Canada Day (YEG)

The weather knew that on Canada Day November Project Canada gets wet at the legislature pool. While that wasn’t possible this year the weather helped out by letting us still get soaked from the rain. Thank you to everyone who decided to brave the conditions and explore your city with a Canadian themed version of #SeenOnMyRun. These scavenger hunt events have been so fun! I love seeing people’s creative ways of finding the items on the list. I did not think that goose poop would have been a hard one to find hahaha. read more

Checking-in (YEG)

Hi guys!

It’s been awhile – lots has happened since we last talked. I am doing well…my basil plants are growing tall, thanks for asking…you’re right I do have some grey in my beard…I hope that [insert personal anecdote here] for you is going well still.

Haha ok but really I do hope that you and your families are doing well. While the real or virtual interactions may be brief, making even the smallest connection has truly brought a lot of joy to my day(s). read more

Laughs and things to do (YEG)

Testing, testing, 123…is this thing still on? Hello NP Can community I present to you a collection of bad jokes:

  • Why can’t fish sing on key? Because you can’t tuna fish
  • Whats made of leather and sounds like a sneeze? A shoe
  • You can’t plant flowers if you haven’t botany
  • I once tried to row across the Atlantic single handed…but I just kept going round in circles
  • Whats the longest word in the English language? Smiles. There is a mile between the first and last letter
  • If you are cold go stand in the corner. Its 90 degrees there
  • I’ve lost 20% of my sight…..sigh
  • Rob why don’t you stop telling terrible jokes and read a book instead…..that’s a novel idea
  • Its wrong to make a dad joke when you are not a dad. It’s a faux pa

Thank you thank you you can stop clapping and laughing at your screen I know I should quit my day job and go pro but this isn’t the time to discuss that haha.

I hope at least one of these made you laugh even just a little bit and I hope you are doing alright in your neck of the woods. Seeing your faces virtually and connecting with you has made a world of difference in my mental health and I looking forward to continuing to do so. I do not have much more to say other than that. Perhaps words of inspiration will come to me in the next few weeks but for now I just hope this helped bring a smile to your face and that you are doing well. read more

Spring & Virtual Sunrise 6km (YEG)

It’s so warm out!! I know you know this but I got so excited yesterday as I saw all of the mounds of ice floating down the river – ask Trent (my roommate) I mentioned it probably more times than necessary.

There is something about the transition from running on snow to running on pavement that gives me endless joy. Maybe it’s the jump in your step, the grip from your shoes, or just the warm air. It all just seems to give me a recharge mentally. read more

Connection (YEG)

We’ve all been experiencing it – connecting right now is hard. But really, what does connection mean to you? The definitions haven’t changed: to feel linked to someone/something else, but the ways we can can connect have undeniably been limited. All that means to me is that we have to be better – strive to go beyond what we knew as normal. We can see that already by the amazing connections people are making over Zoom. All across the globe people are connecting in far more consistent ways and innovative ways than we ever did before. Obviously there are negatives that come with the situation we are in, but I hope this one positive thing is something that we keep in our daily routine once things calm down. read more

Covid-19 and Me (YEG)

UPDATE: Please see the most recent messaging online ” November Project workouts in all cities are canceled. Join our weekly workouts online that you can do from home that will be posted each Tuesday. Use #NP_Continues to keep us connected. Lastly, please SHARE out this post today. Thanks for your support. “ read more

Who Are You (YEG)

Whoever you are, you are welcome to come workout with us.

Respect…. Our Identities

Our emotional experiences and social attributes define our identities. We respect and celebrate those unique traits that make our communities more vibrant and diverse.

Time and time again you prove that this community is made possible by you choosing to show up. The idea is that whoever you are you will find solidarity in the collective drive of individuals pushing themselves during this 30min exercise. That works only by constantly embodying the above quote. Respecting each other for who we are and understanding that our individual traits make us collectively better, provides the building blocks for a group like this to thrive and grow. Not just in our city but across 52 others around the world. We are pretty far away from Toulouse France, not exactly close to Amsterdam, and Queen City can still be hours away, even so each group stands by this agreement. A collective understanding. read more

Choo Choo (YEG)

The whispers this morning just had me in a giggling fit. Right from the bounce I could not help but laugh as we whisper shouted “Choo Choo” over and over again. The entire workout made me feel like we were all in on the same inside joke. I would have loved to hear the thoughts of all the cars going by “Why are those people in a giant conga line?” haha read more

Inspire (YEG)

You do more by being present and involved than you’ll ever fully know. Maybe today’s alarm was easy to turn off, maybe your legs felt like cinder blocks going up that hill, perhaps the cat kept you up with its need to play at 2 am, I bet you someone got up because they wanted to beat how far they got on the hill last time, or maybe simply you just wanted to be around a community. Whatever your reason was your presence provides the basis of others to participate too. We all have good days and off days but you are an inspiration regardless. read more