What does PR Day mean to you? (VB)

It seems like a lame question, but I am asking you to dig down a little deeper. Humor me for a few minutes. Yes, PR stands for Personal Record, and on this last Wednesday of every month, we collectively try to do our very best at a certain workout. Many people loathe the day, while others can’t wait to throw down. Sure, there are probably many of you that fall in the middle and could take it our leave it. But you have to agree that you all love that fresh new tag!

First PR Day, First #Grassrootsgear, OG Runnin Cousins

Ok back to PR Day. I remember my very first one back in 2017, as it was only my second ever workout. I listened to the instructions and thought, ehh this can’t be too bad, it’s only five laps, couple burpees, I got this. Shiiiiit! Coming up those back stairs, I was wrecked. I couldn’t make it up without stopping. I would stand at the top of the hill, hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath. After finishing it was confirmed, I hated PR Day!  Every month thereafter, it was my goal to run up the entire back stairs without stopping! And one day, it happened. Goal #1 achieved!  I moved to new goals, trimming seconds and then minutes off my time. Goal #2 achieved – shaved 3 mins. Then I focused on the burpees. How do I get them done faster, better? I hustled at every regular workout to perfect my burpee. Goal #3 achieved – took another minute off just by better burpee form.

Learning the art of PAINT

I would also get injured running on my own, which would take me out of the running for PR Day. So instead of staying home and feeling sorry for myself, I showed up. I volunteered to keep time, I learned the art of painting shirts, I cheered for my fellow members. Those mornings too were goals achieved.

We then went through many months of construction, new routes, closed stairs, no REAL PR’s since there was no consistency. As a leader, I hated it so much. I wasn’t able to give you all the same chances to test and conquer your goals. I was also tired of seeing the fast people done in 15 mins and then standing around for the rest of the time. I despised watching the newbies crawling to the burpee line while others just stood around, all attention on them, the last people.

That time we got some REAL “Personal Records”

Enough of that bullshit! Time for a change. So, we came up with the new PR Day route. Run the hill or the stairs, return to the top, 1 burpee = 1 lap. We would do this for time, 25mins to be exact. How many laps can you get? People would be running in opposite directions, able to see faces and encourage each other along the way. Running for time meant that no one had to stand around, no one knew what lap anyone else was on. There was no book of times with your name at the end, no online document with your time listed and extra comments added (2 laps only).

New Route, Up & Down the Hill of Trash!

The old way was Garbage! This new route symbolized everything that NP stands for. Still trying to work hard to achieve your goals, beating last months’ time if possible, encouraging your friends, and getting a killer workout! This is what PR Day success means.

So, as your co-leader, I have to say, I am so inspired. Goal #4 achieved! PR Day is everything I dreamed it could be. Seeing everyone out there racing hard, digging into that mountainside and crushing their goals. Keep bringing it friends, each and every PR Day. You never know just who you are inspiring!

~Love, Jill

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