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PA Winner – Elizabeth

For most of my life, I called Northern Virginia home. I was born there, grew up there, went to school, etc. Whenever someone would ask me where I was from, I’d say Northern Virginia.  Arguably the best part of Virginia….or so I thought until recently.

In 2016, I took a new position within the university I worked for and moved to Virginia Beach. I already had some great friends living there, but I knew I wanted to venture out into my new hometown to see what it had to offer.  I joined an amazing book club but was still looking for some way to stay active.

I don’t know which one of us saw it first, but my friend Jordan and I decided to finally check out this thing called November Project. We knew it was all over social media and free and we just needed to show up at the top of the steps of Mount Trashmore at way too early in the morning.  We were both late.  I think I arrived to the end of the bounce and then people hugging each other.  WHAT THE HELL WAS HAPPENING?!?  Why were these crazy people so perky at 0615? Why are they hugging each other? Is this a cult?

I quickly found out that November Project is the best thing ever.  Jordan and I decided to go to all five days of hell week and I was hooked! I soon began going to both Wednesday and Friday morning workouts where I met the amazing sub-groups, Hills and Thangs and Swim Team.  I began to look forward to working out and having fun almost every morning in the week.  November Project made Virginia Beach feel like home to me.

Hills and Thangs Run the Rainbow

Then, everything changed.  I accepted a new position with my university which would take me to the Middle East.  From the moment I announced that I was interviewing to when I moved my NPVB family supported me throughout my whole journey. (Shout out to Pete for the best pre-interview hashtags, #justshowup #takingeuropebystorm and #makethisinterviewyourbitch).

My H&T family provided me with my own copy of the November Project book and had the whole tribe sign it.  Dolo and Steve even took it to San Diego and had Brogan sign it.  (by the way, yes there were tears when I read the amazing notes and hashtags throughout the book).  The book and notes got me through missing my tribe and home.  I am also very thankful for social media.  I follow my tribe to see what workouts they’re doing, maybe I can do something similar in the desert?


While I may not be able to complete the workouts with my tribe, I have brought with me to the Middle East, love and pride.  I greet everyone with a smile, high five, and/or polite word (and depending on the situation…Fuck Yeah).  Now, when someone asks where I am from, I easily and happily say, Virginia Beach. Love, Elizabeth

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