NP is GOOD, Winnipeg is GOOD.

Winnipeg Notes
– Sunrise 6k – Friday, August 30 at the Legislature
– Backpack workout next Wednesday, Sept 4th
– Come to Summit Nov 15th-18th, 2019
– Positivity Award to Kyle

Big smiles on the start line of PR Loop.

Good Job everyone on crushing some beautiful PR’s yesterday! The feet were fast, the burpees were sharp and the tags were fresh!

Working hard or hardly working?

Tomorrow we have our final Sunrise 6k of the summer! After taking a field trip to Fortwhyte Alive for our second sunrise 6k, we are back to our regular stomping grounds and we will be racing along the river path starting at the Leg. We bounce at 6:14am like always. I am very excited to announce that we will have a guest Time Marshal tomorrow – Darren and he will even give us the pleasure of leading the Bounce! Darren, we are glad you’re here.

Be Loud. Be Strong. Be like Darren

Next Wednesday, Sept 4th, we will be doing a backpack workout. Bring a backpack, even two as I’m sure there will be a need. Fill it up, fill it halfway or keep it empty. Meet at the Skate Park at the Forks, business as usual.

SUMMIT NOVEMBER 15th-18th, 2019.
For those of you who don’t know what Summit is, it is an annual event to bring together members from all 52 November Project cities all around the world. This year it will be in Las Vegas, Nevada for the weekend of the Last Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon. Every summit has a race event included. You do not need to absolutely sign up for a race to come to Summit. Everyone and Anyone is welcome.

Come join all these beautiful people for a phenomenal weekend at Summit.

Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to run away to the sunshine in dark, gloomy November. When #weatherproof means making sure to apply some sunscreen instead of all 39 layers of socks you own. I know in Winnipeg it’s hard to feel connected to this global movement as the closest November Project city to us is an eight hour drive away. That being said, a big takeaway from Meeting of the Minds in Seattle was that November Project is the perfect catalyst to meeting incredible, inspiring, fun, adventurous and down to earth people from every corner of the globe. Seriously. This. Shit. Is. Good. So if I’ve even peeked your curiosity a little bit about this event, check out these links for info, and even to register for a race (I’m signed up for the half, please someone run it with me). There is also a cheap Swoop flight for those dates as of right now!
Also, final thought on Summit, there are a billion beautiful National Parks in the area that would be amazing to explore if anyone so desires to make this a longer trip!!!

Positivity Award this week was handed to Kyle Jaworski. Kyle has been crushing it at November Project since early 2019. He is super consistent at showing up, is a blast to hang out with at NP social events and has even brought us a great new recruit, Katrina! He has even taken some of the Friday workouts and done them a second time on the following Monday! Kyle, thank you for always motivating others, pushing hard during the workout and of course for having great hair. We are glad you’re here!

That’s it, that’s all. See you beautiful people tomorrow morning for a stellar sunrise!


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