March Madness, NPDC style (DC)

Three people in onesies cheer on runners at the Marine Corps Marathon.
Yeah… March is gonna be something.

“March Madness.”

You’ve maybe heard the term. There’s this crazy basketball tournament that happens during this month every year, causing heartbreak and elation, destroying productivity across the American landscape, and exhausting minds, legs and wallets. It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s been around for a while.

Well, hate to say it, but March ain’t seen nothing yet (excuse the grammar, Mom). This March, we’re taking the madness to another level with NPDC for 31 consecutive days.


YES, you heard that correctly — November Project DC for not one, not two, not seven, but 31 days. Some NP cities do weeks of 5 straight workouts. We just decided, why not try it for a month!? Small difference, right?

The best part about this month is how many different people have already verbaled to contribute to/lead the events (more on that below). Also, per usual, each and every day is scalable to what you can and/or want to do. Interested in joining for a track Tuesday but not feeling 400s? No worries — come to run stairs, hills, or work out on the field. Not interested in a Saturday run but vibing with that post-run coffee? I hear you! Rendezvous with the runners afterward.

Whatever you’re into, whatever your friends are into, this month of March will build off the community you’ve all created in DC and show, we’re confident, just how strong, together and FUN we all are. We’re guessing that with enough folks to go around, you won’t quite be sick of NP by March 31. And if you are, it’s cool. Take a day off, or three.

OK, read on, because there are DETAILS. Just a few of ’em.


Google Calendar
Never has the NPDC Google Calendar been more important! Simply add it to your calendar, bookmark it, etc., and you’ll be in the know. All workouts, locations and links are on the calendar.

Calendar in image form (download this, share it to your socials, print it out, etc)

Day-by-day format
Here’s how the month works in formulaic terms:

— Mondays: NP, 6:30, Meridian/Malcolm X; U.S. Capitol last Monday
— Tuesdays: Track with Austin and Ryan, 6:30, Cardozo
— Wednesdays: NP, 5:30/6:20, Lincoln
— Thursdays: Guest leader workouts, 6:30, locations change each week
— Fridays: NP, 6:30, new location each week
— Saturdays: Runs/special events, see calendar, 8am (unless noted)
— Sundays: Lower-key, mostly non-running events, see calendar, 9am


Still have questions? Read on!

Where else can I follow March Madness?
First off, just a reminder before you slide into our DMs or FB message us about the Google Calendar, the Google Calendar image (above), AND this blog. That’s a trifecta of resources to direct you, your friends, your dog, your parents from out of town, whoever, throughout the month. You can also follow along throughout March on our socials:

Speaking of social media, what hashtag can I use throughout the month?

I’m planning on going to all 31 days. Will there be a prize for that?
First off, pride. Secondly, massive hugs/high 5s, and thirdly, a pair of Brooks running shoes. Yeah, THAT’S RIGHT! Free shoes are on the line. As long as you #JustShowUp for whatever part of a day’s activity that you can, it counts. PS: We love the ambition!

Does the mantra #JustShowUp still work for the non-traditional workouts?
YES! Every day of March is #FreeFitness and the only day you need to register for is the HerStory 5K by DPR on March 7 which, again, is $0.00. Just show up!

So, for those non-MWF workouts, can I just show up late? More chill, nah?
NAH. You can and should expect almost every March event to follow a typical NP format. If it’s a 6:30 workout on a Tuesday or Thursday, it’s starting at 6:30. If it’s an 8am run on a Saturday, it’s beginning at 7:59am. In other words, don’t be late!

PS: Per usual, we’d expect many workouts/events to have post-coffee hangouts. As is custom, members informally organize these.

What other NP city did you get this idea from?
None. This is the first time it’s ever been done worldwide. Be a part of history, DC!

When does this start again?
Sunday, March 1. ARE YOU HYPE YET??

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