Let me be Frank…..

PR day is definitely one of my favourites. I love seeing people at the start line. Nervous about lining up, giddy to have the flag go down, coming out hard and trying their best to hold on.
It’s a bit animalistic and I LOVE IT!!!

There are some people who don’t love it though. Whether they will ever be the fastest, or the most efficient burpee, or last the longest. read more

What does PR Day mean to you? (VB)

It seems like a lame question, but I am asking you to dig down a little deeper. Humor me for a few minutes. Yes, PR stands for Personal Record, and on this last Wednesday of every month, we collectively try to do our very best at a certain workout. Many people loathe the day, while others can’t wait to throw down. Sure, there are probably many of you that fall in the middle and could take it our leave it. But you have to agree that you all love that fresh new tag! read more

NP is GOOD, Winnipeg is GOOD.

Winnipeg Notes
– Sunrise 6k – Friday, August 30 at the Legislature
– Backpack workout next Wednesday, Sept 4th
– Come to Summit Nov 15th-18th, 2019
– Positivity Award to Kyle

Big smiles on the start line of PR Loop.

Good Job everyone on crushing some beautiful PR’s yesterday! The feet were fast, the burpees were sharp and the tags were fresh! read more

Weight Vest – Free with Membership

November Project San Diego

Let's not forget our roots. Come to work. Come to get fitter. Come to push yourself harder than you would by yourself or at any other workout. We tell you to "be happy" and "be bright." But don't forget that sandwiched right in the middle of it all is the call to "be strong."

November Project Asia (Part 2) – Miri, Malaysia, PR Day by Brogan Graham

Before the gun goes off on this piece of writing, this race of imperfectly lined up words, I’d like to mention to any new readers to my stories, that I write the way I think; All over the place, fast, often using wrong words, very passionate about NP, regularly jumping around in topics, sometimes jumbling the timeline, slipping in & out of reality, and many many more curveballs that may buck you off – This piece was 7 pages on Google Docs, and I cut none of it. If you take anything away from this blog post (WISCONSIN NOTES condensed table of contents here) it is that I miss the intensity that seemed to surround PR Day and am willing to travel to the other side of the planet to see if its there. The fact is, it is there, right there in the dark in Miri, Malaysia. Also, this isn’t your travel blog about the culture, the food, the sights to see, and why you should visit Malaysia this winter. This is a PR Day experience. I hope you enjoy November Project Asia Part 2 first, with Part 1 coming soon. See, I told you it wouldn’t be easy to follow. Good luck.
read more

Weatherproof (PVD)

The forecasts for this week called for rain, and rain was had.  In fact, “rain” doesn’t describe the amount of precipitation that took place.  Deluge seems a bit more accurate, because things got floody.

The sky leaked a little a lot

It was the type of day where you wake up, see the weather, and think “I’ll stay home.” Which was a terrible choice, frankly.  Because the rain made it SO.  MUCH.  FUN.   read more

A Little Closer!

November Project San Diego

We get together twice a week, but there’s always something about PR day that brings us just a little bit closer. That grind, that sweat – it’s hard, and there’s a solidarity to completing it.

So show up next week. Come back with that work horse mindset. You don’t want to miss it.

A few things we don’t want you to miss:

  • We said farewell to our beloved Kylee today. If you don’t know her, you’re missing out. She’s likely been coming to NPSD for longer than you or I… And we’ll miss her dearly.
  • NEXT MONDAY, July 2, we’re at the USS Recruit. We’re kicking off a month of BRIDGES in July. Just show up. 6:29 AM.
  • NPSD SOCIAL on Sunday, July 8 – Soccer Pick-Up, International Potluck, and Food Drive! Join the NPSD Social Hour group to get more details.
  • read more

    June Hype – Hills, Grassroots, Yearbook Photos (ATL)

    June is THE MONTH for hype at November Project ATL!

    How big? So many events we needed a blog to talk about them.

    Number one goal: Break 100! We did it for Global Running Day, let’s do it again! 

    In addition to our regular Wednesday and Friday workouts (always 6:27am) see below for special workouts and events!

    Find all our workouts here on Facebook or here on Google calendar.

    Sunday June 10

    Atlanta Streets Alive  | 4-8 PM 

    We’re an activity partner so we’ll be out hosting fun pop-up workouts all evening long! Check out the Interactive Map (may be live Thursday 6/7) to find out where we are! Somewhere by Centennial Park.

    Wednesday June 13 and Friday June 15

    To celebrate Pride Month here in ATL we’re tagging with limited edition rainbow #grassrootsgear! Bring a WHITE shirt – two days only!

    Saturday June 16

    She Moves Mountains East Coast + The North Face Launch Party | 6-9 PM | The North Face Store Buckhead

    Nearly one year ago She Moves Mountains held their first clinic at Smith Rock State Park. Over the last year, we have had over 300 women come to learn from us – empowering themselves by becoming self-sufficient rock climbers. Join us at The North Face store in Buckhead to meet the ladies and hear more about what they’re up to.

    Wednesday June 20

    Hillpine Hill Runs | 6:27 AM | Meet at Orpheus Brewing

    DIFFERENT WORKOUT LOCATION! We’re running Hillpine, a steep hill in Morningside neighborhood of ATL. We’ll meet near Orpheus brewing at our regular time. Here’s the meeting spot.


