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Hello, I am Chris, you know the quiet guy in the back, who is a little or maybe really socially awkward. 

Our Friend Chris

Don’t you just love it when someone says, “You have potential”?   Back in high school I ran track and played football. I will always remember my high school coach said that phrase to me.  After football practice one hot summer day, he was talking to the team.  He was giving players kudos here and there, then he calls my name and said,  “Chris has ‘Potential”.  What does that really mean?  I did not think about it much that day or the rest of my high school days.

However, over the last 20 years or so I have thought about that one word “Potential”, off and on.  What does that mean you have “Potential”? The definition of potential: ADJECTIVE is having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.  It means you have the ability to pursue and conquer anything you put your mind to.

It means you have gifts and talents dormant waiting to be manifested. It means you have the ability, which may be just under developed. On the other hand, is it simply having the courage to live out one’s personal dreams, perhaps an impossible one that one shall never attain but still a dream dreamed with courage. It is a dream that one attempts to bring to reality, no matter how likely to fail.

So living out your potential is in the striving, in the trying, or at least daring to. It lies in following your heart, in daring to fight your own personal battle, in striving to bring your own personal dream to life.

Many people go to their grave with potential. If we are aware of the potential that is locked within each one of us crying out for exposure and ready to be fulfilled, how do we release it? Do you know what your potential is in life? What keeps us from reaching our potential? It could be lack of pursuing, knowledge or fear of failure. It could be holding on to internal excuses. It could be our goals are small and do not test our limits. We must be willing to identify it, claim it, plan it, start it, support it, practice it and have gratitude for it. In order to reach that potential, we must go through a transformation. 

Chris Crushing It (As Usual)

My transformation started a little over 11 months ago when I just showed up to November Project Virginia Beach.  I was scared walking up that hill to be greeted by all these fit people, who all looked fast AF!  Every one of them helped me to develop and finally realize my potential.  Just showing up week after week, surrounding myself with talented people makes me believe in myself.  I think this is what made it click for me, just believe in yourself and don’t fear failure.  Use failure as a tool, a stepping-stone, a building block to reach your ultimate potential. 

Lastly, when you find your tribe, cherish it.  This Virginia Beach November Project Tribe will bring out the best in you!  They challenge you; they encourage you, they make you believe in yourself and they cheer you on!  This tribe is strong.  Thank you for making this guy believe in himself. ~ Chris C.

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