skating, skating on the Rideau Canal(Ottawa)

Swimming, swimming Skating, skating
In a swimming pool On the Rideau Canal
When days are hot
When days are cold
In a swimming pool On the Rideau Canal

These first five lines almost perfectly depict this mornings events. Hence, why we highly encourage you to listen to this song once or maybe twenty times throughout your day. But out on the Rideau Canal, under the Patterson Creek bridge we met on skates. Some of us skated for the first time this year and some of us even went out and bought ourselves some skates last night.

When February rolls around here, we know we can expect unpredictable weather, shovelling, longer sunlight days and outdoor winter activities. Ottawa is a city that embraces the culture of enjoying winter. In various corners of the city you will find fat bikers riding trails, cross country skiers along the Sir John A MacDonald parkway, running groups hitting the pavement and commuting skaters. That’s right, we have it all here right in this city. And this morning was another highlight that we can add to the list of: Uniquely Ottawa’s Best

It is unique because in what other city can you gather under a bridge that you were running across last week and now be standing underneath on frozen water. Smiles are not frosty and nor is the air, it’s actually quiet warm once you gather in close for the bounce. Once making your way out from under Patterson Creek you then face the Rideau Canal and the Flora footbridge which becomes your turning point and skating or running marker for this morning. Again, we shouldn’t have to say it but where else can you do this? You may have hesitated to head to one basket versus the other but end up completing more ice angles in skates than you ever thought was possible.

Then to top off the morning and make it snow positivity we handed out the Positivity Award. This recent recipient is Alex. Born from Ottawa she enjoys showing up and embracing those around her. She personifies what we believe are pillars of November Project; accountability, positivity and community.

With 28 days this month we have two or three less days than most months. However, with this year being a leap year we actually have one more day in February. Now are you looking at the glass half full or half empty? Look at it whichever way you’d like but know that mornings like today were made that much better because you decided to show up.

thank you for sharing your morning with us.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


  1. We are at the Supreme Court next week it will be full of LOVE.
  2. Saturday, February 15th 8AM November Project On Ice click the link to register and find out about this once in a year event!
  3. Monday, Febraury 17th is a Holiday POP UP workout taking place at the Aberdeen Pavilion #winthemorningwintheday
  4. BUFFS are still going like Hotcakes $5 will protect your face, neck, your ears or even your eyes.

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