November Project People: Rosanne Libretti (BOS)

This is the 5th installment of the regular feature on NP_BOS blog called November Project People (NPP). NP members interview other NP members, and we all get to know each other a bit better. #community

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Interview with Rosanne Libretti by Janet Domenitz

Why do you come to NP?

At Brandeis, I was on the rowing team. After I graduated, I realized I had trouble working out without  a group. Some of my teammates had gone to NP, and occasionally I went with them, but I didn’t like it. I’m slow, I don’t like running, and I’m not a hugger.

Then why did you end up coming to NP?

My desire to be on a team, and to be part of a community, took hold. I eventually started making friends at NP. (Note from Janet: Rosanne and I had a sidebar discussion of whether a team and a community  are synonyms. Rosanne said, they are more like squares and rectangles—they are different but there is a Venn diagram in there).

Please tell me a bit of your story

I was born in Brooklyn. Oldest of 6. Started rowing in high school—high school was good. I went to Brandeis in part because I have aunts who live in Boston. I started off majoring in anthropology and then switched to psychology.  I also liked religious studies. Rowing was a major part of my life. I also joined SciFi/fantasy reading club—‘nerd culture’—I still love that. Nate has also been a big part of my life—we have been together since 2013. Nate [Ennis] also goes to November Project. (Editors note: I think Rosanne likes stories—the way she described the switch from anthro to psych, and her interest in religious studies—to me the Venn diagram there is “life has stories”).

After Brandeis I worked for a bit and then got a masters in forensic psychology as it applies to the law and law enforcement.

How is your life most different after starting  NP?

I am more comfortable around strangers. I am more comfortable hugging, talking to strangers. When I first started coming regularly, I would go straight from the workout to sit in my car and decompress. All the ‘good chaos’ comes more easily to me now.

What is your NP routine?

I am pretty consistent about Wednesdays. I used to be better about Fridays but I still come. Mondays I try, more occasionally.

What makes you laugh?

Nate! (Editor’s note: Rosanne and Nate seem to have a truly nice flow together)

What’s something you are really proud of?

My master’s degree. I had a failed a class in undergrad—and I thought I wouldn’t make it to grad school. I ended up winning  an award as part of a team doing research—I am proud of that.

What are a few other ‘topline’ things we should know?

-I love food, been a vegetarian my whole life

-I lost a brother (editor’s  note: so did I, and this is a sad bond between us)

-I love color

If you don’t know Rosanne, (or her interviewer, Janet) please make a point to say hello, to share a story, ask a question, or simply enjoy a workout together. They both make this community stronger, more positive, and overall — better! We’re glad you’re both here.


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