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In last week’s blog we shared some questions with you and asked you to take some time to reflect, answer and even share your thoughts.  We asked you:

  1. What should NP do more of?
  2. What should NP stop doing?
  3. What are NPs biggest roadblocks?
  4. What do our members want?

We thought it would be beneficial to all to share the feedback that we heard from a couple of you, and love hearing your thoughts.

“The energy of the bounce is what makes NP unite and unique. And the gathering for the group pic, to share the satisfaction of getting another workout done.”

“Thanks for this week’s blog! Reminiscing the “good old days” of bouncing and hugging brings back such comforting memories and excitement for when we can be together again.  I really liked yesterday when we started off by saying good morning to everyone on the screen. Sometimes in person we don’t get a chance to say hello to EVERYONE in case someone is late or leaves early or your paths don’t cross. It is nice to hear someone else acknowledge you by name. I have gone to Boston’s Monday workouts and they take time to say good morning at the beginning of each workout and it is super cool to have strangers say hi to me even though we have never met in person!  To me, I have realized how important the coffee chats afterwards are. I come to NP for the community and connection. Having the time after the workout to connect with people makes such a big impact on how the rest of my day goes. All you people fill up my cup by just showing up. Oh, and I love the group pictures. I have them all saved on my computer under a “Community” folder.”

“I really enjoyed the workout this morning 🙂 Hearing the partners trading off really did make it feel way more connected. Sometimes technical difficulties make things better lol”

As we continue to use the blog as a way to keep you all informed about events, changes, next steps and smiles we also have been using it as a space to begin conversations and ask questions. In our current state, we are still apart for the time being, but hearing comments like the ones above offer us some light at this what seems like an everlasting dark tunnel.  Moreover, it highlights the importance of human connection whether it be through a screen or in person.  It allows us to hear what you value about November Project and why you decide to show up. We will continue to encourage anyone to come to us with their ideas, thoughts and feelings of how we can make this community and space that we hold on the unsurrended land of the Algonquin people each week for you all.

This morning we said hello to one another by name, we looked each other in the eyes and said good morning to every single person. We gave shout outs during our rest, which seemed to go by quiet quickly and moved throughout those AMRAPS. Did anyone collect garbage before? If so feel free to send us a picture of it or share it.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


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