Adapting (YEG)

First off congratulations to everyone who was able to collect all of the buttons. We’ve got the list of hardcore members who got them all and we have an awesome prize lined up for them. Find out what it is early next week!

A common conversation I hear right now is about how to plan better for the future. Of course the topic is driven by the current pandemic but it is applicable to all sorts of planning. There will always be a risk/reward to the decisions we make but everyone’s calculation of that risk/reward will be different and individual. What works for one person might not work for everyone else. I think the biggest take away from this discussion is acknowledging that 1 person’s risk does not exactly equate in value to 1 reward (e.g. the positive of going back into the office for me isn’t the same as the potential risks of getting sick). Looking back on past decisions I made I can say things like “isn’t it obvious, of course you should have done XYZ.” But that is biased by the information that current me has now. It is easier to judge ourselves upon reflection and a lot harder to judge based on what we knew at the time. As we move forward into the coming months I think acknowledging that we can only do the best we can is important.

One way to set ourselves up for success is to be adaptive – to ‘roll with the punches no matter what they throw at you.’ Right now I know we are doing a lot of that, it’s hard, and at times it can feel unfair but we can only do the best we can with the information in front of us.

One thing is for certain – this community is driven by your participation. So long as there is one person willing to #JustShowUp, November Project will always be a thing in Edmonton. I look forward to and cannot wait for when we get to #JustShowUp together again. Until then…

Keep being awesome,



NP Buttons – If you were able to catch ’em all boy do we have a prize for you! But I am not going to tell you what it is…you’ll just have to wait until early next week

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