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If you, like me, spent a lot of time burning mix CDs to put into your parents’ 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue during the late 2000s and the early aughts, you hopefully know the value of this Schwayze banger. If you don’t, take three minutes and give it a listen, I guarantee you’ll be Buzzin’ by the end.

So, fast forward from my time as a high-school passenger seat dj, to this very morning, floating home from Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park. Y’all, I was STRAIGHT BUZZING. Buzzin’ feels like some combination of total elation combined with bees inhabiting your insides (not in the gross weird way like in horror movies but like a tingling sensation coursing from head to toe).

The first time I felt the buzz was after my very first NP. I was biking back up to Capitol Hill and I could not wipe the dumb grin off my face for the life of me — and I noted this constant vibration running through me with every pedal stroke. The sensation continued on well after I was seated at my cubicle and daydreaming in meetings. It was as if all of the energy and hype from the entire workout was bottled in my 5’9″ frame — you know those models from science class where all the molecules are bumping into one another? It’s like that.

What causes you to catch the Buzz? From my experience there are a multitude of factors — it could be a workout where we push really hard, driving everyone together by the shared feeling of effort; it could be a perfect weather morning (kind of like today); maybe there’s a hype-as-heck bounce that gets everybody fired up, or there’s flat-out awesome energy coming from the group. Point is, there are myriad ways to get a buzz.

The interesting piece is, I often don’t realize I’m buzzing until I’m running or biking away from the workout — flying off the curb or just floating down hills — and then I have some time to ruminate on what exactly I’m feeling. This AM had a lot going for it — two guest leaders who absolutely crushed it, unseasonably warm temps that hit the sweet spot between freezing cold and unbearably hot, but, undeniably, I think the thing that gave me my buzz this AM were the rock-solid interactions I had with other people. Getting to chat with Natalie and Dr. Cain about the 50K they crushed over the weekend, checking in with Ana about the status of an ankle injury and how classes were going, seeing MY DUDE Emily Stets back killing it after yelling/recruiting her on Rock Creek Parkway this weekend, absolutely swelling with pride watching Dustin ‘Doc’ Renwick and Chris Jolly hustle through the park, physically bumping into an old coworker while hugging during the bounce, getting to high five people crossing 15th Street so hard it stung. Running home from the workout, piecing together these little moments, feeling the imaginary bees doing their dance under my skin, FUCK if that ain’t why we get up and do this.

There’s a line in Summer, Highland Falls by Billy Joel (another Oldsmobile banger), “But we are always what our situations hand us// it’s either sadness or euphoria.” Respectfully to Mr. Joel, I believe there’s a little daylight between just sadness or just euphoria, but I appreciate the point he’s making. Thinking through the seasons of our lives, and understanding and appreciating that we all go through tough times, it feels so damn good when you lift your head up and feel that metaphorical sunshine soaking your skin (or in my case, like a literal ton of bees buzzing all up in you). It’s okay for there to be tough times, and I love that buzzin’ feeling so much more because of them.

So, next time you’re biking/jogging/roller skating away from a workout, do a pulse check. What felt good? What felt strange? What made you smile? I sincerely hope a few of you will report back getting a buzz, and we’re gonna keep doing everything we can to keep that buzz alive.

buzz buzz, much love DC


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