    Thursday June 21

    Sock Puppet Making Party (For Yearbook Photos) | 7 PM | Coco and Stein’s Apartment

    Yearbook photos are a November Project tradition – basically a headshot of all our kickass tribe members. Yearbook photos will be taken on PR Day, June 27th. Our theme is Sock Puppets. It can look like you, a pet, be a monster – whatever you want! Bring craft supplies & your favorite sock!

    Image may contain: one or more people, stripes and text

    Friday June 22

    Grady Stadiums with DJ Rob Sessions | 6:27 AM | Grady High School Stadium

    Who else can say they ran stadiums and got in a hardcore workout WITH a DJ spinning beats… at 6:27 am? NP in ATL…that’s who!

    Saturday June 23

    Bike. Run. Hike. Paddle. at Stone Mountain | 8:30 AM | Stone Mountain Park

    Bike 20 miles to Stone Mountain. Trail run 5 miles around the mountain. Hike 1 mile up and down the mountain. SUP on the lake. You pick – do it all or just do one activity! We’re partnering with Big Peach Running and Mountain High Outfitters for a fun day in the sun! If you’re biking, they will be leaving from Old Fourth Ward around 8:30 AM. Runners can meet at Stone Mountain starting at 10:30 AM. RSVP via the Facebook link AND Big Peach’s website here. Totally free, but please register for a SUP time slot on the event page.

    Also Saturday June 23- Sunday June 24

    Basecamp with The North Face | Chattanooga, TN 

    We’re the type of people that like to do a lot of activities on a weekend. Here’s an example. Directly from Stone Mountain, a group of us are carpooling up to Chattanooga to catch the tail end of Base Camp. Sunsets, music and outdoor vibes with NP Founder Brogan Graham.


    Sunday June 24

    Global #SportsBraSquad Day | 9 AM  | Big Peach Running Store Midtown 

    Join us at 9am on Sunday, June 24th at Big Peach Midtown for a 3 mile fun run and/or walk to celebrate Global #SportsBraSquad day! The #SportsBraSquad started as a way for women to ditch their shirts along with their insecurities, and show the world what strength looks like. In 2015, the National Eating Disorders Association found that 70% of women don’t like their bodies. 70%! That’s a disappointing and frustrating statistic and the only way we can combat the self-loathing and hatred women feel towards their bodies is to change the way we see strength.

    But ditching your shirt for the first time can be terrifying! That’s why on June 24th, Sports Bra Squads all over the world will be coming together to show the world that our bodies are strong as hell!Do you need to run in a sports bra? NO WAY! Only if you’d like to!

    Tuesday June 26

    Queen of Cream Ice Cream Run with Highland Runners read more

    Six Sick Sects

    Did you know that the ancient Babylonians based their mathematical system on the number 60, as opposed to the decimal system we use today? And that bees build their honeycombs using hexagons (aka six-sided figures)? Or that carbon, the basis for life as we know it, has an atomic number of 6?

    If we so desired, we could use a heximal system, based on the number six. Further, making this system modular (or circular, like time shown on a clock) would effectively create a world where sixes become tens and tens become meaningless. In this case, 4+2=0, just like 12=0 on a clock. This is a fitting representation of the madness that is running in circles.

    Since there are six unambiguous positions of the hand (fist, one finger extended, two, three, four, five), we could also use this system to easily use our hands to count 55 without interruption. For example, using the left-hand digits to represent the sixes and the right to represent ones, Andrew’s 31* laps (three left-hand digits, one right-hand digit) becomes 19 (3×6+1) in the decimal system. This is sadly less than our cowboy-clad criminal, Chuck. And actually, counting Chuck’s 24 laps in the heximal system shows that he actually ran 41 laps (25 = 4×6+1). Therefore, the bolo shall be returned and given to Chuck, the People’s Champ and now 3 or 4x something-something NP medalist. Annie, meanwhile, set a new course record with 42 laps, more than double Andrew’s effort.

    Does any of this make sense? No?

    I would also like to hear your thoughts on the best costume. Drop a comment in the Facebook album, and make sure to explain why it was Joee the Donut Fairy.


    We’re taking over the ASU-UofA game on Saturday, November 25. Tickets are $40 each, and we will be in Section 239. There will be a pregame tailgate – details to follow. To order, visit

    sundeviltickets.com read more

    Darling It’s Better in Cooler Weather, Take it From Me

    The stairs, they are always softer

    When you are not running up

    You dream about sleeping in yeah

    While the sun is coming up


    But this group it will infect you

    Out among the red-rock buttes

    Such wonderful things around you

    Where else would you rather scoot?

    Out at NP

    Out at NP

    Darling It’s Better

    In Cooler Weather

    Take it From Me

    With other groups you gotta pay

    For smelly dudes on too much whey

    While we be bouncin’

    With no financin’

    Out at NP


    Out here all the beats be happy

    Sunlight, so good for the soul

    Those locked in the gym ain’t happy

    Like goldfish stuck in their bowl


    They don’t know about #freefitness

    Which we so loudly exult

    What’s all of this high-5 business?

    I swear that it’s not a cult

    Out at NP

    Out at NP

    Oh so much fun yeah

    Songs, stairs and sun yeah

    No payment planning

    Just exer-tanning

    That’s why it’s better

    In perfect weather

    Out at NP