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In a recent town hall meeting with November Project Co-leaders, we split into breakout rooms and brainstormed some questions:

  1. What should NP do more of?
  2. What should NP stop doing?
  3. What are NPs biggest roadblocks?
  4. What do our members want?

We wanted to share these with you and have you reflect on your thoughts. Whether you started coming on the last workout before Covid, have only done virtual workouts, came to the very first Work it Yow workout, or if you haven’t been in years. We have given each of these questions thoughts, and hearing from other cities around the world also helps us to figure out the direction moving forward, and potential culture shifts that may need to take place.

What is the feeling you get when you visit another NP city? Do you get the same vibe? What creates that? Is it the morning piece? Is it the bounce? Is it the high fives? The hugs? The group picture at the end? The welcoming atmosphere? How can we still create that feel, and maintain a level of unity that makes this a global movement? And yet, there are some things that need to change, so what differences need to take place so we are doing what needs to happen at a local level to take steps forward?

As we have shared with you, the bounce is something that existed at the start of NP, when it was 1 city big. The purpose was to come together, get hyped for the workout and really make this workout thing a big deal. For us in Ottawa, it was a gathering point, a time when everyone comes together, it marks the starting point of the workout and sometimes if you’re running late, you may hear those voices a couple blocks away. You may even refer to your lateness, as “I always miss the the bounce”. But most importantly coming out of the bounce, is a time to connect, introduce yourself to someone new, or turn to two people you don’t know and introduce yourself and give them a huge or a high five. This connection is what we feel is the critical piece that maintains one of the main purposes of NP. You come as you are, you are welcomed, you step outside your comfort zone to meet someone new, and you slowly start to build relationships with people who you may never have otherwise met. What is it about the bounce for you? If we can’t have the “bring it in nice and close”, how do we shift so that we maintain a ritual, but keep things safe in what could be the new normal? Just some thoughts to leave you with.

Today we gathered over zoom, did a weird zoom bounce to gather, said hi to everyone on the screen and then started moving together. Breakout room attempt turned to whole group chaos and partner exercises and it was awesome. Hearing the pairs switching back and forth and encouraging each other along the way was a great reminder of that feeling of pushing one another to just keep moving. Wherever you were, somewhere on unsurrendered Algonquin territory, we appreciate the space that we use to move and connect. We are grateful for the conversations we have had and continue to have that help us to recognize our own shortcomings in lack of acknowledging this territory, as well as steps to move us forward.

We are here to have those conversations. Thank you for your openness and willingness. Here’s to bringing “soles” together.

Liz and Lauren


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3 Replies to “Questions (Ottawa)”

  1. The energy of the bounce is what makes NP unite and unique. And the gathering for the group pic, to share the satisfaction of getting another workout done.

    1. André, thank you for your comment and sharing. Both of these moments seem to bring us physically closer together.

  2. Thanks for this weeks blog! Reminiscing the “good old days” of bouncing and hugging brings back such comforting memories and excitement for when we can be together again.
    I really liked yesterday when we started off by saying good morning to everyone on the screen. Sometimes in person we don’t get a chance to say hello to EVERYONE incase someone is late or leaves early or your paths don’t cross. It is nice to hear someone else acknowledge you by name 🙂
    I have gone to Boston’s Monday workouts and they take time to say good morning at the beginning of each workout and it is super cool to have strangers say hi to me even though we have never met in person!
    To me, I have realized how important the coffee chats afterwards are. I come to NP for the community and connection. Having the time after the workout to connect with people makes such a big impact on how the rest of my day goes. All you people fill up my cup by just showing up.
    Oh, and I love the group pictures. I have them all saved on my computer under a “Community” folder.

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