2020: A Change in Direction

An Ode to Rash Field Stairs

November Project foundations were built on creating community and exploring your city through free early morning workouts. Most cities have an iconic meetup spot that November Project claims as their unofficial home. In Baltimore, we have loved being guests to the dynamic Rash Field on Wednesdays, and to the hills at Patterson Park on Fridays. Rash Field, which has held our mid-week workouts for almost six years, will undergo construction starting next month. The construction plan has given us a chance to reflect on our goals as community moving forward: what does hosting a workout in a particular space mean to us; what space has the capacity to be accessible and dynamic; will the people still come (yes, the answer, we hope, is always yes). One thing we kept coming back to is that we spend a majority of our time working out in the southern portions of the city. While we love Rash Field (and Patterson Park), it’s not fully representative of the city as a whole: there are so many amazing neighborhoods that we, as November Project, have never adventured through. After months (years!?) of considering where we should relocate, we have come up with an alternate plan for 2020. Because no one venue has been superior to others….

A home within a home: the pavilion

In 2020, November Project Baltimore will move our Wednesday workouts around the city: four locations (North, East, South, West), one for each quarter of the next year. For three months, we will have a home-base located in one of the general directions of the city. Official home-base locations coming SOON. We are super excited to use this as a way to collaborate with our members that live in these neighborhoods, to reach people who haven’t yet discovered the excitement of November Project, and to support local businesses. We are talking: coffee shops for post workout coffee and breakfast, happy hours in the evening in nearby neighborhoods, and reaching out to existing/budding/up-and-coming community groups to promote our workouts. We are happy to coordinate this ourselves but would love to have your help if you’re interested. Do you have contacts and/or live in the areas we are moving to…?! Please let us know if you have some ideas!! 

Because we know this is a pretty big jolt in the world of #np_bal, we are going to start with a small move for the first quarter. For the first three months of 2020 (January —> March), you will find us up at Federal Hill Park, same time (5:30a & 6:30a) as always.

First Quarter Fun: Fed Hill

Secdond to lastly, but not leastly, despite our midweek changes and because of our quarterly exploration, Fridays will remain at Patterson Park, every week. We are going to discontinue the “traveling Friday” on the last day of the month. So say it with me, EVERY FRIDAY you can find us at Patterson Park!

Change is hard, but we hope you will embrace this new beginning with us. Let us know if you have local contacts, general comments, (high compliments??), and new community members who you think would like to (FINALLY) join the fun!

x’s and boh’s

Bryson, Kaye, & Harkies

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