Gratitude (YEG)

In lots of the blogs I’ve written I’ve talked about how this collective community of individually amazing humans are the bedrock of why NPCan is around “it wouldn’t be possible without all of you.” That certainly hasn’t changed but what’s a bit more rare are actual call outs. Highlighting some individual actions that made me smile. To be super duper clear – your presence is enough. Being present is what makes people’s day and it is what allows people to form connections. If I didn’t include your name below that is not because I don’t see the hard work you put in. I see you. The complements I’m giving today are purely an effort to just give more compliments

  • Tim and Jenn – both of your advocacies for NPCan has see new members come and experience why it is so great. Your happiness is clearly infectious and I love it
  • Colin – I know you’ve been hard at work engaging your coworkers to #JustShowUp and it’s worked!
  • Tracey – the efforts you put into helping with social media is never overlooked
  • Maria – your focus on connecting groups and individuals is always inspiring. So cool to see the mural artists loving the shoutouts and workouts we’ve done
  • Cory – selflessly shovelling the stairs for everyone this morning filled my heart with so much joy, thank you again!
  • Christine – you are always willing to elevate awesome behaviour and that itself is awesome. Your actions inspired this blog
  • Kody – you showed up for your first time today and were willingly did a hot last lap with me – big kudos for putting in the work

Everyone who #JustShowsUp is amazing and whenever we can we should elevate and recognize each other more. I know I will try to.

Keep being awesome,



Fri – Walterdale hill

Mon – Joey Moss Mural (99st and 72ave) #MuralMonth

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