Tis the season to be jolly (Worcester)

First a little story, then some updates for you.

I find myself often engaged in conversations about November Project. These conversations happened before my role in leadership and they are continuing now. What is it? Why do you do that? That’s like a second job! Do you get paid? You go out there EVERY week? What if it’s cold or rainy? You don’t do this in the winter, right? Oh, you just run stairs?

I could go on, and on, and on… but I confidently feel like you all know how this goes, and you’ve all had these discussions. Hey, how long was that marathon you ran?

If you’ve ever talked to me about leadership, I have always stood firm in saying that I do this not for myself, rather for all of you. And that is part true. But as the weeks go on, and the workouts add up, I am starting to learn I am benefiting greatly from this position. Sure, the perks of a leadership summit and some gear aren’t anything to be mad about, but I am talking life lessons, if you will. Those are pretty valuable.

In my 37 years of life, I have had some tumultuous relationships. I am an outspoken, Type A (control freak to be less gentle), person who has often had her mouth run at a 5k pace while the brain is more on a marathon pace. I am a passionate person, when I feel strongly about something (negative, or positive) I am jumping on it. I react, I react so fast- I am explosive. These things have been gold for me in some aspects of life, but have also burnt me in others. I remember being benched in softball and yelled at in cheerleading for my “attitude”. Keeping my mouth shut was, and still isn’t my strong suit.

As if these traits aren’t a handful (sorry, Mom), I am also a person of high expectation. I think this is the trait that has really created the most hardship for me. It’s something I have tried time and time again to get a hold of, and just can’t get it right. To me, money is not the root of all evil, expectation is. My wife has told me over and over again…When you start to expect things from people, you build resentment. Everything about it is bad.

I’ve said this before and I am sure to some it’s blah blah, But THIS GROUP, THIS GROUP has helped me be a better version of me. Since joining this family, I have gained not only a group of friends to enjoy free fitness with, but a bunch of brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and annoying cousins, and DOGS- lot’s of dogs. You all stood by me this year when times were really f*cking hard. I never ever had to second guess if you were all my friends. You outdid yourselves. You have given me cards, sent texts, just because. Just to say “thank you”. When I have acted out, you have put me in my place. I am learning every single day – at and away from workouts how to be a better person because of all of you. You have all seen something valuable in me and stuck by me on bad days and lifted me up instead of running away. THANK YOU.

Let’s keep the group growing and going in 2020. Tell your friends all about us. If they don’t come, that’s fine- but talk about it. Show up when you don’t think you can, because that might be the day you needed it most. Introduce yourself to new people and find out something about them that you didn’t know besides their name. We are so lucky to have this – THIS! right here in the Woo. Let’s continue to take good care of one another, build those fitness goals, and spread the good vibes.

Tomorrow, 12/19/19: Social at Redemption Rock beginning at 6:30pm.

Friday, 12/20/19: 6 am Pop Up- meet at the bottom of George Street. It’s going to be cold AF, But that hill will warm you right up. Want a challenge? PR THE HILL IN SNOW PANTS.

Saturday Morning, 12/21/19: Warrens “We run Worcester Together” fun run, 730am at Birch Tree Bread. Bring a $5 gift card to Dunkin, a hat, a pair of gloves, anything we can give to someone in need during the run.

Wednesday, 12/25: CHRISTMAS DAY. We have ONE workout, 6am at the common.

Is it too late to send Christmas Cards?
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