The Greatest Skate

Winnipeg Notes:
-Sneaky PR
Great Skate, Sunday February 2, 2020
-Christmas day and New Years Day, workouts, 6:59am at the Forks
-the Great Skate is coming
-winter is here

This morning was a cold one, we pulled out a sneaky PR, y’all ran up, and then back down and repeated it. I love a PR week, and this was the last one of 2019, and we made it count!

Wilton passed off the Shabooya to angel voiced Ollie today, Ollie is a stalwart or NP YWG scene, Oliver, we are glad that you are here.

I asked the Great Skate Don, Papa D to write up a lil blog about the Great Skate, and here it is:

Hey folks. Skater D here, Megan asked me to write up a guest blog about The Great Skate, so here it is. 

The Great Skate will be in its fifth rendition this year, and it has grown and evolved over the years. This year there will be some big changes, one of the main changes being the possibility that there might not be a river trail to race on. I know, no one wants that to be the case, but we did some brain storming and came up with a pretty solid back up plan. I’ll get into that shortly. Bear in mind, The Forks will be doing everything they can to have a river trail if it is safe and possible to do so. Chances are, we won’t know until mid-January.

The Prairie Summit Shop (TNF Winnipeg) will be sponsoring the event again, I think for the fourth consecutive year, and Geoff has helped me come up with ideas for how to run the race as a timed event.  We’ve added categories, and he will have pretty great prizes for all four categories (top three male and female in both distances). 

There will also be a great prize for the top fundraiser, and right now I’m winning. Don’t let me win guys. Please go to to create a profile and raise some donations. I figured if I continued on with the planning and execution of The Great Skate, I wanted it to be raising some funds and awareness for a local charity. I chatted with Megan about some different ideas, and The Dream Factory fit the bill for several reasons. Her brand-new brother-in-law Andrew works at the charity, so she knows first-hand what happens there. It’s different from Make a Wish/Children’s Wish (they are one and the same now) as the funds raised go towards kids right here in our community. Kids that are battling lifelong illnesses. If you’ve been around since the beginning of NP Winnipeg, you’ll also understand why this is close to the heart for us.  

We set our fundraising goal at $2,500 and I think we can hit that. The goal is to have $10 from everyone’s registration fee go towards the fundraiser, which would put us at $1,500 already if we get 150 racers. We may be able to do more, depending on what the final costs are to us for chip timing, medals, and brunch. 

The registration fee is $40 and it includes chip timing, brunch from Tall Grass Prairie, race medal from Huron Woodworkers and the rest goes straight to the charity. It also goes towards booking the south hall at The Forks, which is a cost we haven’t had to cover in the past. 

Right now, all of these deposits are going on to my credit card, so I am really banking on everyone still registering and coming out for this fun event and to support The Dream Factory. Andrew is working on bringing out some special guests to the event as well, but we can’t make any promises yet. 

Now for the back up plan. I know when I say the words time trial, you all probably get PTSD of running around the loop once, twice, sometimes thrice.  Good, that’s called pavlovianconditioning. If there is no river trail, we will start the race an hour earlier, and we will use the trails on land. You’re probably wondering how 150 people can all skate on that trail at once, as it is only the width of a sidewalk. We will achieve this through a time trial set up in the true sense of a time trial (we’ve been doing it wrong all of these years!) Racers will be seeded according to the speed they selected during registration, starting with fast to slow so there is minimal passing required, and we will have someone start every 30 seconds (or 20, we need to run some trials before the real trial). The course will be an out and back from the CN rink, and it will be at least 1km, longer if there are more trails available. This is also why we need to limit the registration to 150 racers this year. 

We will email out more specific details closer to the race day in the case that we do plan B, including registration time, race time and where to go, but for now you just need to know that we’ve got a plan. Pray to the river and ice gods that we do have a river trail, but if we don’t, it will still be a great morning of fun and competition. 

Go to to register and make sure you reserve a spot. If you don’t want to race, I still encourage you to get involved; create a profile, come be a race marshal, or volunteer in some capacity. Jen and Nadim, the longest serving NP leaders (ever) have already booked their flights to come for the third straight year. Get fired up!

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