking the time to explain the significance of the workout, walking us through LGBTQIA2S and keeping us all smiling through 50 reps of inchworm pushups. Whew. All the be followed up by a Born This Way, ab blasting burnout. T read more

Juneteenth (DC)

Carte-de-visite of a group of African Americans gathered around a man with a pocket watch, leaning on a pulpit made out of U.S. Sanitation Commission crates. A sign on the wall reads "1 Jan-Slaves Forever Free." The text in chain links on the sides read "Waiting for the Hour - Watch Meeting Dec 31, 1862."
“Waiting for the Hour” (1863) depicts of a group of African Americans gathered around a man with a pocket watch waiting for midnight to strike on January 1, 1863. From the collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

June 19, 2020, marks 155 years since the enslaved people of Texas were told they were free by Union soldiers. Those enslaved in Texas were the last from Confederate states to be freed in 1865. While the Emancipation Proclamation took effect in January of 1863, it took over two years for enslaved people in Texas to be freed because the state was still under Confederate control. read more

This week we are listening (Ottawa)

The challenge this week is to listen to what’s out there. Be open to what others are sharing and create a safe space for those voices. 

There is more on that to come and what we can do as a community to be better. 

Here’s to bringing “Soles” together, 

Liz and Lauren 

What’s up for this week? A challenge (Ottawa)

The light keeps changing and we keep showing up (Ottawa)

Learning how to Zoom (still) (Ottawa)

We thought we had this thing figured out didn’t we- did anyone else have a momemtary panic they were going to miss the workout this morning, when you signed in and realized you had no idea WHAT the password is? Have I ever had to put in a password? Did I miss a post? How early is it? FOMO is at an all time high. The possibility of missing it is a real challenge. The workout has been posted, I can do it on my own, but I woke up to do this WITH everyone else, on zoom and at 6:29. Well, at 6:26-6:32am, multiple messages being tossed about the virtual world, “What’s the password?” “it’s not working” “it won’t let me in” well, you were not the only ones my friend. We were just as surprised as you, and in fact, we made the NP link so long ago, that I’m not even sure how we would have found the password for that original link. Well, it was great while it lasted. Security is up, which is great, and another change tossed our way. But how quick did things adjust this morning? In about 6 minutes. We were moving that spoon about bouncing while people logged in around 6:33 to the new zoom code SO quick, and jumped in to Row, Row, Row your boat, and quickly into the movement of the day. read more

The Best (Ottawa)

Do you remember when we did the Sunrise 6K two weeks ago? There was something about sharing how we felt, and connecting together virtually that was pretty special. Today was the exact same distance, early morning 6k, same, same, but yet, we shared the sunrise with the entire world.

Some of our most memorable physical accomplishments may not have been personal records or the most successful attempts. Through these tense times, our goal is to celebrate the privilege of being able to move and create a connection with our fellow humans. In reflecting together, the connection continues with your story from this morning that you can share with the world. read more