Some final words: Keep moving, keep connecting (DCA)

My first bounce ~4 years ago. No idea what I did.

Dear November Project DC community (and greater NP world),

I love you. I’m also not going anywhere. I’m simply ending my four-year term as a leader of this incredible movement (OK, I got the bad political parallel joke out of the way already). This Friday, 9/25/2020, marks four years since the first time I stood in front of you at Janney Elementary School in Tenleytown. The approximately 624 workouts since then plus some pretty hilariously crazy events have been a blur — the absolute best of blurs. In a chaotic, scary, uncertain world, NP has always been that steadying force, that constant reminder of good and happiness and connection. Every member of the community makes this a reality; I am so glad you are here! read more

Not clowning around — Positivity Award winner Carrie Clowney strives to make a difference, connect during quarantine (DC)

Yesterday, we surprised Carrie Clowney outside of her building — as she returned from a morning bike ride — with the Positivity Award in a socially distanced presentation. Big thanks to Austin MacDougall for doing the behind-the-scenes work to help us plan it and film it. Carrie has been a consistent force of good during quarantine in the NPDC world. She brings positive vibes to the daily Zoom plank + coffee calls, she’s delivered baked goods to friends, she’s connected with NP folks from other cities and more. This award is long overdue! Enough from us, though. Hear from/get to know Carrie below.

How does it feel to be the first NPDC quarantine recipient of the Positivity Award?
 I feel honored! I think we’ve done a great job of finding ways to stay connected with NP through quarantine – virtual workouts, virtual coffee, virtual happy hours – so it seems fitting that we bring back one of the last parts of NP that hasn’t gone virtual, the Positivity Award! I think Mary (Finkebone) stated it nicely on Facebook, we need the Positivity Award more than ever now that we are physically separated from each other.   read more

March Madness, NPDC style (DC)

Three people in onesies cheer on runners at the Marine Corps Marathon.
Yeah… March is gonna be something.

“March Madness.”

You’ve maybe heard the term. There’s this crazy basketball tournament that happens during this month every year, causing heartbreak and elation, destroying productivity across the American landscape, and exhausting minds, legs and wallets. It’s cool. It’s fun. It’s been around for a while. read more

We Stan for Spigelman (DC)

Alex stands in front of a metal Joan of Arc statue holding the PA, a wooden rowing oar handle.
Alex and Joan of Arc: Two pillars of NPDC

ALEX SPIGELMAN. We could probably write a novel about this dude and why he’s deserving of the Positivity Award. Whether it’s pushing others around him by beast-moding every.damn.workout, giving words of encouragement, offering to help us behind the scenes, providing insightful sports commentary, or simply asking how someone’s day is (and actually caring about your answer) — this guy is all-around incredible. He embodies everything that November Project is about, and we’re proud to have him as a part of the NPDC community. Did I nearly cry when we gave him the Positivity Award? MAYBE, but that’s besides the point. Alex answered some questions so you could get to know him a little better, because honestly, everyone in the world should have the pleasure of knowing him. read more

Buzzin' (DC)

The sun rises over Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

If you, like me, spent a lot of time burning mix CDs to put into your parents’ 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue during the late 2000s and the early aughts, you hopefully know the value of this Schwayze banger. If you don’t, take three minutes and give it a listen, I guarantee you’ll be Buzzin’ by the end. read more

He couldn't sleep one morning, then found NP — Mike's story of Positivity

Last week to kick off the new year, we gave out the Positivity Award to Mike Deloge, a stalwart source of good vibes in the NP community. Without further ado, get to know Mike (and find him at your next workout).

Mike stands with the Positivity Award in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

How, when and where were you introduced to November Project? 
In May of 2018 I went to bed one night thinking, “I should join a running group to stay motivated and keep active.” Whenever I’d thought about running groups in the DC area, though, I thought of some of my friends who are strong, fast runners — words that I would not use to describe myself in any way — and had been intimidated by even considering joining a running group for fear of not keeping up. The next day I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and, unable to fall back asleep, decided to run down to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sun rise. Waiting to cross Constitution Avenue around 5:15 a.m., two young ladies — who later introduced themselves to me as Noli and Kate — asked me if I was going to NP and when I didn’t know what it was, they told me to join them and thought, “Well, why not?” read more

2019 best of — it was a custard chasing, snow shoveling, world champion just showing up kinda year

Lots of runners during the Custard Chase.

Hot dang — we’ve been compiling our favorite NP memories since 2016, and each and every year somehow tops the last. We say it all the time, but workout after workout, week after week, NP revolves around the hardworking and dedicated people who come out. People who show up for one another when it’s scorching hot in the summer, or we’re racing around a track eating custard, or it’s snowing and we make y’all shovel the bike lane on 15th Street. A few highlights are included, but simply, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (and all the social events), are really special. Thanks for showing up for us and one another. We look forward to another dope year in 2020.  read more

LFG, November Project DC

Winter Clothing Drive with Kelley O’Hara

It’s not every day that a World Cup champion / Olympic gold medalist / professional soccer player slides into your DMs, but when Kelley O’Hara reached out to us a couple weeks ago, Maria, Jake and I were shaking with excitement (okay, I won’t speak for them, but this former soccer player and USWNT stan was celebrating full on Brandi Chastain style in her office).  read more

NP SUMMIT journal — reflections from a November Project kinda weekend in The Vegas

A large group photo after a Kesha concert.
Just a small NP picture after a Kesha concert in Vegas.

What happens in Vegas … will not stay in Vegas — at least not in the NP world. Last weekend, a fearless group from DC joined hundreds of others decked out in grassroots gear representing 52 cities from around the world at the 7th annual November Project SUMMIT. To say this was a different kind of Vegas trip would be an understatement. Sure, there were pools and perhaps some gambling, but mostly there was a lot of running, hugging, high-fiving and community. We asked those who made the trip to sum it up succinctly or with a favorite memory, and to send us a picture. Here goes. read more