Resilience (and so much more)

Welp, it’s that time of year. Presents have been opened, the holiday parties have ended, crazy family members are working their way home and we’ve all got a few more days to think about the past year and contemplate what we’d like to do different, better, more/less of in 2020. I KNOW all of you have “Make it to more NPSD workouts” on your 2020 resolutions list. But why is that? What is it that keeps so many of us coming back each week/month/year? Even when work or life keep us away for longer than we’d like, that first Wednesday morning you come back after an extended break reminds us why showing up at 6:29 each week is not only about the sprints and burpees you’ll evidently have to throw down.

While the answer to “why?” might be different for all of us, today our guest blogger gives a little bit of insight into her “why?”. Aysun is a pediatrician, a racer with Team Hoyt and a shinning force each week at November Project San Diego. And as it is with many of us, what started as a very scientific, black and white reason for showing up, it transformed into so much more.

Introducing our Guest Blogger: Aysun
**Inspired by Shira Klane, MDJ, and all those that just show up**

In my work as a pediatrician with social determinants of health and trauma informed care, I’ve grown somewhat obsessed with screening for Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and their impact, with the goal of better understanding the child, and provide them with care that’s personalized.  The ACE study has shown that these traumatic events in childhood can lead to chronic disease in adults, through a cyclic pattern of stress hormones surging from the amygdala, to the hypothalamus and cerebellum, and beyond, triggering the sympathetic nervous system into flight, fright, or freeze…and this chronic dysregulation continues to affect the neurologic, endocrine, and immune system.  Now what differentiates those who can, versus cannot, overcome this cycle has been one thing: resilience. 

Resilience has shown us that it’s not the talent you’re born with, or even the immediate environment that you’ve been born into, but rather the impact of a consistent, supportive relationship along the way that can change your course, and thus—if I may look to epigenetics and be so grandiose to say—the course of those who come after you as well.  See, with even brief, supportive interactions that occur consistently—like a high five, “good work,” hug, or “glad you’re here”—the research has shown that this can take a person who’s in a chronic state of stress, into one that shifts, with new neuronal pathways being available to ameliorate…and if this continues, then over time this can slowly shift this person’s brain mapping and stress response.

So hereinlies NP for me.  And every time I arrive, I’m humbled by the community that’s shown up for each other, empowering those who are attempting to show up for themselves, and how that positive impact spreads. And the security of knowing we will be present for each other at 6:29am on Wednesday morning, if you make the choice to just show up.  It gets me every time.

I joined NP because it was a free running group, and as a personal dare to my introverted self, and am so humbled and appreciative to see that which it truly is—a force to empower strength, compassion, humility, and acceptance towards ourselves and others, in a world that at times makes us feel less than. Thank you for showing up, it means more than you know.  Be happy, be strong, be bright.

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2 Replies to “Resilience (and so much more)”

  1. Thank you Aysun, you have become a source of inspiration for me at NP. I love your energy, and being a fellow introvert and mostly awkward in social situations you make it easy. #yourabadass

  2. Thank you Aysun for showing up! Seeing your face always means the world to me, and it’s a source of motivation for me to show up for myself too! Love you so much, and thank you for sharing. <3

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