A Guest Blog – Meet Alex (Ottawa)

Alex reached out to us about a women in sport event she was helping out with and to see if we may be keen to get involved. We often will be excited to chat about new ideas that come forth, and will suggest they show up to NP, come workout with us, and go for coffee to chat more about it. So that’s exactly what she did. And then I’m pretty sure she has showed up basically every Wednesday she is town since. We’ve been able to see Alex’ role in the community evolve through time. We’ve seen her take on the lead of welcoming newbies, of being a consistent encourager of others, of inviting others to coffee, just to make sure they know it’s available post workout. She makes this community we share stronger, and through these isolated and challenging times, we still get to see her smiling face on Zoom, still lighting up the morning for others. Thanks for showing up Alex and for continuing to make us better. read more

Unlock Your Potential – Guest Blog (VB)

Hello, I am Chris, you know the quiet guy in the back, who is a little or maybe really socially awkward. 

Our Friend Chris

Don’t you just love it when someone says, “You have potential”?   Back in high school I ran track and played football. I will always remember my high school coach said that phrase to me.  After football practice one hot summer day, he was talking to the team.  He was giving players kudos here and there, then he calls my name and said,  “Chris has ‘Potential”.  What does that really mean?  I did not think about it much that day or the rest of my high school days. read more

Grand chelem de Montréal Grand Slam – Guest post [MTL]

Grand chelem de Montréal Grand Slam logo
Grand chelem de Montréal Grand Slam

November Project has always been about making our cities more connected through free all-level fitness.
So when Florent & Fauve told us they wanted to launch a little challenge to get people moving and try to go visit a different running club int he city every day for a week, I immediately thought it was an amazing idea. Now, a couple of weeks later, they have organized a full-out open challenge for everyone with some cool prizes to win.
I’ll let the two of them explain in both anglais et French, in good Montréal fashion!
– Laurent
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"I wish I could do that" Guest Blog (VB)

Sometimes you need to see a lot of sunsets before you finally see a sunrise. What last year taught me was immeasurable. 

I lost my soulmate in February. He was always by my side for the last 16 years. Max was my dog, my best friend, my fur child, and after his passing, I was lost, empty, scared and my instinct was to hide and to only see the darkness. But my November Project Virginia Beach Tribe and my “Hills and Thangs” NP group were there for me and they NEVER let me go down that path. It was even more amazing that just a few of them knew what happened, but they all helped me heal with their hugs, words, and support. 
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Resilience (and so much more)

Welp, it’s that time of year. Presents have been opened, the holiday parties have ended, crazy family members are working their way home and we’ve all got a few more days to think about the past year and contemplate what we’d like to do different, better, more/less of in 2020. I KNOW all of you have “Make it to more NPSD workouts” on your 2020 resolutions list. But why is that? What is it that keeps so many of us coming back each week/month/year? Even when work or life keep us away for longer than we’d like, that first Wednesday morning you come back after an extended break reminds us why showing up at 6:29 each week is not only about the sprints and burpees you’ll evidently have to throw down. read more

Home is where… (Guest Blog) – VB

PA Winner – Elizabeth

For most of my life, I called Northern Virginia home. I was born there, grew up there, went to school, etc. Whenever someone would ask me where I was from, I’d say Northern Virginia.  Arguably the best part of Virginia….or so I thought until recently.

In 2016, I took a new position within the university I worked for and moved to Virginia Beach. I already had some great friends living there, but I knew I wanted to venture out into my new hometown to see what it had to offer.  I joined an amazing book club but was still looking for some way to stay active. read more

Bad Break Up (Guest Blog) – VB

Our love started in the spring of 2003.  It was a hot flame that burned fast and bright.  It’s all I could talk about, the relationship consumed me and my life revolved around it.  I kept wanting more from the relationship and kept pushing for it to go further.  Every decision that I made was designed to keep this relationship strong; what I ate, when I went to sleep, my weekend plans, what I spent my money on, and eventually even my career.  I would drive at ungodly hours to meet up with strangers that I met online.  I was changing my clothes in public restrooms.  Friends who didn’t want any part of it, fell by the wayside.  I started hanging out with completely different people.  My family couldn’t understand why I was obsessed, but for me it was crystal clear.  I was completely infatuated and in love.  This relationship became my identity, it’s who I was.  Even now, after the break-up, I’m still holding on to feelings.  I still hold hope that we can reunite one day.  read more

“Akwo Tacos” Guest Blog Matt M (VB)

This one is for all the quiet and shy people. The introverts. The socially awkward. The awko tacos. The loners. The people at social gatherings that go straight to the back and hide in the corners away from everyone else.

This one is for all the people that dread early mornings. The night owls. The people that set a bajillion alarms and press snooze a million times. read more

Love Letter to NP – A Guest Blog by Robin Schuhmann (VB)

I’ve been contemplating writing this blog for some time and had even started it a few times but I couldn’t quite make up my mind about what to write.  Originally, I had planned to write about my struggles with obesity, anxiety, depression and other life hurdles that have made things challenging for me over the years and how joining the Virginia Beach November Project tribe has been life altering.  All of this is true of course but I realized something…this isn’t just about me…this is about something greater than all of us.  This blog entry is dedicated to a concept that all of us yearn for as human beings, a concept that binds us together with bonds stronger than steel but more flexible than rubber, a concept that allows us to thrive in an environment of love and support.  This concept may not be the reason most of us starting coming to November Project, but it is almost certainly the reason most of us keeping coming back:  Fellowship. read more