Sunrise 6 K & Other Announcements (YEG)

Details for Announcement #1

  • Holiday Monday – Sunrise 6K
    • Practice proper social distancing, create your own unique 6km run (try to be considerate and avoid places where people bunch together), and be smart. I can’t wait to see what routes you come up with while running outside, in your apartment, or even your backyard – you do you.

Details for Announcement #2

  • We think it’s pretty straight forward…

Until next time…SMILE! J & Find the good, Nadim

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4 Replies to “Sunrise 6 K & Other Announcements (YEG)”

  1. Jen and Nadim, thank you so much for all you’ve done for us. I can’t imagine this was an easy decision or that the timing would ever be easy either. You’ve been amazing and inspiring leaders, and I feel like you’ll never really know the impact that you’ve had no only in creating this amazing fitness community but in the personal impact. Hope to see you around!

    1. Thank you Holly!
      It’s been an honour. I have enjoyed sharing so many early mornings with you. A definite highlight has been cheering you and your kids on as you crossed the Sunrise 6K finish line!!

  2. Nadim and Jen,
    You are both remarkable people doing remarkable things. My daughter Emily brought me to NP in October 2019. You made such an impact to my life in the six short months of early mornings three days a week. Yesterday I was saddened by your announcement, today I m reflecting on how amazing and selfless you both are.
    Thank you for your unwavering leadership, early mornings but mostly for creating a special place for all who just showed up.
    I love you both, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Jen and Nadim , you will both always be on our shoulders giving us encouragement as we run our favourite NP spots! We all love you both so much and you have left a wonderful legacy which so many of us have been lucky to have been with you on that journey! All the best to you both of you and thank you again for giving us the gift of yourselves to help build an amazing community!
    Sylvia Marks

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