With Great Opportunity Comes Great Responsibility

Winnipeg Notes:
– In person workouts resume Wednesday, May 27th
– Safety is our #1 priority
– We will be following and respecting Manitoba Government guidelines
– All workouts will be completely no contact
– Mandatory new waivers
-The group will be broken up into smaller groups
– The workouts will be posted the day before for more fluidity
– If you have any symptoms, stay home
– We will adjust and adapt as necessary

As most of you will have heard, on Wednesday, May 20th, the Provincial Government announced that on Friday, May 22nd, groups of 50 people are allowed to meet outside. After discussions amongst the Winnipeg leaders and discussions with NP HQ we have developed a plan to resume November Project workouts in our city.

We will be only the third November Project city around the world to resume workouts after Iceland and Hong Kong and the first city in North America. With this opportunity comes a responsibility that we do not take lightly. We have the opportunity to model safe in-person workouts for both the Winnipeg fitness community and the global November Project movement.

Going forward we plan to be as transparent as possible and we welcome you to reach out to us with your questions and concerns. We will continue to evaluate and change our new format as we iron out the kinks, and if you see anything at a workout that concerns you or that you think could be run more safely, please reach out to us.

We want you all to understand that our workouts are going to look differently for the foreseeable future and to adjust your expectations accordingly. We will continue to strive for challenging, fun workouts that help you feel connected to our group, but safety is our number one priority.

Here is what you can expect before, during and after our workouts:

Waivers are now mandatory, please click on the link below. When you show up to the workout, we will search your name on the waiver database, or you can show us your completed waiver on your phone (it will come to your email).


We will post the workout the day before so you know what to expect and the workout will flow more smoothly.
There will be no hugging, touching, open mouth kisses or partner exercises.
We will NOT meet at the Skatepark, going forward we will meet at the field in front of the CN Stage for more space.
We will not be doing a traditional bounce.
We will divide the group between the leaders into 2, 3 or 4 groups if necessary (Papa D will be helping us).
Each group will go to a separate part of the Forks area and complete the workout.

Friday workouts will continue to be at the Legislative building; we will meet at the same place as normal in the front and we will follow the Wednesday format outlined above.

Please complete the Shared Health Screening Tool at least once and then again if you have any changes (recent travel, new symptoms). If you answer yes to any of the questions, skip the workouts and come once you’ve been symptom-free for two weeks.

Please share this blog so that all our members can get all of the information before we resume workouts.

We are excited, we are nervous, we cannot wait to see you all again. We can do this. We can be an example of how to move forward safely.

It’s all happening.

Megan, Yvette, William (and Papa D)

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