What’s nice? Pumpkin Spice!

Back to school Backpack workout!

We are two days into September and it already feels like fall! Crisp mornings at NP are always my favourite, watching the sunrise slowly and hearing the world waking up around us as we are halfway through our workout always makes Wednesday mornings feel extra remarkable to me.

Yearbook Photos/ Winnipeg Harvest Haul

As mentioned at the workout today, we want to communicate with members of November Project Winnipeg that we three are consistently observing the current Covid-19 situation here in Manitoba. We have decided that we will follow provincial and health region guidelines.

Meaning; if group sizes become limited to 50 people outdoors we will go back to our June – style workouts of check in with a leader at the Skate Park and be assigned to a workout group for the entire work out – avoiding any crossover between groups. If groupings are reduced to less than 50 we will most likely be suspending the in-person workouts and returning to Zoom workouts. At this point in time we haven’t decided if that would be once or twice a week but we will try and get creative with it. We might have to make a game-time decision and cancel in-person workouts with less than a day’s notice and we will try and communicate as clearly and as quickly as possible. We continue to thank everyone for avoiding open- mouth good morning kisses when arriving to workouts.

Backpack workout, 2019

We want to be as transparent as possible with all of you about the decisions we are making for the group. Once again we would like to mention that we value any feedback you are comfortable with providing to us, it gives us the chance to reassess and improve. Ultimately we want these workouts to remain safe for everyone. Therefore, if you have recently traveled outside of the province, have been in contact with anyone awaiting a Covid-19 test result or have developed any type of new symptom, we ask that you please postpone joining us for workouts until it is safe to do so. #verbals are officially suspended for the time being.

Who left these three in charge anyways?

We don’t have too much on the horizon as far as announcements as we’ve decided we won’t be doing social events this fall.
Yearbook photos will be dropping today so keep your eyes peeled. A massive shout out and thank you to everyone who was able to donate non-perishable food items to Winnipeg Harvest.

Happy Wednesday Folks!
~ Yvette, Megan and Willie Mac

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